Under The Sky

By: Western Press

She listens to his voicemail again, the deep husky drawl mesmerizing her as it has done since they met. She wishes that they had met under different circumstances, so that she wouldn’t be left feeling like the outsider trying to get in. Her thoughts turn to all the names she has been called over the last while, ‘gold digging black bitch’ sticking out the most. Heather may be a lot of things, but gold digger and bitch, are certainly not a part of this list.

Now though, she is a liar. But is not telling the same as lying, she wonders? She runs a hand over her belly, and although she hasn’t started to show, she is sure that she can already feel the life growing inside her belly. She really needs a bath now, just to relax, hoping that this will send her to sleep. Heather really wants a drink now, but she is not prepared to risk it in her current condition.

Her phone rings again, and she hears it from the bathroom. She really knows that she should have switched it off, but she wants to know how determined he is to get a hold of her. It also makes her feel wanted, and she knows that this is silly, but she cannot help but let her phone ring, hoping that it will once again go to voicemail, and hoping that he will leave another message.

Channing does leave another message, more insistent than the first. ‘Heather… Come on… what is going on? I know that they said some dumb things, and I know that I didn’t act right…but it will change, I promise. I promise to be better…’

That man who is as powerful as Channing but can be brought to his knees by her is really flattering. She sinks deeper into the bath, thinking about her life back in New York, what is waiting for her, and what it will bean for her to have an illegitimate mixed-race child. She thinks of the questions that she will have to answer, but she knows that she really won’t mind this, as long as her child is okay.

The last time she was pregnant didn’t end too well. Yes, she was young, but she was in a relationship that she really thought would last forever. She is still young, and it hasn’t been a year since she miscarried, and now she is pregnant again, much to her surprise. Although she actually cannot say that she didn’t want this. She hasn’t been on the pill for a while now, and she has lied about it to every man she has slept with since. Shit, she is a liar.

Curling up in bed, she pulls her phone to her again, listening to the messages, and deleting them as soon as she has heard it. She needs to start cutting ties with Channing, and with Dallas, and she knows that if she gave him even the smallest gap, he will be in New York in a heartbeat, trying to convince her to return to Texas. She needs to get a handle on her life outside of the complications that Channing presents. She will need to move, remembering that her address in New York is on her resume.

The morning comes quickly, and Heather goes to the airport just a half hour before her flight boards. She looks around the airport in a panic, not sure if Channing isn’t waiting for her in the foyer. Her ticket isn’t the one that was booked by the DOC though, so she knows that unless he pulled some serious strings, he won’t know what flight she is on. She hates the sudden cloak and daggered feel of her life, but she has no choice. She needs to get her baby as far away from this mess as possible.

Settling into her seat, she buckles up. As the plane takes off, she watches Dallas shrinking underneath her. The plane circles the city twice before it starts to make its ascent beyond the clouds. She rubs her belly again, promising her unborn child that everything will be okay. Heather cannot help but thing that she is handling this whole thing wrong though, that it is unfair not to let Channing know that he is going to be a father. She remembers everything that he said to her about children though, and so she knows that this secret is the best way for her to continue, not only for her child, but also for her…

<< The End >>

Kiss The Cowboy

Chapter 1


The sharp staccato noise of the clapperboard reverberated throughout the rocky landscape as the director finally wrapped up the day’s shoot. The technicians turned off the lighting rig while the dolly grip started to disassemble his equipment. Ophelia Watts lifted her skirt and pulled out the shotgun mic hidden under her bosom. She played the role of damsel in distress in a low-budget cowboy western and Ophelia was grateful for landing the job despite the sultry film location in Utah.

She headed to her trailer and changed into her street clothes. Her assistant barged in and announced that the cowboy who would be giving her riding lessons was waiting outside. Ophelia hurriedly removed her hair extensions. One of the perks of her role was that she had to learn horseback riding and Ophelia was excited to get back in the saddle. She had lessons when she was a child for a TV commercial she appeared in but all she learned was how to mount a horse.

She brushed her auburn hair vigorously and gave it a shake as she rushed out of her trailer. She accidentally bumped into a man who was standing outside her door and he gently steadied her before she could topple over. Ophelia grinned ruefully at her clumsiness and she looked up at the man who helped her. She saw the bluest eyes stare back at her with concern.

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