Relentless (Book Three of the Forsaken Saga)

By: Sophia Sharp

Book Description:

There is a prophecy that speaks of a time of great turmoil, a time when the rule of power will be overturned by the hammer of fate. That time has come, and one girl stands in the middle of it all...

Nora has been reunited with Hunter, and together they must face the elders. But this time, they have the angels on their side. It is a precious advantage, but only if used properly...

She has learned of the prophecy of her fate, and learned of her destiny. But while others are certain, she is less sure. And as she moves forward, she learns that absolutely nothing can ever be guaranteed.

Chapter One

~Back to the Beginning~

“Where do we go now?”

Nora looked at Hunter as if seeing him for the first time. Was he really asking her where she thought they should go? She frowned in thought. Only a few weeks ago, she would have been the one asking him the questions, as curious and ingenuous as a newborn babe brought into the world.

But ever since stumbling across that daemonic creature in the white marble chamber, and surviving, she had taken on a new sense of responsibility. Of destiny, even. After hearing what the angels – Gabrielle, mostly – told her, about the elders and their rise to power, about their unscrupulous greed for absolute control, something shifted inside of her. Something that gave her a sense of purpose and a knowledge of what she must do. She could not run from the elders forever, and the best way of stopping that was to turn directly against them.

“We go forward, just as planned.”

They were standing in front of the mill where, just over six weeks ago, she’d stood frozen in fright as two Vassiz bounty hunters entered the building, threatened Hunter, and demanded he give her up. He’d refused and fought valiantly to keep her safe.

Hunter frowned. “We don’t know how safe it is.” He combed a hand haphazardly through his thick, luscious black hair. His eyes regarded her with an equal amount of concern and questioning. She realized, however selfish it was, that she liked it when he worried. But only if he was worrying about her. There was something attractive, sexy even, about the way the corner of his mouth tightened and his eyes narrowed whenever he thought she might be placing herself in a less-than-ideal situation.

“Gray says there’s nobody there.”

“Right.” Hunter nodded, shooting her a half-smile. “But the thing is, the people Gray might notice are not the people we’re worried about.”

Nora rolled her eyes. Hunter still didn’t really believe Gray had learned to consciously pick out the Vassiz from whatever else was going on around him. He said he did, and he said that he trusted her…connection…with the bear, but he was still uneasy about trusting Gray with scoping out the surrounding area for signs of other Vassiz.

“He can pick them out.” Nora glanced quickly to Gray, who was lounging at her side. He had grown immensely in the few weeks since Hunter had rescued her from that nightmarish creature. Now, when Gray stood on all fours, he was nearly up to her shoulders, and the muscles on his body had developed impressively. He was strong – powerful – and the silver coating of fur that marked him as albino made him all the more majestic. And yet, whenever Nora looked at him, she saw the same cub that Hunter had first brought to her after hunters had killed his mother. Hunter exhaled audibly. “Whatever you say.” He still didn’t sound convinced. “Just don’t blame me if we stumble upon a pack situated in there, just waiting for us to come back.”

Nora smiled slyly at him. While she appreciated his concern, it wasn’t like she was the same helpless girl he’d met in that Vancouver high school nearly two months ago. She had changed immensely since then, growing both in mind and in body. She had full control of her Vassiz powers now and could wield them just as confidently as Hunter could. That had turned out to be one of the benefits of taking Vassiz blood in her first feeding – an enhanced expression of the Vassiz powers.

“Don’t worry.” She slipped an arm around his waist and pulling him toward her. “I’m confident we can face whoever we find in there.” She stood up on her tiptoes and brushed a kiss against his lips. He smiled mischievously, and Nora was jerked forward unceremoniously as he pulled her in for more. For a brief second, she forgot everything as she was wholly consumed by the brilliance of feeling his lips on hers, his tongue running softly against the front of her teeth, the teasing way in which he alternated between holding back and moving forward full force.

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