Passionate Betrayals

By: TN Jones

“House of Beauty, Nicolette speaking,” I said happily into the phone.

“Ohhh, Ms. Nicolette. How are you, darling? How’s the baby? Oh yeah, you didn’t have it!” a cold, creepy voice pronounced slowly while laughing.

“Who is this?” I asked.

“No need to worry about that. Do you have something that you need to give me or tell your closest friend about?” the cold voice stated sternly.

“No, I do not. John, don’t you dare open your fucking mouth about shit!” I exclaimed.

“John? Damn, how many people did you fuck over, Nicolette? I think you have a lot to tell, but you are frightened to do so. Don’t worry. I am going to take pride in destroying you, your best friend, your little boyfriend, Dennis, and anyone else that gets in the way. All your secrets are going to come out, and you can’t do anything about it. In due time…Nicolette…in due time. The funny thing is that you are racking your brain, trying to figure out whom I am. You will never get the answer right, because you have fucked over so many people, especially your best friend, Janice. Oh, how is she, by the way?” the cold voice retorted.

I didn’t waste any time hanging up the phone. I stared at the wall, while I thought about who would be out for me. I had no idea who in the fuck it could be, but I knew one thing; they were going to have a helluva time trying to destroy me. I had to get my ducks in a row, because shit got real after the caller said, all your secrets are going to come out.


Every time J.P. left to handle business in another state, I always thought about the first time we met, which was three years ago at a club. It was a Friday night and the club was full. My co-workers and I were celebrating a friend’s birthday, so I had to be on point. My body frame worked fine for the black two-piece skirt outfit: I stood five foot three, one hundred fifty-five pounds, thick in the thighs, but slim in the waist. I had on gold and black dangling earrings, matching necklace and bracelets, and black and gold stiletto heels. I was dead ass fly that night. I saw him and his crew when they walked through the door. I wasn’t going to lie as if I wasn’t looking at him, because I was. I didn’t want him know that I was interested in him. I heard about Mr. J.P., and I should’ve run the other way, but I couldn’t, because his eyes and personality had a hold on me. As he looked at me, I turned my head and fell in sync with my girls that were dancing off Luke’s “It’s Your Birthday”. Oh, we showed out that night; all eyes were on us. I knew them chicks up in the club that night didn’t like that one bit. We had it going on, and we knew it.

I saw him staring at me. One of his home-boys was heading towards our way, until J.P. walked behind him and whispered something in his ear. Whatever he whispered in dude’s ear, made him turn around and walk towards another chick. J.P. continued towards us and I pretended to be preoccupied with my cellphone. He grabbed me gently by my waist and looked into my eyes. I thought I was going to pass out.

“Hey beautiful,” he sang into my ear as he licked his lips, making his tongue graze my ear.

“Hi,” I said shyly.

“You got all eyes on you tonight. You do know that, right?” he mouthed passionately.

“No, I didn’t realize that,” I said coolly. Of course, I noticed that I had some eyes on me. He might’ve over-exaggerated the all part, but I knew I had some eyes on me as soon as I walked through the club. I had even more eyes on me, now that J.P. was in my face.

“I saw you when my crew and I walked through the door. I knew then that I had to have you,” he said, rubbing my cheeks.

“Oh, really?” I questioned him, with a little smirk on my face.

He extended out his right hand and said, “Yes really. My name is Joshua, but I go by J.P.” I already knew his name, but I wanted to act as if I didn’t know who he was.

“My name is Latrice. It’s nice to meet you, sir,” I said, as I shook his hand.

“I must ask…are you in a relationship with anyone? Are you even interested in dating?”

“Damn you just jump into those types of questions, huh?”

“Hell yeah, you in Murktown. These niggas will kill you over the simplest shit,” he laughed. I nodded my head because he was right. Last week, a guy got killed for stepping on another dude’s shoes.

“No I am not in a relationship. I am interested in dating, but I must ensure that the person I involve myself with can bring something more to the table, other than dick, mouth, and drama,” I told him honestly.

He smiled and said, “I have no kids, and I am not in a relationship, but I have a chick I knock down from time to time. I am willing to cut her off, if you give me a chance to get to know you better. I am not with the drama, and I can bring more to the table other than dick and mouth.” All I could do was smile inside. I couldn’t let him see how excited I was. In the midst of us talking, we stood still until “Stay” by Jodeci graced the club’s speakers. The way he approached and made me feel comfortable about being in his presence prompted me to tell him let’s dance. I grabbed his hands from my waist, placed them on my lower back, and told him to slow dance with me. While we danced, I whispered in his ear that I would love to get to know him better. That night was the most rewarding night.

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