Rebel Love

By: Jodi Linton

She wants revenge…

The Dirty Sinners Motorcycle Club is Em Connors’s only family, but she’s ready to risk everything—both her club and her life—for vengeance. Ten months ago, she was brutally attacked and her lover gunned down by a rival gang member. Now, she’s using her position as the Dirty Sinners president to track down the truth and exact her revenge.

He’ll risk it all…

With his partner murdered by a local motorcycle gang, Houston police officer Cade Jackson jumps at the chance to go back undercover and bring down the woman the department calls the Motorcycle Princess. But the sexy-as-hell leader awakens a hunger in Cade. Dark desires run deep—and he intends on teaching Em exactly how dirty he can be. But when his cover is blown, Cade must choose to uphold the law or protect the woman he’s grown to love…by going rogue.

Chapter One

Mixing business with pleasure was a bullshit move.

Tucked into a booth at Dixie’s Diner, Cade Jackson lit his cigarette and focused on the pretty little brunette in the photo Houston Police Chief Roland had shown him, thinking about what secrets those wild blue eyes were hiding. Stale coffee wafted through the fifties-style diner. Pots and pans clanked against stovetops and loud voices echoed as cooks yelled, “Order up,” signaling the waitresses. Across the way, two teenagers held hands, making low smooching noises, unaware of the Houston PD’s plans for a criminal shakedown taking place right before their eyes. The daily grind of being an undercover cop had slowly taken its toll on Cade.

He took another drag of his cigarette and felt displeasure burn in his gut. It seemed his usual fix couldn’t mask the nervous ache in his stomach when he saw the case placed in front of him. Why had the chief slapped down a photo of his old partner next to some smoking-hot chick in leather? Under better circumstances such thoughts wouldn’t have thrown him for a loop.

But ever since the death of his partner, Wes Scott, he had been grappling with the idea of confessing to Roland about how Scott called him that fateful night, and Cade had chosen a stripper blow job instead of responding to the out-of-the-blue message. With Roland requesting his presence this morning, Cade thought he could use their meeting as his chance to fess up and maybe shuck the rebel shadow that followed him around on a daily basis.

“Are you going to keep me in suspense all morning, Chief…or did you just want an excuse to take me out for coffee? If it’s the latter, I’m going to find myself a Starbucks since this diner-house coffee tastes like shit.”

Roland clenched his teeth. “If I wanted to have a goddamn peaceful coffee date, you’d be the last person I’d have invited along.”

“So let me get this straight. This wasn’t a friendly call.”

Roland picked at the corner of his mustache. “Not even close. Ever heard of the Dirty Sinners?”

Cade blew a smoke ring into the air. “The only motorcycle club with a female president. Yeah, I’ve heard of them. I mean, hell, most of the cops in Houston have heard of the man-eater biker babe. Not many criminals are sexy and deadly…” He shrugged. “Word gets around, you know?”

“She’s our missing link to Scott’s death.”

Cade gave his boss a skeptical look, the dread resurfacing thickly in his windpipe. “If you’re shitting me, you’ll need to do better than buying me a round of cheap coffee.”

Roland blew a lazy breath toward the ceiling. “Inside reports place this chick at the scene of the crime. I need more than a few rookie-cop write-ups.”

“But Scott’s body was found alone.” He snuffed out his smoke and flicked the dried-up butt onto a stack of pancakes. “Nothing you’re telling me is matching the report I read.”

In the past ten months since he was informed about his partner’s death, Cade couldn’t seem to shake the uneasiness when it came to their last case together. They’d butted heads over whether the HPD botched their cocaine bust, and instead of Wes backing his suspicions, his old partner had taken them to the chief. Still, bad blood aside, Cade felt responsible for his death.

Trying to avoid the painful thoughts of Wes found in a ditch with a bullet in the back of his head, Cade reached for his go-to pain reliever and plucked another cigarette from the pack of Marlboros lying next to his coffee cup. Lately, squashing bad habits seemed unimportant in what was his shitty life.

Roland thumped his finger at his forehead. “See, I knew you had some smarts in that damn head of yours, Jackson.”

Anger rippled through him. “How did you come by this information?”

“Classified.” He paused. “Scott was in deep with them, working on a case for yours truly when he died.” The chief lifted both arms above his head and relaxed back in the booth. “And since you’re one of my best undercover cops, I’m sending you in to question their president.”

Gaze posed on the chief, Cade drew in a drag. “You’re telling me this woman”—he thumbed at the photo—“the one who looks like she could be on a magazine cover, knows something about my old partner’s murder?”

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