Slipped:A Love Story Birthed In Chiraq

By: Cece S

Lacy instantly moved out of the way.

“Going to jail?” He laughed.

“Yup.” I pulled myself off the ground. He acted like he was about to come for me, and my cousin put herself back in front between us like a referee.

“You did this to my mouth, bitch. You going to jail.”

“It’s your word against ours.”

I took my cousin’s phone out of her pocket and started dialing 9-1-1. When Scotty heard the numbers, he tried to grab the gun.

“I’ll shoot, I’ll shoot,” I threatened, moving the gun.

My cousin jumped, and even Scotty let it go, putting his hands up and walking back slowly. “Imma jus- ju-sh le- lea-ave st-ah-gi.” His mouth sounded like he had a potato in it.

“No!” I pointed. “You gon’ stay ’til the police get here!”

I tossed the phone to my cousin and she started rattling off the emergency and even the address.

Scotty’s little ass eyes were growing bigger by the second. “This how you trying to play this shit?”

“My fucking head is spinning. I can have a concussion.”

He moved and I let off a shot right above his shoulder. He crouched down.

I covered my ears as the shot rang in my head.

Her date ran back through the door “Lacy!”

I pointed the gun at him off of reflex.

“Ayyy!” my cousin panicked and hopped in front of the gun. “The police are on the way. Put the gun down! You could shoot anybody, Stah’si, please—”

“Did you really just shoot at me, bitch?” Scotty’s hand was on his shoulder like I had shot him there.

“I don’t wanna hear your fucking mouth! You’re a liar! A liar! You ol embarrassing ass bitch!”

“Lacy, move back from the gun like that,” her date told her. “We all need to calm down now. It’s Valentine’s Day, we have reservations.”

“We’re still going out.” I took my heels off and squared up with the gun. “Just as soon as the police come take his fraud ass.”

“Hoe, is you crazy? After all I done fucking did for you?” he dragged the covers off our bed, keeping one to use as a cloth for his mouth. “You see how a bitch will do you, my nigga?”

“How long is it going to take the police?” I looked out the window.

“Stah’si, why are you doing this?” My cousin grabbed my arm, trying to get me to put the gun down.

“Get off me! Look on the floor. you don’t get it? This bitch just getting home to meet us ’cause his dirty ass been out playing Santa for Valentine’s Day. Lacy...” I slowed my roll. “The bitch, Taya, y’all thought y’all seen in the car with him at the gas station, she got the same red Gucci bag I got today. Same wallet and everything.”

My cousin looked over at my gifts.

“That’s what the fuck this about? Yo insecure ass. Man, Ion know who the fuck she got that from. She ain’t get that from me, I swear to God on my life she didn’t.” Whacking his fat belly and moving his feet like he was jumping double dutch, he made the floor shake beneath us. “I ain’t give her shit.”

“Stop lying! Lying ass! What about the baby, nigga?”

He shut his mouth. The whole stomping show stopped too.

“I swear to God, I should kill you. Six and a half years. Years. Six and a half years of my fucking life! For what? For you to run off and get one of your hoes pregnant? What about me, Scotty? What happened to what we wanted?”

“He wouldn’t.” Lacy looked at Scotty, who was still nursing his face. “Scotty, you got another girl pregnant?”

“Don’t lie! Don’t you fucking lie! You want me to pull up the bitch’s Facebook?” That was your ass at the fucking hospital with her! I know that was your arm. I knew that was your fucking tattoos. Bitch, I chose the watch you had on!”

“I’m gone. Shoot me.” He walked off.

Both hands on the gun, squinting my eyes, I was ready to shoot him right in his back. I wanted to blow his heart out his chest.

“Stah’si, no!” My cousin jumped between us.

His scary ass jumped too, turning to see what I was doing.

“Can’t you just let him out so it doesn’t get worse?” her date interjected.

“Can’t you just sit the fuck down and wait til we’re ready?”

The white and blue lights blared outside the windows at the same time as tires screeched. We all noticed it.

Scotty scrambled away.

“The police here, nigga, so it don’t matter.” Throwing the gun, I picked up a stiletto and started running behind him. Bumping the fuck out of my cousin’s date on the way.

“This is going too far! Too Far!” My cousin caught up and bumped me back in the hall. I just dropped the heel and tried to grab him back by his shirt next. My nail almost caught him. Lacy pushed him up more out of my reach.

“See what the fuck she be on, Lacy? You see?”

When Scotty made it to the front door he rushed down the steps.

“Stop him, Officer, stop him!” I screamed as I took off down the steps behind him, pulling my dress down at the same time. Skin tight and small, each step had it sliding up over my thighs and damn near my ass.

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