Under The Sky

By: Western Press

Cowboy Romance Collection

The Secret Cowboy

Chapter 1

“I don’t know hey, just feeling a little jaded…” Heather speaks into her cellphone while drying her hair with a large terry towel, the same towel that was just wrapped around her perfect body. She looks at herself in the mirror, looks at her breasts, looking at her perfect thighs that meet to form an even more perfect pussy. Her large almond eyes move over her dark skin, and even though she sees a beautiful woman looking back at her, she doesn’t feel too beautiful.

“That’s okay…but talk to me…Don’t just disappear off the grid for the whole weekend babe…it makes me nervous…” Alex, her best friend is on the other end, calling to find out why Heather didn’t pitch for the Friday afternoon cocktail, and why her phone was off for the whole weekend.

“I know babe, I’m sorry…let me finish up getting ready for work…call you later?” Heather really has no explanation for not pitching. She really just didn’t feel like it. A lot has happened in her personal life over the last while, and work hasn’t been any easier. She really needs to get out of New York for a while.

An hour later she is sitting at her desk, not sure about anything. She really has just been going through the motions for a while now, and this is certainly not her. She is normally a vibrant go-getter, but now just getting out of bed is a mission. Heather really hates that she cannot shake this funk.

Over coffee, she finds herself skimming the classifieds. Not looking for anything in particular, she starts to circle possible jobs. They say that a change is as good as a holiday, and maybe making a career change will help her to forget her recent miscarriage, her boyfriend of two years’ infidelity, the death of her mother, and all the other things that have gone wrong in quick succession. She is only 23, after all, and she should be able to bounce back from anything.


She passes this ad, but keeps coming back to it. Heather has never even been to Texas, a thoroughbred New Yorker. Besides, aren’t they still racist in Texas? She isn’t sure where she got this, but it seems to make sense to her city-state of mind. The position is for 3 months though, and she is about 4 months leave accumulated over the last three years, so maybe, just maybe, this might be just what she needs.

The morning is spent tweaking her resume, and by lunchtime, she has sent it through. The Dallas Oil Company is a huge concern, from what she can read online, and it would be the perfect place to get lost in, and earn a fairly decent salary in the process. When she leaves the ad agency where she has worked as office manager for the last few years, she finds herself already planning for her move, even though she hasn’t even received acknowledgement of receipt of her resume yet. She is optimistic though.

Getting back to her apartment, she starts to pack it up. Even if she doesn’t get the Texas job, she will get out of the city, for a while at least. Maybe she will go over to the west coast, book herself into a cheap motel, and lose herself to reruns on whatever cable channels the motel has. Maybe she will just spend her days on the beach, reflecting, until her life makes sense again. Whatever happens, she knows she must get away, and the sooner the better.

Heather drafts an email to HR, putting in for her accumulated leave. She knows that they might have a problem with her taking her four months consecutively, but since her miscarriage was an open office secret, she feels like she is well within her rights. After pressing send, she feels anxiety in that place where her baby would have grown. She takes a glass of wine to the bath, and sinks beneath a torrent of bubbles, solidifying her state exit plan.

“Heather Jones?” a woman with a thick Dallas drawl speaks to her on the other end of the telephone.

“Yes, this is she…” Heather knows immediately that she is from the DOC.

“Your resume just landed in my inbox…says you’re from New York?” the woman who has introduced herself as Anne continues.

“Yes that’s right…I am available to move to Dallas though, immediately actually, if I get the job…” Heather realizes that she is being a little presumptuous.

“Well let’s get you down here for an interview and see how it goes…” Anne says, before getting all of Heather’s details so that she can book her flights.

It takes a week for her to wrap up her life in New York, for the next couple of months at least. Yes it is just an interview, but Heather is confident. Even if she doesn’t get the job, she can afford to spend a few weeks in Dallas before making her way to sunny LA. Whatever happens, she is leaving the city. And while she is leaving for another city, it isn’t New York, and so she is sure that the change will be good.

At the airport, she doesn’t make anybody take her to catch her flight. She says goodbye to her friends the day before, and leaves New York alone, which is really how she has felt for the last while. When the plane lands in Dallas it is completely another world. Heather is picked up at the airport and driven to a hotel. Her interview is the next morning at 8AM, and she is suddenly very nervous. The treatment that she is received, from business class flights to five-star hotel accommodation for one night, is really a whole other world. And if this is what the build up to the interview is like, I can only imagine what the actual interview is going to be like.

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