By: S.C. Stephens

More and more I believed the nice looking guy in the back was Denny's "mate." The drummer just seemed like the good-natured, carefree type of person that he would easily bond with. Denny was taking a minute to chat with Sam, asking him about what he was up to now. When they were finished catching up, we said our goodbyes.

"Ready to go?" Denny asked, knowing how tired I was.

"Oh, yes," I said, aching for an actual bed. Thankfully, the last tenant had left some furniture behind.

Denny laughed a little and then looked over to the band. I watched him, waiting to catch his friend's eye. He liked having light facial hair along his jaw line and upper lip. Not a lot, and not heavy, he just looked like someone who had been on a long camping trip. It made his could-be baby face seem older, more rugged. It was soft though and felt nice when he nuzzled my neck. It was also incredibly sexy. I realized I was ready to leave for more than one reason.

Still intently watching Denny, I noticed him raise the hand clutching the key and nod his chin up. Apparently he had finally gotten Kellan's eye, and signaled to him that we were heading home. I was so lost in my dreamy thoughts that I'd forgotten to watch who he signaled. I still wasn't entirely sure which one he was. I glanced over, but none of the four were looking our way.

As we started to make our way back to the door, I looked over to Denny. "Which one is Kellan anyway?"

"Huh? Oh, I guess I never really explained that, did I?" He nodded back to the band. "He's the singer."

My heart dropped a little. Of course he was. I stopped and looked back, and Denny stopped with me, watching the band as well. Sometime while we had been walking away, the song had changed. It wasn't quite so rock; the beat was slower and Kellan's voice was lower and smoother, sexier, if that were possible. But that wasn't what made me stop and listen.

It was the words. They were beautiful, heartbreaking even. It was a poetic declaration of love and loss, insecurity and even death. Of wanting someone left behind, to remember him as a good person, a person worthy of being missed. The insipid girls, who had doubled in size, were still clamoring for his attention. They didn't even seem to recognize the change of the music's tone. Kellan was completely different though. Both hands were now curled around the microphone and he looked out over the crowd, his eyes unfocused, absorbed in the music. His whole body was lost to the words; they seemed to come from deep in his soul. Where the other song had just been fun, this one was personal; it obviously meant something to him. He stopped my breath.

"Wow," I stated when my breathing started back up. "He's...amazing."

Denny nodded over to the stage. "Yeah, he's always been really good at this. Even his band in school was good."

I suddenly wished we could stay all night, but Denny was every bit as tired as I was, maybe more so, since he had done the majority of the driving. "Let's go home." I smiled up at him, loving the way that sounded.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me through the rest of the crowd. I glanced back at Kellan one last time before we stepped out the door. Surprisingly, he was looking straight at me. That perfect face focused solely at me, made me shiver a little. His powerful song still played on and again, I wished I could stay to hear the end.

He was so different now than the first time I had noticed him. In that first glance he had just seemed so...sensual. Everything about him had screamed, I'm going to take you right here and make you forget your own name. But now he appeared deep, soulful even. Maybe my first impression was wrong? Maybe Kellan was someone worth getting to know better?

Living with him was going to be...interesting.

Denny found our new place easily; it wasn't terribly far from the bar. The house was on a smaller side street, tightly crammed to the houses next to it. The street itself so completely lined with vehicles, it was practically a one-way street. The driveway looked just big enough for two cars, so Denny pulled into the spot farthest from the front door.

Denny grabbed three of our bags from the back seat while I grabbed the remaining two, then we made our way inside. It was small, but charming. The entrance had hooks for jackets, all of them empty, and a half-moon table, where Denny tossed his keys. To our left, was a short hallway ending in a door. A bathroom maybe? Off that hallway, I could just make out a countertop. Must be the kitchen. Directly in front of us, was the living room, with an overly large television set being the most prominent feature. Boys will be boys. And to our right, was a set of stairs that curled around to the top floor.

We followed the stairs up and stopped at a set of three doors. Denny opened the right door - the exceedingly messy bed and an older looking guitar propped in the corner, gave it away as Kellan's room. He shut the door and tried the middle one, laughing a little at our guessing game. Ah, he had found the bathroom. That left door number three. Smiling, he opened it wide for us. I started to look around, but didn't get much further than the impressively large, queen-sized bed in the middle of the wall. Not one to miss an opportunity, I grabbed Denny's shirt and pulled him suggestively to that bed.

Alone time didn't happen very often, we were usually surrounded by so many people - his Aunt, my sister, or parents. It was cherished, and one thing I had quickly realized upon inspecting our tiny new home was that we weren't going to be quite as alone here as I had hoped, especially upstairs; I could tell the walls were very thin, not much in the way of privacy. So we threw our bags in the corner of the small room and took advantage of the fact that our roommate had a night job. The rest of our stuff could wait to be brought in the house. Some things were just too important.

I awoke early the next morning, still groggy from days of traveling, but refreshed. Denny was stretched out on his side of the bed and looked entirely too peaceful to wake. A small thrill passed through me at waking up next to him. We rarely were able to spend an entire night together, but now we would get every night. Careful to not disturb him, I stood and made my way to the hall.

Our door looked directly across to Kellan's room and his door was slightly cracked. The bathroom was in-between the two small rooms and the door was shut. My family never had it closed unless someone was in there. It was bright enough outside now, that no light would be needed in there. Do I knock? I didn't want to feel like an idiot, knocking on my own door, but I hadn't been introduced to Kellan yet, and walking in on him was not the way I wanted to meet him...not that I ever did want to walk in on him. I glanced over to his door and listened until I thought a vein might burst. I thought I could hear light breathing coming from his room, but really, I could have been hearing my own. I hadn't heard him come in last night, but he seemed like the type to stay out 'til four and sleep in 'til two, so I took a chance and turned the knob.

Relief washed through me that the room was empty. Relief and the intense desire to wash the travel grime from my body. Making sure the door was securely locked (I didn't need Kellan walking in on me either), I turned on the shower. Last night, I had hastily scrounged through my stuff for my pajamas before passing out from exhaustion. Now, I stripped off my sleep pants and tank top and stepped into the near-scalding water. It was heaven. I suddenly wished Denny was awake. I wished he was in here with me. He had the nicest body and it was even more so, streaming with water. But then I remembered how dreadfully tired he'd looked last night. Hmmm...maybe another time.

I relaxed into the hot water and sighed. I hadn't remembered shampoo in my hurry to the bathroom, but luckily there was a bar of soap in the shower. Not the greatest way to wash my hair, but I wasn't comfortable using Kellan's expensive looking stuff. I luxuriated under the hot steam for a lot longer than I should have, considering the other people who probably wanted a tiny bit of warm water for themselves. I couldn't help it - it just felt so good to be clean again.

Finally, I shut the water off and dried away the droplets with the only available towel. It was dreadfully thin and slightly too small; I would need to remember my big, comfy towel next time. Hastily wrapping it around me, I braced myself for the cooler hallway air and opened the door. I had forgotten all of my toiletries, not to mention a change of clothes, in my desire to be clean. I was concentrating on remembering which bag in our chaotic pile held my stuff, when I noticed that Kellan's door was now open...and occupied.

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