Tear Me Away (Desert Wraiths MC Romance)

By: Amy Kiss

Sandy had described this place as the edge of civilization. Safe, but not too safe. You'd think after eight years of knowing her, I would have finally figured out how to listen to her words and not her voice. Maybe I did, but I owed her everything and more, so I went along anyway. And it was true, this place did help get me out of my head.

By making me fear for my life.

At least I had decided to stick with capris and a t-shirt instead of the microskirt that Sandy had tried to convince me to change into.

I was trying to calculate how long I'd need to sober up when I heard the jangle of breaking glass. A more solid thud followed and I saw two guys topple on the other side of the bar, one yelping. Probably from landing on broken glass.

It was only 11.

Yeah, I could sober up just fine in Sandy’s car, a few blocks away. I grabbed my purse and stumbled past the fight, glad that it drew attention away. These high-heels weren't doing much to hide how drunk I was.

A couple guys stared at me over lit cigarettes as I emerged outside. "Hey honey, you need a ride?" one asked with an easy smile. He wore a thick leather jacket with some logo that broke across the zipper, but he was clean and kinda cute.

"That's sweet, but no." Even if I was in a mood to trust strangers, the last thing I ever wanted to do was get on a bike ever again. Not after what had happened to my parents.

"If you like sweet why don't you come on over? I got a treat."

Less sweet. I steadied myself, and quickly crossed the street when the signal turned. I tried to keep an eye on him as I pattered away. Somewhere through the beer, my brain knew that jaywalking wouldn't bother a guy who wanted a drunken prize, but I felt relieved anyway when the crossing light turned red.

Until I realized I had no idea where we’d parked the car.

This area had been packed 3 hours ago and we'd circled through a few times before Sandy had stolen a spot. They were all open now. People who worked here knew better than to linger too long after the sun set. I crossed a side street and saw the car all by itself so far away. I sighed and clopped towards it with drunken abandon. I completely forgot to keep an eye on my back.

Fortunately no one followed me.

Unfortunately, it wasn't my car.

A coyote howled somewhere out in the empty beyond. I had a sudden burst of rage that made me kick the tires of this stranger's car and sent silent tears down my face. I just wanted to be home, safe and snug on my couch, watching some reality trash on Netflix. That was how I wanted to de-stress before heading back to another year of vet tech. Why oh why had I agreed to this?

I collapsed against the driver door, too annoyed to move. Iron bars barred the view across the street, and stacks of cargo crates sat stacked up past it. I looked around and saw more makeshift red and blue metal towers. It was like I was in some maze.

The moon shone past the cargo crates though. This wasn't all that bad a spot to chill out. I could pretend I was some trapped princess instead of a drunken moron. As long as the guy who drove this piece of crud didn't show up.

Voices drifted through the dry air. I cursed myself for jinxing my luck. There was no one on the street, though.

I popped my head up like a prairie dog. Through the car windows, I could see a couple guys walking through the cargo yard on the other side. They weren't workers, not with the thick leather jackets and ragged jeans. They also didn't look to be best friends.

The smaller one, lean and sinewy, seemed to be fidgeting and talking a lot. He reminded me of a cartoon mouse. The other guy stood a foot above. His face looked hard and set, like it had been etched by the elements. He had blond hair cut short that glowed white in the moonlight. He wasn't doing anything to threaten the guy. He wasn't talking. Why bother? His body said enough.

It was his eyes, though, that held my gaze. They shimmered, even as the moon shone steady. They made this hulk looked beyond human. Like a god.

Not a nice one though.

The two were about to disappear behind another stack of cargo, when the hulk set a hand on his companion’s shoulder. In my beer haze, the smaller guy actually turned to stone under that touch. The next moment, he was water, trying to wiggle away, but the hulk's hands had gripped, ever so slightly. That was enough.

"Listen." The mouse’s voice had become shrill enough to make out. "I'm sorry, OK? I'm sorry."

The hulk said nothing.

"I told your men a lie and I'm sorry."

A gust of wind answered him.

"I'll give you a discount, huh? No I'll get you free supply." His voice went low, conspiratorial.

His back was to me now, and I could see him slowly pull a gun from his waistband.

I was going to see a murder. I had known the moment I saw them, but now I knew who was killing who. I should yell or scream, but there wasn’t a person around. More than that, I felt this bizarre urge to see what those strange blue eyes would make of the gun. My breath came to a complete stop as it came loose off the belt.

The next part made no sense without the alcohol. The gun came up right against the hulk's temple.

The hulk disappeared. He returned, except now he had the gun. I blinked a few times as if that would jog my memory.

"No. No no no." The mouse was whimpering now, turning away, as if the bullet could only find him if he looked.

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