Permanent Bliss

By: BJ Harvey

A Bliss Series Companion Novella


To SP & PP

The two best behind the scenes personal cheerleaders a girl could ever have

I cherish our friendship and nightly chats

I look forward to the day the three of us can sit down with a bottle or two

and laugh ourselves silly.

Thank you for being you.

Thank you for accepting me as I am,

Potty mouth, dirty mind, TG and all.

Prologue – “How Long Will I Love You”

Mac – Twenty months earlier

Since the guys got back from the bar, my dad won’t stop smiling at me. I’m thinking he’s drunk. I mean, he’s no spring chicken anymore, so I’m guessing that after a few hours and a few brews, he’s toasted.

Maybe he’s getting all sappy because his baby girl is twenty-five years old. Fuck knows, but it’s starting to freak me out. Mom is just mom, always rubbing my belly and talking to ‘her babies’ as she calls them. And the babies are kicking the shit out of me and doing what feels like triple somersaults inside of me. Fun and games.

The baby shower is awesome, but god I’m tired. I’m so fucking tired that I can’t wait to get home and relax. I might try squeezing into our tub, even if it means Superman has to hoist me out like a stranded whale. The embarrassment is the price I’ll pay for half an hour of weightless heaven.

“You okay, gorgeous?” Daniel asks, taking a seat on the couch beside me.

“I will be in about half an hour when I’m stranded in the tub again.”

He laughs and wraps his arm around me. I rest my head on his shoulder, one of my favorite places to be in the world.

“I’m looking forward to swooping in and saving your beautiful naked body from your nightly tub predicament, but unfortunately, Mom and Dad’s car broke down, so I need to go take them home. I’ve talked to Kate, and she’s going to take the L with you and make sure you get home safe. I’m sorry gorgeous, but I’m the closest, and Dad hates Triple A.”

“It’s fine. But can’t I catch a cab? I don’t think I’ve got enough energy to ride the L tonight.”

“The L goes straight to our place and will be quicker. Kate will help, and all of your presents and the baby gifts are in my car … well, what I could squeeze in. The rest will stay here with Kate until I can do another trip.”

“I suppose. You owe me for this, you know that, right?”

“I’ll give you anything, anywhere, anytime.”

“Really?” I say very slowly, the cogs in my head turning at warp speed. “That’s a rather big promise, Danny boy. You sure you can deliver on such a big promise?” I ask, smirking at him.

He growls before leaning over and kissing me, deliberately teasing me with his tongue until he pulls away and rests his forehead against mine, looking into my eyes. My libido just jumped from nay to yay in 0.1 seconds, and now he’s leaving me for an hour or two. Well, this sucks!

“Cock tease,” he murmurs against my lips as he gives me the softest of lip touches that I swear I can feel between my legs.

“Pussy tease,” I whisper, licking my lips and grazing his.

“Pleased to be of service. Love you, and you two be nice to Mommy.” He kisses me, then leans down and kisses my belly before standing. He walks over to the kitchen where Kate and my parents are tidying up the last of the dishes, and I see a strange look exchanged between Kate and Daniel. Hmm, wonder what’s up with that?

“Mac, you ready to get going? I think there’s a train in fifteen minutes if you want to try make it. Your parents are leaving, so they said they can drop us at the station.”

“Can’t they just drop me home? Then you don’t have to leave here. I’m sure Zander is due back soon?”

“Zan’s having dinner with Zach, so he won’t be home until late.”

“Yeah, and we … ah, we have to get back to the farm. Feed the animals and all that,” my dad says rather quickly. I swear to God everyone around me has gone crazy. I thought it was the pregnant one who got baby brain.

“You guys are all acting really strange, but I’ll go along with this harebrained plan. But you,” I point at Kate and narrow my eyes, “will have to stand up with me if I’m too big to sit down on the train, and you do not have permission to laugh at the round pregnant woman who has to be rolled down the aisle, okay?”

She sniggers and nods. “Okay. I promise not to laugh in your face.”

“Good enough.” I grin back at her.

Ten minutes later, Kate and I are standing at the platform waiting for the train to take me the three blocks to our apartment. Yes, our apartment. There is no way I’m moving back in with Kate. She’s happy playing house with Zander, and Daniel and I are more than happy to stay in our apartment until after the babies arrive. Then we’ll reevaluate.

Finally, our train arrives, and I waddle in like a big bellied duck, thankfully finding a bench seat to plant my ass in without any rolling required. Kate takes a seat beside me and suddenly seems really nervous.

“Hon, what’s up? You’ve been acting weird since Daniel left. You okay? Is it Zander?” I put my hand on her lap, and she looks up at me and she looks like a kid that’s been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. I see her tapping her heel nervously on the vinyl floor and she keeps crossing and uncrossing her legs.

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