The Ring 2:A Chicago Love Story

By: Rio


Saturday, December 26th, 2015

Chicago, Illinois

8:39 AM

Rell got the best wakeup he’d ever in his life experienced, from the beautiful Black woman he’d only known for two days now but was quickly growing to love.

At first he thought he was dreaming.

The suction on his dick felt too pornstar-ish to be real.

Slowly, he forced his eyelids to separate, and squinting against the sunlight that was pouring in through the parted curtains, he looked down and realized that it wasn’t a dream after all.

Tamera Lyon’s lips were wrapped tight around his huge erection, and her head was bobbing rapidly. There was saliva sliding down the sides of his stone-hard phallus. Her hands were busily working, stroking his length and massaging his scrotum.

He chuckled once, wiping the gunk from the corners of his eyes.

“If these are the kind of wakeups I’ma be gettin’ we can go and get married today,” he joked, scooting back and sitting up.

Tamera moved with him, keeping her mouth locked on his love stick. She was in her bra and panties. The bedroom door was wide open, because there was no need to worry about intruders; they were in the house that Rell’s father, David “Big Man” Owens, had bought for him and Jahlil, his younger brother.

It was a duplex home, and Jah had his own place upstairs.

The room was bare except for the five-piece bedroom set Big Man had already had here when Rell and Jah arrived and the sheets, blanket, and pillows Rell had taken from his bedroom at his mother’s house.

He cast a quick glance at the nightstand to make sure his Glock pistol was still there and saw that it was laying just as he’d left it before going to bed last night, with its long 30-shot clip jutting out toward him and its barrel pointed to the door. Beside it lay his smartphone and a pile of cash that amounted to just a few hundred dollars under $4,000. The money had come from Big Man, and it was all the money Rell had to his name.

His attention went back to Tamera.

Her head was almost a blur.

“Damn. Keep goin’ just like that,” he said, his lips spreading into a grin. He fingered a couple of strands of hair from over Tamera’s face so that he could get a clear view of her oral skills. “That’s that shit I like, baby. You can wake me up like this every fuckin’ morning. You hear me? Every morning. Suck this dick like it disrespected you or somethin’. Make it throw up. Do you, baby.”

He leaned back on the pillows and watched the show, and a moment later his eyes moved to the sparkling diamond ring Tamera was wearing. It was a $100,000 engagement ring, with a round-cut 9 carat white diamond, and it was on her ring finger, but she wasn’t engaged. The ring belonged to Susan Owens, Rell’s stepmother. Susan had accidentally left the ring at her and Big Man’s apartment before leaving for a two-week vacation in Florida. She was currently waiting on Rell to express mail the ring to her.

The ring looked good on Tamera’s finger.

She must have noticed that he was looking at the ring. She slid her left hand up his herculean chest and gazed at it herself as she continued to fellate him.

“You might get one of these from me one day,” Rell said, thrusting into her mouth as he felt the familiar tingle in his scrotum of an imminent eruption. “Keep treatin’ me like this gon’...have me in the palm of your...hand.”

He barely got the last word out. Tamera took her mouth off him and stuck out her tongue. His semen spurted out in four long ropes, three of which landed in stripes on Tamera’s face. There was more, but she sucked the head in her mouth and gently bobbed her lips on it until the flow ceased.

“Yes, my nigga,” Rell said with a laugh as he watched her get up and saunter out of the bedroom. “You are the greatest.”

Chapter 1

Robin Jean clothing seemed to be the style of the day.

Tamera had already taken an early morning bath. She put on a skin-tight pair of grayish-blue Robin’s jeans and an equally snug sweater that Rell had bought for her yesterday. Big gold hoop earrings dangled from her ears as she stood over the stove cooking breakfast.

After taking a shower, Rell put on a new black hoodie, shirt, and jeans by the designer, along with a black pair of Timberland boots and a black Louis Vuitton belt that he’d owned for a while but still looked relatively new. A spray of Cool Water cologne and the feel of the Glock on his hip completed his look, and seconds later he stood in front of the mirror feeling like a new man.

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