Traitorous Heart 2

By: Breena Wilde


Special thanks to my awesome cover artist, Steven Novak. To my editor at Clean Leaf Editing, Mary Johnson Heiser. To Timi Heiser for the lyrics, and especially to my family. You’re all rock stars to me.


Volume 2



It’d been two weeks since my night with Griffin. I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t think about him. God, I thought about him: In the shower. At breakfast. In bed… Mmmmmm, especially in bed.

Images of his glorious body, the way he smelled, the sounds he made while we fucked, his voice, the way he moved, and the way he could sing…

He was a rock star hottie god, magnificent and stunning, not a man at all. And lately he was the star of my dreams. When I wasn’t thinking about him during the day, my subconscious dreamt about him.

Why didn’t I want him in my life? Not that he would reciprocate. He was busy and apparently a gazillionaire. I probably wasn’t his type.


From the information I’d gathered on Reid I knew sure as shit he wasn’t my type. It was surreal and sickening to realize I hadn’t really known the man I’d agreed to marry.

I pushed back from the small two-seater table that sat next to a window and took a sip of wine.

“Would you like a refill?” The handsome waiter at Dorvey’s picked up my glass in one hand and the open bottle of wine in the other. There was a slight smile lighting his face, making his lips appealing. They reminded me of Griffin’s.

I shook my head. No they didn’t. Nothing could compare to Griffin’s lips, not even those of my ex fiancé, Reid.

I’d been sitting at the table for almost an hour. In that time I’d proceeded to drink most of the bottle of wine myself. I’d also ordered a chicken salad. It sat uneaten in front of me.

“Please.” I motioned toward the glass and he poured. When the glass reached half full, he stopped.

I shook my head. “Keep going.”

He winked. “Rough day?”

I made a chk-chk sound with my mouth and mimicked shooting him with my first finger and thumb. “How’d you guess?”

He emptied the bottle and placed the glass in front of me. “I’m a master mind reader.” He laughed. “Also, the empty bottle of wine gave me a clue.” He shook it slightly.

I nodded. “Excellent deduction.” I picked up my full glass and took a large drink.

The waiter watched and I wondered if he expected more.

I placed the glass on the table. “That’ll be all.”

He smiled, but I noticed disappointment in his eyes. Oh well. If he expected anything more than a tip, he was sadly mistaken.

Dorvey’s was a quaint little restaurant with low lighting and pictures of landscapes adorning the walls. Kind of like a bistro meets the Old World. I’d picked the place because it was across the street from Reid’s gym. My ex usually worked out from six to seven during the week. If he were following his schedule he should be inside.

The table I sat at made it easy to see who entered and exited the building. And since I was stalking Reid to find out everything there was to know about him, it was a logical spot. The information I’d already gathered gave me plenty of insight into the ass Reid was, but I wanted to know it all. What he did every night, with whom, and how often.

More than once I’d been so glad we’d never slept together.

“Do you want me to take your plate?” The waiter indicated my salad. “Or are you still working on it?”

I tilted my head and gave him a look that said “Get the fuck away from me.” The evening had been a total waste of time. And I was halfway to drunk. Either Reid had decided against working out or he was spending an extra long time at his gym today. My stalker tendencies were filled for the day. I wasn’t going to sit there a moment longer. “Just the check, please.”

He sighed with relief. “Right away.”

I grabbed my wallet from my purse and waited. And waited. And waited. What the hell? I thought the waiter was anxious to get rid of me. I turned to try and find him without success. When I turned back I glanced out the window—and there was Reid in his six hundred dollar tan pants, four hundred dollar white button down shirt, and eight hundred dollar shoes. He was good looking. I’d always thought so. On his arm was a young blond with a low cut pink top emphasizing her tanned breasts and a short black skirt, the hem emphasizing its lack of length.

“Here’s your check,” the waiter said. “I’ll be your cashier when you’re ready.”

Keeping my eyes on Reid, I pulled a credit card from my wallet and stuck it inside the tan faux leather folder. “Now’s good.” I watched my ex get into a cab and head east, probably heading to his place. My eyes burned. I wasn’t sure if the stinging tears were sadness or anger, but I decided to go with anger.

He smiled. “Be right back.”

I stared out the window for several long moments after Reid’s cab pulled away. I don’t know what I was looking for, if I was hoping to wake up and realize this was all a terrible dream or that unicorns and dragons were real and I could magic away the sickness that had taken root in my stomach.

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