Passionate Betrayals

By: TN Jones

John (The Mystery Person)

I was in the club talking to a fine, slick mouth, chick named Jalice. She and I were conversing well, until I saw some shit that grabbed my attention. I excused myself and started searching for my partner, Ren. When I found him, he was upstairs by the male’s’ stripping area with his phone in his hands.

“Boy, boy, please tell me you got some good feed,” I said in his ear.

“I sho’ do,” he laughed in my ear.

“Did you get the shit from the beginning?” I asked him.

“I sure fucking did. That nigga Joe was standing behind the curtain. He waved his hands at Domic. Domic walked proudly towards Joe. That nigga Joe snatched his ass behind the curtains and Domic started rubbing on Joe’s ass. Neither of them didn’t realize the curtains weren’t fully closed around them before they started kissing. I’m at a loss for words, John,” Ren said, while gagging.

“Make sure you upload that footage. It’ll come in handy,” I said before walking off.

I walked off, shaking my head and laughing at the same time; I couldn’t believe the shit I’d just heard. That nigga, Domic, was kissing another man. Most folks would wait until they got home or to a room to let that type of skeleton out the closet. Shid, those niggas didn’t give two fucks. These niggas messing with broads and then dealing with dudes on the low was too much for me. I had some data to upload as well of Mr. Domic; he’s been cutting up lately with Joe—all at the cabin and in the park. He showed out tonight with that nigga in his truck; he was into getting his dicked sucked while in the truck. He didn’t realize the back window was down far enough for me to hear their entire conversation and then some. He’s been fucking around with Nicolette’s sister, so there was no way in hell I wanted to fuck with her now.

“And the fireworks have officially started,” I laughed, as I gulped down the rest of my drink and walked back to Ms. Jalice. I couldn’t wait to see what Janice was gonna have me doing next.

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