Slipped:A Love Story Birthed In Chiraq

By: Cece S

“Y’all ready to be seated?” Her date reappeared and asked.

I blinked my eyes until the tears were gone.

“I was just joking.” My cousin hugged me from the side as we walked up to the vacant hostess stand. “Don’t be upset.”

“It’s cool, drop it.” I patted her hand before dinging the bell.

“One moment!” a voice said.

We all looked around for the face to the voice and there was no one. I dinged it again and was about to start dinging nonstop until a chocolate colored hand rested on mine.

“Seating for four?”


My cousin looked at me, then at Taya. “This Taya?”

She poked her belly out a little more. Up close and personal, the bitch looked a good six months, and it was literally taking everything in me not to spit in the bitch’s face. How fucking dare she know about me and still get pregnant by him? That’s some desperate shit! For the past six months, this bitch has been my arch enemy via the World Wide Web. Always talking shit, never coming to me about Scotty. In my face, she tried to act unbothered.

“I’m Taya.” She smiled. “So the seating is for three?”

“For two.” I turned to my cousin and her date. “I don’t want me and Scotty kissing to make this bitch fall and lose her baby, we’ll meet up with y’all later.” I rolled my eyes at the bitch then headed off.

“You sure?” my cousin called behind me.

“Positive.” As soon as I stepped out, I screamed.

I wanna drag that bitchhhhhhhhhh!

Eyes in the parking rested on me. My eyes settled on Saks Fifth Avenue boutique and I headed over. From my clutch, my phone went off.

“Stah’si.” my cousin spoke. “You could’ve come in.”

“You see how far along that bitch is?”

“So! Scotty’s locked up—”

“Shut the fuck up. Don’t say that shit in there, she don’t know.”

“She will.”

“Okay, but right now she don’t. Close your mouth. You tweaking.”

The Saks Fifth Avenue worker looked like she was just about to close when I knocked on the window.

“I’m over here shopping. Y’all hurry up so y’all can drop me off at home. I just wanna go home.”

“Do you want me to get something for you?”

“No! Just hurry up.”

I hung up on her.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” The blonde worker welcomed me. “Come on in.”

“Same to you. Y’all were closing?”

“Not anymore. I do not have a Valentine.” The skinny blonde looked like a college student in her long boots and big round burgundy hat. “Come one, come all!”

“Thank you,” I said as I walked in.

I went straight for the clearance table.

“You’re so pretty! Where’s your boyfriend? Business trip?”

“I’m single.” I laughed as my eyes wandered over to the clearance table. “And if I had a man, he’d be buying me all this shit. Where’s your boyfriend?”

“Don’t have one. My girlfriend is at school!”

An older white male walked up from the back of the store. The big flamboyant imprint on his suit jacket told me that his name was Fran. I waved at him before getting in his way for some black boots.

“Those Balmain,” he pulled them down out my hand, “Gucci, or—”

“I like these!” I picked them back up and turned to the girl. “Tell me you got these in a five and a half.”

“We do.”

“She’ll help me,” I told him. “If I want some Gucci, I’ll call you.”

She looked at it. “We got it. You’re too beautiful to be single!” she whined.

I picked up another shoe off the table. “Get me this one too.”

She disappeared to the back as I looked over the clothes. I heard the doorbell ring, but I didn’t pay it any attention. When the strong smell of loud came through, I looked up.

“Damn,” I said louder than I tried to and fanned my face.

From the back, she walked up with four shoe boxes instead of two. “I got you some different colors. You look like you appreciate variety.”

“I do...”

“Stephanie!” the man called for her. “Help those gentlemen. I’ll help this young lady.”

Ugly old ass gave me no choice.

“I think we got off on the wrong foot, ma’am.” He walked up and stuck his hand out.

“I don’t need your help. I’m just trying on shoes.”

With my foot all the way in one heel, I stood up and bent around the shoe table to see who the weed smoke came through the door with. I was happy as fuck that the men didn’t see me looking at them because they’d see me lighting up. One boy was short and chubby with corn rows, the other was tall, skinny, jet black colored, with long dread locks. Next to him was a caramel skinned boy with a bowl cut. And next to him stood the finest man I had ever laid eyes on. Even though his face was hidden in a double cup, I could still tell that he was a sight to see. He had on a fresh ass OKC fitted cap and the pinky ring on his finger glistened.

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