Passionate Betrayals

By: TN Jones

Upon reading that message, I took my laptop and slammed it against the wall. Little pieces fell onto the floor and my laptop was lying upside down. I heard Janice asking me what happened.

“I dropped my laptop,” I lied.

For the first time in my life, something had me shaken and scared shitless. I had to figure out who in the fuck was sending me these messages, because they were playing a deadly game. I had some skeletons that I couldn’t get rid of, no matter how many people I moved out of my life. Finding the person responsible for contacting me was a number one priority.


Today had been one busy day, and my shop hadn’t opened yet. I didn’t realize that I had so much shit to do, until I looked at my errand book. That’s when I noticed I didn’t complete any of my tasks from last week. I had to step away from my nightlife for a while, until I got a handle on my business. There was no way in hell I could continue my nightlife and run a successful business. It was fucking impossible to do so. As I finished my thoughts, my phone started ringing and I knew by the ringtone that it was my bestie, Janice, calling.

“Hello heifer,” I said.

“Hi girlie,” she spoke sadly.

“What you got going on?” I asked her. She normally didn’t call me when she’s at work. I hoped everything was okay.

“Everything…from the job to Domic,” she voiced.

“What the hell is going on now?” I questioned, turning on the open sign of my shop.

“I believe he is up to something, because he’s so nasty to me, Nicolette. I’m tired of this bullshit. Not to mention, he and I are moving into the condo this week. I am having second thoughts about that. No way in hell I am going to take that bullshit to a new place,” she told me.

“You have been whining and complaining about Domic and his behavior for quite some time now. It’s clearly time to stop whining and see what the fuck is really going on, Janice. You just letting him walk all over you,” I said roughly to her. I didn’t understand why she let him get the best of her.

“I’m trying to be patient with him. Ever since we started on this cartel mess, it’s brought unwanted pressure to him,” she replied defensively. I never understood why she defended his behavior. All these years of defending Domic were ridiculous; he always made her second-guess her thoughts, and that caused issues for me and her.

“Are you fumbling with your hands, Janice?” I stated, blowing out air. I knew she fumbled with her hands, because she was nervous and anxious about the situation that had unfolded between her and Domic. Ever since I’ve known Janice, she would fumble with her hands when those emotions flooded her.

“Yes, because I don’t want to say the wrong thing to Domic. I hate to argue and you know that,” she whined. As I was about to tell her a thing or two about the situation with him and standing up for herself to an asshole, Mrs. Gertrude came in. I waved to Mrs. Gertrude and mouthed for her to pick out the polish she wanted.

“Janice, my favorite lady has come in. I will talk to you later on today, so that we can finish this discussion,” I told her as I waved to my favorite client.

“Okay. Tell Mrs. Gertrude I said hello. Love you chick,” Janice replied sincerely.

“I will tell her and love you too,” I said into the phone, before I blew her an air kiss. She blew me an air kiss, while she giggled. We hung up the phone, and I felt sorry for my friend because she was going through those emotions with Domic. She didn’t stand up to him, and that’s what I slightly hate the most about her. On the other hand, maybe it was better that she didn’t stand up to him; I felt it was best to leave him alone altogether, but I wasn’t going to tell her that. After I hung up the phone with Janice, I walked over to Mrs. Gertrude and gave her a hug.

“Good morning my favorite lady, and by the way, Janice said hello,” I told her happily.

Mrs. Gertrude had been my client since I first opened my business in 2010; she was in her late fifty’s with a beautiful shape. She could’ve been Patti LaBelle’s twin, except for the three gold teeth in her mouth. Mrs. Gertrude was a strong woman, but she was a hell of a gossiper. I got all the juicy details from her weekly. She was the type of woman that you didn’t want to see if you were doing wrong, because she would talk about it. She didn’t talk to just anybody; she had her little circle she talked to. I was so caught up in my business and personal life, I couldn’t get the good juicy happenings of North Charleston, and so it was time for me to catch up.

“Tell Janice I said hello,” Mrs. Gertrude said, as she walked to my nail workstation. I was surprised to see that her hair still looked great from two weeks ago. She had very long, jet-black hair that flowed a little past her shoulders, with a couple of gray hairs here and there.

“I will do. What can I do for you today?” I asked her, while I turned on the chair massager.

“I want to get a fill-in and pedicure. I have this banquet dinner tomorrow night, so I want to have these toes out,” she replied with a slight smile. I could tell that something was going on, because she wasn’t her normal self.

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