The Secret Diamond Sisters

By: Michelle Madow

As for the four main characters, there are pieces of me within     each of them. Savannah, with her dreaming, optimism and desire to fit in, has     bits of my high school self in her. Courtney, who is self-aware and happy to be     who she is without needing the approval of her peers, has a lot of my     current-day self, and she’s what I wish I had     been like in high school. Peyton is the most different from me of the four, but     she has my dislike of following arbitrary rules and my desire for individuality.     Madison has my confidence and ambition, along with my tastes in clothes and     food. From there, I took those qualities and built each character into their own     person.

Time to fess up—do you have a favorite sister? How about a favorite potential hero?

Out of the four main characters, I would most like to be friends     with Courtney. But the ones I have the most fun writing are Savannah and     Madison. Out of the guys, Brett is definitely the one who I would most want to     date. You know all of Courtney’s reasons for liking him? Well, those would be     mine, too.

You’ve given those heroes a lot of room to grow. Can you spill any secrets or give us a hint of what’s to come for any of the guys?

At the end of The Secret Diamond Sisters, none of the guys are where they want to be, as they’re all     trying to figure out what they want—either in life, or in their relationships.     As the story continues, more secrets will be revealed that will challenge     everyone, and will push them to think about where they’re going in life and with     whom their loyalties lie.

What’s in store for the Diamond sisters in book 2, Diamonds in the Rough?

In Diamonds in the Rough, major     secrets will be uncovered that will change everything. I don’t want to give     anything away, but I hope you end up feeling completely differently about     certain characters by the end of Diamonds in the Rough     than you did at the end of The Secret Diamond Sisters!

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

A writer I know once told me, “You have to write one million bad     words before you write anything others want to read,” and that is so true.     Writing is a skill, and like any other skill, it takes practice to improve.     Experiment with different approaches to writing a novel so you can find what     works best for you. I can’t write a book without outlining it in detail first,     but some people like to let the story come to them as they write. There is no     right or wrong way—only the right way for you.

Most importantly, above anything else, you have to write. Know what time of day you get your best     writing done, and force yourself to write during that time, even if you’re not     feeling “inspired.” Writing is work, and it’s not going to be fun all the time.     There will be parts you will struggle with, that will frustrate you to no end     and make you want to hit your keyboard, but you need to keep your end goal in     mind. Set a minimum goal of how many words you can comfortably write per day,     and reach that minimum five days a week. Make sure your goal per day is     attainable for you—if it’s too high, it will be frustrating and will make you     want to quit. And remember that even if you’re having a rough writing day, force     yourself to reach that minimum. First drafts don’t need to be perfect, since you     will edit it afterward.

Once you draft and edit your first book until you can’t edit it     any further, write and edit a second. Your second book should be the first in a     new series and not a continuation of the first book you wrote, because this will     improve your chances of one of your books getting picked up by an agent. Then do     the same with a third, and so on. During this time, do your research on the     publishing world and submit your books to agents. If you continue to do this, if     you believe in yourself and if you want it badly enough, you are giving yourself     the best chance for success. Remember: the people who make it are the ones who     never gave up!



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