Under The Sky

By: Western Press

“Very rich,” she responds, not knowing if this was appropriate but since she has already said it, she commits to it, adding casually, “everyone here seems to come from very old money…”

“Hardly…we’re hardworking folk, and hard work pays off, that’s all.” Channing seems to be looking through her almost, now.

“You are all about work…it really is a whole other world…” she continues, suddenly very uncomfortable with the new twist in conversation with her boss.

“Now that’s not true…we know how to have fun, and we know how to create fun for ourselves… What do you do for fun?” Another question that shows a little too much interest in her as a person, so that she isn’t sure how to answer it.

“I work…” she says eventually, trying for a joke herself. This doesn’t work, because Channing is squinting, a ‘really’ look on his face. He doesn’t believe her.

“We should do something to remedy that,” he says, looking a little too long over her breasts so that she pulls her shirt a little tighter over her tits. There really is no need for this however, because her breasts are well-covered.

He orders them another round of drinks, this time making both of theirs alcoholic. Heather sips slowly on hers, not sure what is going on here, if she is just being given an insight into the real Channing Barnes, of if he is just being polite and courteous after knowing that he has kept her too long after office hours. When he orders another set of drinks a third of the way into the ones they are drinking, her guard goes up, especially when the conversation takes on a thick sexual innuendo that she has no idea what to do with. This is really getting a little uncomfortable for the 23-year old.

“Let’s get out of here,” Channing says after their third drink. Heather gets up and is surprised when Channing comes up behind her to pull her chair out of the way. He rubs his hands up and down her arms, and then puts his jacket on her. It isn’t cold enough outside to warrant this gesture, but Heather appreciates it nonetheless. They walk out of the exclusive country club and wait for his car to be brought around by the valet. He opens a door for her, and Heather notices a couple of people looking at them. She wants to say ‘I work for him dammit’, but there is no time for this as she is soon seated in the passenger’s seat of the Escalade, Channing in his own seat, pulling away from the club.

He drives in the direction of headquarters, in the direction of the penthouse apartment that has become Heather’s home for the next few months. She watches him through the side of her eye, studying his face, watching his mouth as he speaks. He really is a very attractive man, in that rugged, western, cowboy sort of way. As the light from the streets fills the cab of the car they are travelling in, she catches glimpses of his eyes, beautifully translucent in the artificial light. Why is she thinking about his lips now, she wonders, as her eyes fall on the fullness of his mouth? White guys aren’t supposed to have lips!

Her eyes move over his whole body now, and she cannot help the thoughts that are creeping up on her like ninjas. She looks at his long legs under the dash, and before she can stop herself, finds herself wondering what his cock looks like. Shit, she shouldn’t be thinking like this about her boss, she knows. But she just cannot help herself. Heather lets these thoughts play around in her head for a little while, and then looks straight ahead again, concentrating on counting the number of streetlights between where they are and where they are going. This does little to free her mind of thoughts of Channing’s cock, though.

“Here we are,” he says as they pull up to the building.

“Yes…Thank you…” she says, although she isn’t sure what exactly she is thanking him for.

“No…thank you…you were a star tonight…” he says, relaxing into his seat and turning off the engine, like he has no intention of going anywhere.

“Thank you,” she says again, not sure if she should open her own door and get out. Channing has been a gentleman for the latter part of this evening, so she almost expects him to come and open the door for her. He seems to have something on his mind though, and without asking him what this is, she just sits there nervously, waiting for him to open his mouth.

“Would you be against me coming up for a coffee?” he asks her eventually. “I’m a little drunk, and it’s a long drive back to the ranch…” He is looking at her in her eyes as he makes this request, and Heather, while thinking that they should really just have had coffee at the country club, thinking that it would be highly inappropriate for her to have her boss in her apartment at 11:30 PM, find herself saying ‘not at all’, before she has had time to fully grasp what he is asking her. He springs to life suddenly, and comes around to open her door. She is still wearing his jacket, and with the time of night, it is suddenly a little more necessary.

They get into the building and into the elevator. Channing is looking at her with an intensity that belies his need for coffee now, and Heather tries in vain not to notice this. She has though, and she starts to work out in her head the best way to allay any advances that might be made towards her. She thinks about where the coffee is in the kitchen, and how she can create as much distance between her and Channing as possible, once they are inside the penthouse. But this is for all intents and purposes his territory, his world, and she is but a small part in it.

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