Slipped:A Love Story Birthed In Chiraq

By: Cece S

The police grabbed him and he got messy with them, so they handcuffed him fast.

“What’s going on, ma’am?” The female officer walked up.

“My ex-boyfriend just assaulted me.” I shoved the gun into the officer’s hand. “He tried to whip me with this, and my cousin stopped him.” Turning around, I was happy to see my cousin and her date in the door. “He saw my cousin’s date on our couch and thought that I was fucking him.”

“Wait, wait, and slow down.” The officer went into her jacket and got her notepad. “Try to watch your language for me too.”

“She is lying! She is lying!”

“What happened, ma’am?”

“He just beat my ass because he thought I was fuckin’ another man on Valentine’s Day.”

That was all I needed to say. She jotted a few things down and turned to her partner. “Put him in the car.”

“What? What the fuck she just tell y’all?” His eyes went to me. “All this, man?”

The officer grabbed him up. “Don’t resist!” he told him.

I wanted to stick my tongue out at his goofy ass, but I didn’t. Aware of all the onlookers, he doesn’t cause a show and just let them put him in.

“Could your cousin and her boyfriend confirm this?” The lady stopped in her tracks.


Running to the porch, I pulled my cousin to the side and told her the move.

“I don’t want anything to do with this shit, Stah’si.” Her face was serious, but from her mouth I knew she wanted to laugh a little.

“Just tell them he hit me, that’s all.” I pushed her along.

She barely moved at all, it took for the officer to wave her over for her to head down the steps to them. From the top of the stairs, I watched as she talked to the police lady and man at the same time.

People nosey as fuck. All of our neighbors were looking at us, and I could see curtains moving. After my cousin finished talking, they went and talked to Scotty. Scotty went off, and all I could hear was him cursing the police officers out.

“This all my shit, fuck you talking about? I want her out my house. Get that bitch out my house. That’s my legal right, I got the right to have my door locked. Her broke ass! Broke ass bitch!”

“Fuck you!”

The lady showed me his ID

Scotty Kentrell Reef

6234 S. Michigan.

Chicago, IL

“This is his home. If you don’t have an ID—”

“A lease!” he shouted. “Tell that bitch to show my lease!”

The male officer spoke. “Can you show that?”

“Yup!” I ran into the house to the back of the crib and got the folder with all the important documents. Since his ass want to be petty, I decided to be pettier, and on top of grabbing the lease, I grabbed the rest of the documents like the papers for the two sets of car keys in his pockets.

“Here’s the lease, officer,” I said as I walked up. “And if it’s not too much, could y’all get me my car keys? They in his pocket.”

“What?” he yelled.

Both of the officers looked over the documents, and without another word went to retrieve the keys.

“Once he gives you your keys, go in the house. Your dress is pretty.”

“Thank you.” I pulled my dress down. “I wanted to wear it for him.”

“Take your house and car keys, nothing else,” the male officer said, as he handed me the whole key ring.

“What the fuck? Hell naw. Y’all got me fucked up! What she doing to my keys?”

“Close your mouth!” The officer slammed the door.

I couldn’t hear Scotty’s words clearly, but he was yelling. Fidgeting to distract them, I grabbed the key to his money safe, in addition to the house and car keys.

“Thank you, Officer.” I threw my arms around her, balling the keys up with the paper in my hand.

“You welcome, you welcome, you welcome,” she said, trying to get out of my grip. When I released her, she gave me my report and took the keys. “That’s all of them?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“That’s great, you have a nice night. Call the number on the bottom to file your report.”

“How long do I have, officer? It’s valentine’s day, my cousin is waiting on me...”

“Forty-Eight hours! You all have a good Valentine’s!”

I watched them until they left. When they did, I walked back to my apartment. Everybody else was still outside like it was not cold. Lacy's date walked in the apartment first and she waited to walk through the door with me.

“The house and cars in your name?” she questioned in disbelief.

“Naw, but the man that be making our fake check stubs made it look like it, don’t he?”

“What?” She snatched the papers from me. “Stah’si, these look real!”

“You see I just got the police with that shit.” The last one to walk in, I slammed the door.

“Bitch, you ain’t shit, I swear to God.” She was in disbelief. Flipping the documents front to back, and putting them up to the light. Then she went into the living and shared them with her dude.

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