Secret Agent Boyfriend

By: Addison Fox

A pretend boyfriend, a murder and a lost heir—just another day for the Adair family…

What harm could there be pretending a sexy FBI agent is her boyfriend? Plenty, socialite Landry Adair discovers when she must work with Derek Winchester to locate the missing Adair heir. Pretend hugs, pretend kisses, and before she knows it, their sizzling attraction is dangerously real!

But as Landry and Derek race to uncover family secrets—possibly her father’s murderer—more danger arises. Coming close to the truth draws out a killer desperate to get the two out of the way. Only then does Landry realize she’s more warrior than society princess…and she’ll fight tooth and nail for a real chance at love!

She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his cheek, a kiss of thanks. Of understanding. And of something more…

“Stay with me.” Her words whispered, featherlight, where she pressed her lips to his ear.

The secrets that swirled around Adair Acres nearly held him back. He cared for her and he didn’t want to take advantage of her situation. A situation that would have a resolution.

Her lips moved once more against his ear. “Make love with me because it’s what we both want.”

When he hesitated, torn between what he wanted and what he believed was right, she pushed on. “This is what I want, Derek. I want you. Forget all the reasons we shouldn’t. Be with me. Just because.”

He’d felt himself capitulating, but it was only when she said the last that he knew he was lost.


Dear Reader,

Welcome to the third book in the Adair Affairs miniseries! I thoroughly enjoyed working on this book and contributing to the broader continuity, all while brainstorming with my fellow authors along the way. Marie Ferrarella, Elle James and Jennifer Morey are some of my favorite writers, so it was a real treat to be able to work with them on this project.

Derek Winchester is the type of hero I love to write about (and read about!). Tough and strong, he’s got vulnerabilities he tries to hide beneath his utterly capable countenance. So imagine his surprise when Landry Adair digs deep, forcing him to come to terms with everything he’s trying so hard to hide.

And Landry…well, goodness, she’s got some family baggage to overcome. Distraught since her father was murdered in his office two months before, she’s trying to put the pieces of her life back together. But with a mother on the run and a nameless older brother who is the missing Adair heir, Landry’s having a tough time coming to grips with the volume of family secrets that have suddenly

bubbled to the fore.

The Adairs are a dynamic family, and I loved bringing the youngest Adair’s story to the page. We all long for love—and that special person who understands us completely and accepts us just as we are. I hope you agree Landry and Derek have a pretty great foundation for their happy-ever-after.


Addison Fox

Chapter 1

Landry Adair flipped and pushed herself off the concrete wall of the pool. The heated water kept her body comfortable while the cool morning air coated the back of her skin as she swam lap after lap.


The words echoed in her head, a promise that she had only six more laps to reach her daily goal.

Spring was in the air, and each time she took a breath the light scent of alfalfa mixed with a deep, rich citrus that wafted up from the lush valley that formed the backdrop of Adair Acres.


Even if it had felt more like a prison these past months.

She turned off the pool wall with an extra hard push, images of her father’s funeral and the ensuing madness since filling her thoughts. Secrets. Kidnapping. And murder.

Her father might have been a distant man, but she’d never given up hope Reginald Adair might come to be the real father she’d always craved.

The pain she’d worked so diligently to push to the back of her mind reared up and swamped her, choking her throat and pushing her up out of the pool, gasping for breath. Hot tears spilled over her cheeks, made even hotter by the cool spring air that blew over her skin.

When would it stop? The moments of abject pain that came up and simply swallowed her when she thought of her father, his life snuffed out by the will of another.

A hard cough drew her from her thoughts, and she ran wet hands over her cheeks to remove the tears before turning. No one interrupted her morning sessions in the pool, and it was jarring to know someone was there.

And they’d seen her tears.

Whatever embarrassment that might have caused faded as she took in the large male form that stood at the edge of the pool. Long and lean, she caught only a vague sense of dark features as the early-morning sun limned his frame, highlighting an impressive set of shoulders in a rich patina of gold.

Wrapping the haughty demeanor she’d perfected through the years around her own shoulders like a shawl, she climbed up the pool ladder to get a better look at their visitor. Because of the lingering threats of the past few months, no one got onto Adair property without passing several security checkpoints.

If he was here, he was meant to be here.

But who was he?

“Miss Adair?”

He spoke first, his voice rich and deep. She ignored the outreach as she grabbed her towel, curious when a buzz of nerves lit her stomach.

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