Revelations (Book Two of the FORSAKEN SAGA)

By: Sophia Sharp

Book Description:

Nora has survived the dark caves, and emerged with Hunter by her side. But her escape is quickly tainted as she realizes the biggest danger still lies ahead...

She has been transformed, and powers she has never known begin to manifest themselves within her body. As she struggles to gain control, how long will she be able to restrain herself - and her new bloodlust - from taking over?

As she journeys onward, doubts begin to creep into her mind. Doubts about leaving home, about the decisions she's made. But with the Vassiz still behind her, there is no turning back, now.

And she has questions that need to be answered. Just who are the elders, and why have they taken such a keen interest in her? As she starts the unravel the cloak that shrouds their existence, she begins to suspect that she may have stumbled into something much larger than herself... and starts to understand her destiny for the first time.

Chapter One

~A New Beginning~

Nora ran through the open grass field. She was fast, impossibly fast. She reveled in the new sensations.

Wind rushed past her body, streamed through her hair, and made her dress whip behind her. The feeling was ecstatic. Exciting. Thrilling.

Strength and power surged through her. Fast. She had so much speed, that if she spread her arms she might leap in the air and fly. She was agile, too. She could see much farther than before, and objects came into focus much more quickly than she ever could have imagined.

She laughed in delight. Her reflexes were so sharp she could zip through a maze of trees in the forest without ever slowing. She felt alive. A wide range of good emotions poured through her. She felt like she could keep going forever, keep running through the pristine, never-ending field until the end of time. She had energy that would last a lifetime. Ten lifetimes.

She picked up speed, running even faster. The landscape blurred at her sides, she blinked for a second, and…she stumbled. She caught her footing, but not before a rich, full laugh warmed her heart. Hunter’s laugh. She looked over at him, running beside her through the field.

“Not so easy getting used to, is it?” He smirked playfully.

Nora grinned devilishly in reply. She leapt up, high in the air, her speed taking her over a great distance. She landed and kept going, running as fast as she could, outpacing Hunter.

Or so she thought. In a second he was beside her, laughing. She laughed with him. He reached out to take her hand, and they ran, together as one. They leapt high into the air, soaring to the treetops, their speed elevating them ever higher, and for a blissful second she felt absolutely weightless. She had no worries or cares in the world except the man beside her.

Then her grip on Hunter’s hand started to wane. Confused, she looked over – and realized she could see right through him. Her heart stuttered. He was fading away, becoming a mist of the man he once was. His shape was still there, running alongside her, but it was becoming less and less distinctive.

Suddenly, he was gone.

Nora stopped, looking around. She marked the place where she was in her mind and closed her eyes. Then she fell back.

She fell, but never hit the ground. Instead, she fell through great churning rivers of molten fire and massive waterfalls of ice. Past darkness eternal and through the burning nucleus of newborn stars. She fell, feeling heat and cold, life and death. Down she fell, away from the light she once knew, into an abyss sheltered at the edge of time. Through memories remembered and lifetimes long forgotten, she fell and felt her skin being burned away by the furnace of a ceaseless inferno, felt her bones crumble to ash and freeze in the cold remains of another world. A thousand burning needles pierced her skin, leaving no point untouched, and the weight of a great avalanche slammed into her.

She fell…and was ripped unceremoniously back to reality.

Her eyes came open slowly. Lately, the transition into the real world seemed to take longer. And that brief transitory moment felt more real. The memory of it was more lasting.

She looked around. Dark woods surrounded her, untouched by the presence of humanity for hundreds of years. A tiny sliver of moon hung in the sky and provided precious little light. But Nora didn’t need light to see, anymore. That had been the most surprising part of her transformation. To her eyes, everything was dark, as it had been when she was just a human, but…she could tell where things were. Not only that, but she knew their textures, and knew their dimensions down to the hundredth of an inch. It was a different kind of vision, one that Nora had been both amazed and humbled by.

Hunter sat across from her, reclining against an old fallen tree with his shirt off, since he hadn’t found a new one after leaving the tunnels. Nora looked down at her dress. It had grown dirty and worn in the past few days. A pity, that, but she had more important things to attend to.

Getting up, she walked over to Hunter and crouched beside him. He looked to her and lifted his arm, and she settled comfortably against his body. His arm draped over her shoulder, and he looked at her in silence. She smiled shyly, and he reached over to trace the outline of her jaw with his thumb.

“What do you think happened to Rafael?” Nora asked softly.

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