Protected:Warriors of Light, 3

By: April Zyon

Warriors of Light, 3


The moon shone its full light upon the fields. The beams that streamed through the tree branches shimmered upon the girl that danced with abandon in her glory. Long, red hair flowed out behind the child like a fan, laughter filling her as she twirled on the still-damp grass from the fresh rainstorm that had just run through the area.

A giggle escaped her, and she reached a pale hand out for the young girl sitting in the shadow of a tree. “Come dance with me,” she called in a singsong voice through the shadows.

She stood, completely opposite from the red-haired beauty. The dark, corkscrew curly hair was like madness around the child as she rose to her feet and moved to the young redhead. Their hands clasped and a bubble of a rainbow shield surrounded them. Laughter flowed from both girls then as they sang and danced with one another.

Together they swung round and round in merriment, their joy palpable in the air around them. The flowers seemed to strain to be closer to the laughing duo, but the rainbow bubble that shielded them stalled the attempt.

Their laughter died shortly after it began. The masculine voice that penetrated the night was filled with anger. The bubble fell with their happiness. They held hands as the large man raged at them, as he shouted incoherently and gestured with his hands.

Both heads bowed as the girls walked to the house with fear pouring off them.

The man’s heated screams ripped through the night, the hatred seeming to burst free of his body. The redheaded child was struck first, the smack echoing in the air. “You little brat!” he shouted. “I can’t believe that you would pull crap like this.” The cabin they lived in had completely bare walls and high ceilings. Sound seemed to echo inside of the space. A space that was dark because he refused to put anything in the rafters for lighting. So they only had two small table lamps in the living room and one small lamp in each other room, including, oddly enough, the bathroom.

When the shield bubble popped up, the man simply laughed.

“Oh, you’re going to pull that, are you?” He grabbed the younger girl with the dark hair. “You can protect yourself, but not her,” he taunted, pulling out a lighter. “She has such pretty hair, don’t you think? All these curls?” He held the girl by her throat, watching the redhead with madness in his eyes. “Drop the shield, Vivian.”

“I can’t.” Vivian was crying, her cheeks mottled with her tears. “I can’t, Fia. You know that, right?” Once she was terrified, Vivian couldn’t lower the shield. It was something she couldn’t control, as much as she wanted to. She also hadn’t learned how to pull Fia into the shield and it broke her young heart.

“I know,” Sophia answered with a whispered calm that an adult would’ve had trouble showing at the moment. “Don’t let him hurt you, Viv.”

The man shook his head, then began to shake Sophia. “Drop it, Vivian. Drop that fucking shield.” She was the one that he truly wanted to beat. She was the one who had went to school and run her mouth about him. It was her fault the cops were asking questions about him. She was the one who needed to pay.

He hated to have to hurt Sophia because of how much she looked like her mother, even if he never missed a chance to remind her it was her fault his beloved wife had died in childbirth. Yet, he hated Vivian even more.

He shook Sophia again and tried to get her to cry out. When she wouldn’t, he cursed, slapped her again, and looked at Vivian. “Fine.” Keeping a firm grip on Sophia’s hair, he shoved her out the open door and into the night. Vivian quickly followed, her stomach knotting painfully when her father sent her a tight, cruel smile. He snapped his lighter and turned his gaze to Sophia. “Thank your sister for killing you, you little brat.” He lit up her curls.

Vivian and Sophia both screamed then, their father letting go of Sophia when her hair was completely on fire. He stood between Viv and Fia, though. He knew that Vivian couldn’t walk through things, or force them to the side, while the bubble was up.

Vivian watched as Sophia tried to run. The trees and bushes all but reaching for her, Fia tripped over a root, rolled down a hill, and landed in water. By this time, the trees that she had raced past had caught fire.

Vivian’s father took off for the woods. She remained on her knees in the yard, screaming, tears pouring down her face.

Chapter One

Vivian woke with a scream, the nightmare from the past once more hitting her hard and fast. She tumbled off the bed, her blankets trapping her from how much she had tossed and turned. “Crap,” she grumbled and sat up quickly, hitting the back of her head on the side table. “For the love of—” She clasped her hand over the injury and had to pant through the pain.

She crawled from where she was trapped, then used the bedframe to get to her feet. “Crapballs, that hurts like mad.” She walked toward the kitchen and the heaven that was coffee.

After putting in a K-Cup, she pulled out her large mug and opened her Surface tablet. She sent out a quick message to her younger sister, just saying hello, since Sophia’d had to go to Vashon Island that day for work. Once her coffee was finished, she took her first sip and sighed. “God, that’s good.” Then she clicked on the reply from Sophia, grinning. You’re such a character, she typed to her sister before opening the attached video.

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