Passionate Betrayals

By: TN Jones

“Mrs. Gertrude, are you okay?” I questioned her, as I took a seat in my working chair.

“As soon as my test results come back, I will be okay, darling. Thank you for asking pumpkin face,” she said genuinely.

“Test results? For what?” I asked her.

“Colon cancer,” she stated sadly. My heart started beating rapidly, because my Mrs. Gertrude couldn’t be sick, especially with an illness like cancer.

“We are going to speak positive things. You are not sick. You haven’t been in these fifty years you have been on this Earth,” I said to her, as I wiped the tears from my eyes before they rolled down my face. Mrs. Gertrude was like a mother to me. She held me down when I was afraid to tell my mother what was going on with me.

“I know I’m fine; It’s the anticipation of waiting. The thought that I could have it is scary. My family has suffered from familial adenomatous polyposis and colon cancer for generations. I have been blessed to not have cancer, but some of my family members weren’t as lucky as me,” she uttered with a faint smile.

When Mrs. Gertrude first told me about her hereditary disease four years ago, I couldn’t understand what she said about the illness, so I researched it and instantly became interested in learning more about it. I started donating money to organizations that dealt with rare diseases.

“Thank you for the positivity, pumpkin face,” she voiced with a light smile and bright eyes.

“You’re welcome, love,” I responded, as I got up to walk around my workstation to give her a tight hug and a kiss on her cheek. She patted me on the back and told me that was enough of the mushy stuff. I had to laugh, because I knew she hated that type of action. After we got our chuckles in, I returned to my seat to give my favorite client, the best look in North Charleston, SC.

As I gave her the fabulous treatment on her nails and toes, she gave me some juicy details on the happenings around town. She knew it all, from who was sleeping with whom, to what those two cartels were cooking up, with a new connect that was coming in from the south. After she told me all the juicy details, she asked me to tell Janice to be careful. She didn’t tell me why, and I wanted to know badly, but she never gave me the answer. I told Mrs. Gertrude that I would inform Janice of her message and that I would see her next week. Once she left, I grabbed my cellphone out of my pocket and texted Janice.

Me: I don’t know what the hell you are into, but Mrs. Gertrude told me to tell you to be careful. What the hell is going on, Janice?

I waited fifteen minutes for a text, and that heifer had the nerve to text back the simplest answer that pissed me off.

Janice: OK.

Right then, I knew she was doing something, she had no fucking business doing. I didn’t bother to question her anymore, because on my lunch break, I was going to get some answers.


When my lunch break rolled around, I went into my office, closed and locked the door. After I poured myself a glass of wine, I took a seat on the sofa. I had to talk to Janice, because I wanted to know what the fuck was going on. I needed to know why Mrs. Gertrude wanted me to tell her to be careful. Curiosity got the best of my nosy ass.

“Hello,” she answered.

“Why is Mrs. Gertrude telling you to be careful, Janice?” I spat in a high-pitched voice. I wanted to know what in the hell was going on, and she was going to give me some answers.

“I have no idea,” she said curtly.

“It has to be a reason,” I told her sharply.

“Why didn’t you ask her?” she laughed. That heifer had a smart mouth at the wrong time, and I wanted to check her ass, but I refrained from doing so.

“I did and she didn’t give me an answer,” I replied.

“I saw John today,” she blurted. As soon as his name flew out her mouth, I dropped my wine glass.

“Oh, you did. How is he? What did he say?” I questioned. I was anxious to know what he had to say.

“He’s good, I guess. Told me to tell you and Domic hello,” she replied. Maybe it was the wine or me, but I heard something in her voice that was not the usual tone.

“Awww, he still got the hots for me,” I said playfully. She chuckled and said I was crazy. My hands shook uncontrollably. I had to find a way to change the subject because talking about John wasn’t one of them.

“He made some strong allegations about Domic” she replied, not giving me a chance to change the subject. The mention of allegations had my full attention, and I wanted to know more. I was glad she and I weren’t having this conversation face-to-face, because my expression and body language would’ve told all. I was fucking horrified, truth be told.

“Like what?” I questioned.

“Shit, I gotta go. They just announced we are having a meeting,” she explained in a hurried tone.

“Okay. Have a good day, love,” I told her, before hanging up the phone.

I was shaking badly when I hung up the phone. I had to calm my nerves; therefore, I walked to the liquor cabinet by my desk and pulled out the bottle of Jack Daniels. I popped the top and took a long swig. I hoped like hell Janice didn’t start conversing with John on a regular, because he was not the type of person to deal with. As I took another swig of Jack D, my business phone started ringing. I put on my professional voice and answered the phone.

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