Saving Storm (RARE Series, #4)

By: Dawn Sullivan

Chapter 1

Storm moaned softly as she struggled to open her eyes. Her head was pounding, her mouth overly dry, and her arms and legs felt weighed down, heavy and sluggish. She either had one hell of a hangover, or she was just plain fucked. As much as she wished it were the first one, she knew before she even got her eyes open, just enough to peer through thin slits, that she was in deep trouble. She could tell that she was lying on the backseat of an older utility vehicle, a Ford Bronco she guessed by the interior. Her wrists and legs were bound tightly, and there was a gag placed firmly over her mouth. It was obvious that she had been captured and drugged, but by who exactly, and what was their agenda?

The last thing Storm remembered, she and the other members of RARE were on a mission to rescue Trace’s mother and sister. They had just received word that the house was now clear, the immediate threat neutralized, and Trace’s family was safe. The team was to meet back at the rendezvous point immediately so they could beat feet, because the General’s men were in route to try and capture Trace.

Storm recalled jumping down from the tree where she had been watching the house and surrounding area from, and turning to head back the way they’d come, when someone hit her over the head with something. She fell to the ground, dropping her rifle. Slowly pushing herself back up, her head swimming as she tried to focus, Storm had snarled in anger when she felt a prick in the side of her neck. That was the last thing she remembered before waking up right now. Shit, how long had she been out? It was light outside, the sun streaming in through the windows almost blinding her, so it had to be midday at least.

Storm grunted softly as the vehicle bumped over rough terrain, jostling her bruised and battered body. She cursed silently as they hit another pothole, jarring her already pounding head. Where the hell were they? She had no idea, and there was no way she was asking the bastards sitting in the front seats. No, she would not ask them, but she was not above acquiring the information on her own. She had several gifts, psychic abilities that few knew about, and she was about to put one to use.

Closing her eyes, Storm took a deep breath, concentrating on the driver. It took longer than normal because of the drugs still in her system, but she was finally able to merge with the man, slipping into his mind unaware. Fighting the urge to slide right back out when she was met with pure evil and maliciousness, Storm forced herself to concentrate and see what he was seeing.

They were steadily making their way up the side of a mountain, on a trail that was nothing more than a dirt road. Next to him, the passenger was talking, but the driver was not listening. Instead, his thoughts were centered on something more sinister. A stunning female, and what he was going to do with her when the General paired them. She was a shifter, what kind they did not know, yet. They had acquired her just over a year ago, and no matter what they did to her, she refused to change. The most anyone had seen were some rather large fangs that would appear when she was being severely punished for refusing orders. He did not really care what she was, though. All he knew was that she was sexy as hell, and he wanted to sink his dick into her, whether she was willing or not.

The General was holding her at one of his secret hideouts, but he had promised him the woman if he completed his mission. The mission was to capture a member of RARE, which he had, so now she would be his. When his thoughts drifted once again to his dick, Storm slipped back out of his mind, deciding it was best to try and get the information she needed from the other man. She sure as hell was not getting anything useful from the driver, except that the General was the one who had her. What she really needed to know was where she was, so that she could get a message to her team. She had no doubt they were out there looking for her. RARE never left a man or woman behind.

Storm was exhausted, wanting nothing more than to close her eyes and rest, but she knew she was in a fight for her life. There were only a couple of reasons the General would want her, and none were good. All would involve pain and misery, because that was what the General got off on. Gathering her strength, Storm focused her gaze on the man in the passenger seat. Sweat beaded up on her forehead at the effort it took, but finally she was inside his head, and gazing at the driver.

“What’s your problem, man?”

“I’m thinking,” the driver sneered, not bothering to look in his direction. “Just shut the hell up for once, Terrance.”

Terrance turned his head to look out the window, muttering under his breath, “Yeah, we all know what you’re thinking about, Decker.”

A thin layer of sweat broke out over Storm’s body as she fought to stay merged with Terrance. She would not be able to hold the connection much longer, but she needed something besides the fact that the General’s goons were holding her prisoner. She did not have to wait long before she heard Like the General is really going to pair that sweet piece of ass up with him. He doesn’t even have any of the abilities required to be matched with one of the women. The General just keeps him around because he is a good soldier. He can’t shift, and he can’t do any of that crazy shit those other freaks can. He’s just human, like me.

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