To Love Thou King

By: Jan a Sullivan & Ms. Neicy

How It all Started


There's a difference between a bitch that's getting it and a bitch that got it. See the way I had shit set up, I was already a made bitch; well before King was even thought of and that's why these cops was on my ass. This was my ninth time coming down to this court room at nine in the morning and these pigs acted as if I was going to flip the script. Nope; hell no, my story was my story and I was sticking to it. I hoped today was the day they would come to a final sentencing and quit wasting my damn time because I was solid. There was nothing in this world that would make me turn on the man that would forever hold my heart. It didn't matter how bad King played me, I owed him my life and I would forever be loyal to him.

King had the best lawyers in town, so there was no doubt in my mind that he would be doing anything shy of a few years and I would be by his side every step of the way. If it weren't for King, I would still be out stripping. Although I was bringing in stacks of cash back then, I still went home lonely every night because I felt no nigga was worthy enough for a bitch like me.

What stripper did you know riding around town in a 2016 BMW in 2014? I was that bitch and my whip was that sick. Tinted windows, purple and black paint with the purple interior. Yes, I was riding clean and every hoe in the A envied me. Everybody wanted to either be like Diamond or have Diamond in their life, but I didn't have time to worry about all that shit. My main focus was money. My cash flow was running heavy and I had every reason to feel like I was the shit. I remember it like yesterday when the infamous King swept me off my feet, let me tell you how it all happened.

“See, I'm representing for the bitches, all eyes on your riches No time for the little dicks, you see the bigger the dick The bigger the Benz, the bigger the Benz The better the chance to get closer to his rich friends”

I sung along with Trina's lyrics that was blasting throughout the club as I finished rubbing baby oil all over my body. Doing a double take in the mirror, I was impressed at how my voluptuous body sucked away at my new thong set. Don't get me wrong, I could go out there with sweat pants and a childish pony tail in my head and still have heads turning; I was just that bad. I never lacked confidence. I was brown skin, five foot even with hazel colored eyes. I took the red bones for a run with my long Indian hair and goddess figure. Everyone was always surprised when they found out that my hair was all mine. I guess they thought you had to be light skinned to have good long hair, but I stopped that myth. I walked out onto the stage and instantly all eyes were on me.

“Alright now fellas you already know what time it is. If you don't have more than a band in your pocket right now, get your bum ass out of here. It's time for the lovely, Diamond!" DJ Sparks got wild on the intercom and the crowd started turning up. I could see about fifty dudes, and even females, leave out of the club after they realized they was the bums he was talking about. I laughed to myself not even wanting to imagine how it felt to be broke.

I was a southern chick, straight out of Alabama but Atlanta couldn't get enough of me. They knew every time I came out I was coming to show out, and that's why they showed me love. They hollered and screamed me on as I showed off the many tricks I was known for and more that they never saw before. Grabbing the pole, I twirled up and down teasing the audience. There was a no touching rule while I was on stage but there was this guy that couldn't seem to understand the rules, so it was time for me to teach him a lesson. I was known for being a bitch. What I say goes and couldn't nobody make me change how I felt. You had to know me to understand why I was so hot headed.

I grabbed a chair onto the stage and then roughly grabbed the nerdy looking guy by his hand, and tied him in the chair. The way his eyes popped open and his dick stuck up, you could tell he thought he was about to get a lap dance but he was wrong. He was about to learn what Diamond says goes. I pulled his pants down and if the tighty whities he had on wasn't embarrassing enough, his two and a half inch penis that was visibly hard was.

I kneeled down in front of him, "You want to know what happens when you disobey Diamond?"

The fool had the nerve to shake his head “yes,” like this was some type of game. Let's see who's laughing in the next five minutes. I snapped my fingers and out came Carlisha; Carl to those who were family if you know what I mean. The crowd stopped cheering and was now showing there disgust as Carlisha started giving the guy a lap dance. Everyone knew Carlisha from the streets of Atlanta because he was known for tricking dudes into believing he was a female. Sad thing is, he done messed up so many happy homes from these under-covers that I couldn't trust these niggas. Money was the only thing I loved because it was never disloyal. Carlisha was really putting on a show and I just sat back and watched. Everybody just stood around shaking their heads because they knew how I could get. I wasn't to be fucked with, and I was going to keep making examples out of people until everybody got the message.

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