Slipped:A Love Story Birthed In Chiraq

By: Cece S

“And give me my shit!” I snatched my shoes and my bags from her lap.

“Come on, it was a mistake. Don’t be a cry baby.” She cracked up.

“I’m not. You doing too much. And you been doing too fucking much all night, you need to learn how to mind your damn business. Goofy ass.”

“Oh wow. Here we go, what business have I been in that ain’t mine? Don’t start getting emotional.”

“I ain’t getting emotional nothing, mind your business. You came in the room when I was dealing with Scotty, now you got something to say about when I go into a store. Why I’m on yo’ brain?”

“Stah’si, you have no job and your fucking rent is due in three days. Three fucking days! That’s all I’m saying.”

“Thank you, Pitsley Realty. Thank you.”

“Yeah okay, be funny all you want to. You gon' wish I was your landlord.”

“I bet I don’t.”

I took my phone out and logged into Facebook to keep from treating her ass in front of her man. She really was acting brand new. As soon as I logged in, a Valentine’s message from J-Money popped up.

J-Money TheChosenOne Dipset: Happy Valentine’s Day, first love. I wish I could spend it with you. But since I can’t, here go a million hugs and kisses.

Along with the message was a bunch of emojis. My mind wasn’t even thinking as I messaged him.

You still out?

Snickers from up front had me thinking she was still talking shit. When I heard rent coming from her lips again, I was certain she was talking about me.

“Why am I still the topic of your conversation?”

Her drunken ass cracked up. “I’m-I’m just wondering. How the fuck are you gonna pay that rent? Your realtor accept credit card?”

I looked at her date then back at her. “Bitch, why?”

“Woahhh. I see you getting serious.” A second later she was laughing again. “We’ll help you, though. We’ll help you if you need us, I’m your big cousin.”

I didn’t say anything. I bit my tongue until I knew it was going to bleed. Her date must have known what was about to go down because he started speeding.

I should have never come out with they lame ass in the first place.

J-Money messaged back:

Yeah, can I c u?

I replied:

I’ll be home in a minute. Bring lots of liquor and drugs, trying to get fucked up.

I followed the message with my address and he messaged back okay.

When we pulled up in front of my crib, I damn near fell out the car rushing to be away from them.

“Good night.”

“I hope you’re not mad.”

I stopped in my tracks. “Talk to me when you’re sober.”

She stared at me, then broke out laughing. “How you gon' pay?”

I went to the window. “Scotty’s safe money, that’s how.”

“Stah’si!” Her eyes got wide because she knew all about it. We all do. The safe in our home closet is the same safe that’s been with Scotty and his family since before even Scotty or me was born.

“You better not.”

“I deserve it! It’s mine! For all the shit his clown ass put me through! All the shit I still have to go through!”

“N-No,” she stammered.

“Fuck him!” I headed toward my house.

“You know what? You better make it right with that man then. He ain’t gon' play with you about his life, girl, he gon' fuck around and try to kill you!”

“He can try!”

Chapter #2


I felt a hand on my thigh. From the way the hand gripped me, I just knew it was my Scotty.


“Who?” His voice wasn’t Scotty’s at all.


My doorbell rang.

“Stah'si!” This time I heard Scotty's mama.

Then a car horn beeped.

“What the fuck?”

When I sat up and opened my eyes to J-Money’s face, my head fell back and hit the pillow. Everything came back to me.


The doorbell continued to ring, followed by pounding on the door.

“Stah’si, I know you’re home. It’s BeBe, I wanna talk!”

My stomach fell to my ass.

“Huhhhhhh. She never comes here!”

“Who is she?”

J-Money started to get out the bed and I grabbed his arm back. “J-Money, no!”

He looked at my hand, so I quickly moved it.

“This my house, Imma get the door. Chill for a second.”

“Alright.” Dramatically he grabbed his arm and rotated it. “You ain't have to grab me like that, though. That hurt a lil’ bit.”

“Aww, poor baby, I'm sorry.” My lips drooped like a sad baby and he followed my lead, doing the same with his lips. Leaning in slowly, we were about to kiss.

Banging sounds from the door interrupted us. It sounded like she was hitting it with something now.

“It’s gon’ be quick,” I said.

“Go ahead.”

“Thank you, baby.” I gave him a quick peck before hopping out the bed.

“What the fuck happened last night? You carry me to bed?”

The last thing I remember is catching up, smoking and sipping Hennessey straight. He wanted to give me head on top of the card table… I let him.

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