Tear Me Away (Desert Wraiths MC Romance)

By: Amy Kiss

"Thank you," I said, and sank my arms around him once more. From the front this time. My nose reeled with the scent of his body, richer than the air around.

"Yeah." He let me go and I wobbled to the door. A few lights around me were on, and I wondered how loud and strange Ghost's Harley must sound at this time. By the time I got inside, he was already perched astride. I nodded to him. He simply stared back, as if my eyes were just as strange to him. His engine thrummed to life, softer it seemed than it should be.

Maybe because I'm here now, my brain thought in its exhausted delirium. He weaved the bike around the street and fled off from where he had come.

I walked into the dining room, looked at my parents’ picture. I wondered what they would say if they saw the guy that had just dropped their daughter off.

Maybe it was good they hadn't been around to see this.

I laughed at myself for the first time in a long long while.


I woke gently, the rays of sun creeping up on my eyes. I had been dreaming of her again. I had such a clear vision of Katie’s face, her hazel eyes alight in that pale moon face. Not fearsome like mine. But not afraid either. All she had done through the dream was look at me. That was enough to feel renewed

A sweet dream, but now all that was left was my dick standing salute. That was a good sight to see. Left me feeling that I wasn’t completely losing my mind over some girl I’d barely talked to. She looked good. That was the sum of it.

Still, it had been three days and I was still dreaming of her. It was also three days since the last time I'd shot upright in the wee hours of the morning, panting and heaving. The two had to be related.

We had a couple hours before today’s op. I ran my daily five mile through the desert. The sun had been up for a while and my feet started to grill after a mile or two. The pain just made me run faster, kick up the wind to cool myself down. I wheeled around the lone tree that marked my halfway point and sprinted back to the bar. No spike needed.

A flash shower later, I sat down at a booth in the bar. People were keeping their distance after that night, maybe cause they'd heard about Shiny. Maybe something about the girl. Maybe they'd heard Nico lay into me when I got back from dropping her off. Something was different, and they'd barely started to understand me even before.

I only cared about the guys around the long table. If the rest of the club wanted to keep their distance that was more than ok. Nico’s old woman, Denise dropped a heaping plate of protein and carbs before me. The steam of grease and meat revved my appetite. I dug in, and to my surprise, Denise sat down. Her dark hair spilled over her shoulders and she tied it back before leaning in.

"How you doing, honey?"

Denise was the only one who got to call me that. "Fine," I said between chews.

She reached out and touched my forehead. Only one who got to do that too. "What?" I asked.

"Just wondering if you're in heat."

'What am I? A wolf."

"Wasn't that your unit's name?"

Not my last unit, but I had never talked about that one. "One of them."

She smiled, looking much older than the t-shirt and denim she was in. "I was just wondering why our best man would go nuts over a girl."

"It was just the right thing to do." I shrugged. "How much did Nico tell you?"

"Oh you know I don't like to touch the details of what you men are up to. I just saw you threw him in a right awful tiff. Never seen him so worked up."

"Twist was treating her bad, and she didn't choose to come out here," I said. "That's all. Nico would have made the same call."

She patted my elbow. "Well just make sure you tell him first then. I just hate when something comes between any of us. We're family you know."

She slapped it a bit harder then picked up and left.

Family. Structure. The things I'd needed after I'd been booted out of Ops. I’d returned to Gilsner and only truly found a home again once I joined the Wraiths.

Nothing like a veiled threat of violence to remind you of home. Some of the boys in my unit spoke of families who tolerated every transgression with patience and understanding. Didn't sound like any family I'd ever known.

So the girl had an effect on me. Just had to let Nico know next time. I was his VP and his best...everything. Shouldn’t be a thing to grant me a little boon now and then.

If only I could understand why I needed this one. Her look, her brown-eyed gaze. Like the bark of an ancient tree who'd seen decades pass and had withstood everything. Even threatened with rape or with death, she had shown no fear. Just weariness at the world. I knew that feeling.

I scarfed down the greasy mess of calories, then went round to the club room. Nico was chatting with Dyno and some of the others, but threw me a nod as I came in. It was enough to know we were still good. Or at least, not bad.

"You ready, big man?" one of the newer Lieutenants said. Crispy, they called him, cause Leathery didn't roll of the tongue so easy. He grinned but looked away when I took too long to answer. A rite of passage for the new officers to hold my eyes without flinching.

"This ain't a thing," I told him, as I sat down next to Nico. And it wasn't. Running security for a day operation in sprawlsville, US of A. Captain Lee would have lobbed one of those vicious spits of his if he heard of my training being wasted on junk like this. Not that he was alive to hear.

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