Slipped:A Love Story Birthed In Chiraq

By: Cece S

“You started crying—”

“You lying!” I burst out laughing.

“I swear to God. I had to rock you to sleep, you'd be whining, and then you’d be crying.”

“I play too much, too fucking much!” Ass hole naked, I looked at the clutter of clothing on the floor to see what I could put on.

The car horn sounded again.

“You sure you don’t want me to get it?”

“No!” The only thing around me half way decent was my boy shorts. I threw them on, slipped into my Ugg boots, then slid my housecoat over me.

“Here I come!”

She started knocking lightly and even twisting the door knob.

“Yeah, Ms. Bebe?”


“I’m here. Something wrong?”

“Open up the door, I need to talk to you.”

“BeBe, Ion mean no disrespect or nothing to you. This ain’t got nothing to do with you.”

“But he my son!”

From the back, my phone went off.

“Stah’si, your sister!” J-Money called out.

“Don’t answer!”

The door shook as BeBe started pounding again. “He my motherfucking son, this his shit.”

I snatched the door open. “No, it’s not! It was ours! This not your business, so why are you coming here like this? You gon' get me put out!”

She buckled her lips and even looked like she wanted to pop.

“He is in the county, Stah’si!”

“He hit me! I’m not about to sit up and let no nigga beat on me!”

“How many times has this same shit happened, though? How many times?” she argued. “You hit him. He hit you! What the fuck you do to make him hit you?”

“Lower your voice!” I turned to make sure J-Money wasn’t coming out. “I ain’t do nothing to Scotty. He shouldn’t be putting his hands on me no way!”

“If you in here starting shit with him, how the fuck you gon' call the police on him when he defend his self?”

“I ain’t start nothing with him—”

“Stah’si!” I heard J-Money yell again, but I kept to Scotty’s mama.

“He is lying to you! He came up in here high as a kite—”


“He was jumping on me, I defended myself! He did all this in front of my peoples and everything.”

“Stah’si, yo sister calling, close that door. It could be something wrong.”

Turning and seeing J-Money at the top of the hallway blew me. I wanted to die.

“Un unnnn, Miesha!”

When I turned, her lil stubby ass was rushing out the car. Ratchet ass. Always trying to fucking fight.

“So y’all about to try to jump me at my house?”

J-Money’s ass decided to catch on when it was a little too late. Soon as she was in arms reach, the big bitch swung on me.

“J-Money!” I yelled.

My arms windmilled at her big ass as she started in on me. Smaller than her in height and weight, I glided on the floor as we fought. She pushed me around with her weight and her fists were tearing my back up. “

“This ain’t got anything to do with y’all!”

“Man, knock this shit off! Knock it the fuck off!” Coming in and pushing us apart, J-Money held our hands and didn’t let us swing at each other. That lasted until Scotty’s mama called herself trying to jump in the fight too.

As we fought, I heard loud tire screeches then the sound of running feet.

“Who else is pulling my hair?” I cried, feeling my face be pulled up a whole other way.

A sharp set of fingernails dug all in my face, and I could feel the skin snatching away as she scratched me. Next, a ring scraped me right across my right eye.

“You supposed to be helping!”

J-Money used his weight against both groups. His back pushed me further into the house and them off of me.

Scotty sister started swinging on J-Money. I saw two punches connect with him—one in the neck and the other on the left side of his face.

“What the hell is this?” My mama ran up. “What the hell is this? Break it up!”

“Sister, we here!” MooMoo yelled.

Oh My God. “What y’all doing here?” I couldn’t see them, so I started nudging J-Money to get them through to me. “Come in!”

J-Money got some control and put me, my mama, and MooMoo on the house side and Ms. Bebe and Scotty’s sister on the other.

“Why are y’all in this motherfucker acting a fool like this?” my mama fussed.

MooMoo handed her Kleenex that she put on my nose. It wasn’t busted, but I did feel blood coming from the side of it. The scratches on my face were burning too.

“BeBe, why the fuck y’all coming at my child like this?” She tried to go around J-Money, but he stopped her.

“Let’s just keep the space,” he urged. “All this is over with. Let’s move around.”

“Ain’t no move around, this is my son’s house! Stah’si, where are those keys? Pack your things—”

“I ain’t going nowhere, BeBe! Mind your fucking business. You ain’t never over here, but now you wanna come and start up some drama?”

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