Slipped:A Love Story Birthed In Chiraq

By: Cece S

I heard in his voice that he was becoming frustrated.

“You want to get up for this?” I asked as I closed the ring box that he still held in his hand.

His eyes got small, his demeanor serious.

“Why you closing it?”

“Promise you'll still give us a chance,” I whined.

“What?” He got up, towering over me.

He looked me upside my head suspiciously. Sweat started to roll down my sides from my armpits.

“Promise me you won’t judge me?”

He folded his arms across his chest. “What have you done, Stah’si?

“It’s about me and Faro.”

“What about you and Faro?”

“Can we please sit down?”

Before you motherfuckers just write me off as a dumb hoe that pretty much played herself, understand how all this shit came about…

Chapter #1

A Few Days Earlier...

Valentine’s Day 2012

“Get the fuck out, Lacy, move!” With my arm, I pushed my cousin out of my space.

With Scotty’s .38 in one hand and shopping receipts in the other, I was about to kill this disrespectful ass man. Before I go to deep in, let me explain. For the last six years of my life, I had allowed this old, dumb, insecure, manipulative granddaddy ass bitch to control my whole fucking life and lie to my face about this Taya chick. Now, her ass is pregnant and he the fucking daddy. But that ain’t even the worst part. I’ve been going without a few things lately, and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why. I figured it’s been the streets. Scotty serves crack and weed, and the sales have always been a little inconsistent during the winter months. But that ain’t been the case. He’s been spending our money on his hoes!

All I want to know is, Why Fucking Me? Why dip off with some hoes on me? I cook his food, wash his dirty clothes, wash his balls, balance his checkbook, get him out of jams, put him before any and everybody. Shid, I’ve put his needs before my own. Stupid bitch shit, I swear to God. I guess my heart is craving real love today cause I ain’t feeling him and none of the shit he kicking.

“I’ll leave. Just give me the gun.”

“No, get out!” I shoved her. She was about to come my way, and I aimed the gun at her. “Move back! Go check on your fucking date, will you?”

“He’s fine! Stah’si, come on, girl, you better than this. Think. His ass ain’t worth the rest of your life. You kill him and you are going to jail.”

“I’ll plead self-defense.”

“Self-defense shit, shut yo dumb ass up. Stah’si, imma warn you one last time.” He pointed his finger at my face. “Give me my gun!” Scotty demanded. High off of every drug, when I pointed it at him, he bobbed and weaved. Fat stupid ass. “What the fuck are you doing right now? Put it down!”

“You’ve been spending your money on these hoes again?” I read off the first receipt on top of the pile. “These mufuckas came out your pants from two nights ago. Leather Gucci Sandals size nine.”

“Bae, you kno—”

“I don’t wear a fucking size nine!” With all my might, I slapped the gun across his jaw.

He stumbled, but his big ass didn’t fall.

“From my knowledge, that bitch, Taya, don’t even wear a size fucking nine. So, what big foot bitch is it now?” I tossed the gun and squared up. My cousin ran for me. “Mind your business!” I cried at the top of my lungs.

Her date finally made his way to the door and pushed it open. “Is everything alright in here?”

“Go back out there, please. We’ll be right out,” Lacy whispered.

“You sure?” He started to step in.

“Bitch!” Scotty spat, fanning his face as he moved his feet like the penguins on Happy Feet. “Lacy, call the ambulance.” His mouth was full of blood and his cheek ripped open.

“Positive. Please give us a second.”

He closed the door as fast as he opened it.

Scotty eyes were on mine. When he came for me, I came for him. My fist doesn’t beat his as he smacks the shit out of me.

He smacked me off my feet, and my face instantly started stinging. All I felt was my body flying through the air. My head banged into the wooden threshold with force as I hit the wall next to the closet. I grabbed the back of my head and tried to get right back up on my knees, but my legs didn’t agree with me. I fell forward.

“You alright, Stah’si? Get up!” my cousin cried. “This enough now, y’all. Enough! Y’all love each other—”

My head felt light and I crouched over, searching for the gun. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Scotty trying to get to me.

“No, Scotty, she’s down! Move back!” my cousin urged.

“Move, Lacy!” I screamed. “Let that motherfucker get to me.”

Scotty was damn near fighting my cousin now to get to me. My head was still thumping.

“Shut up, Stah’si! Shut the fuck up! Y’all going too far.”

When my eyes caught the gun, I dragged myself to it as fast as I could.

“Call the police, Lacy! You about to go to jail, nigga!” From the floor, I pointed the gun at him.

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