Under The Sky

By: Western Press

She wonders, as she unlocks the penthouse apartment and lets them both in, if this is really what she thinks it is. She could be reading it all wrong, and her boss, the CEO of the DOC could really just want a quick cup of coffee before making the 45-minute drive back to his ranch. But all of her maybes and perhaps go flying out the window when she closes her door and before she has an opportunity to turn on the light Channing’s lips find hers, and he drops the deepest, most sensuous kiss on her mouth. He pulls away for a moment to gauge her response, and when he sees that she is frozen, uses his lips to unfreeze her, waking them into the center of the living room.

Chapter 3

Heather doesn’t know what to do with herself, not sure if Channing is drunk, or if he has been planning this for a long time. She has noticed him, but never thought that her interest in the cowboy billionaire would be reciprocated. And now that he is kissing her in the darkness of her apartment, she isn’t sure what the appropriate response should be.

She starts to kiss him back, for a moment, but then she pulls herself from him. His arms are not around her, but he is holding her face so tight that she doesn’t get very far away from him. She places her hands on his chest, and really tries to push him away. But he is bigger, and stronger, and he just pulls her closer again for another kiss. Again she finds herself kissing him back. Her arms fall to her side now, and he moves his hands from her face and places them on her firm butt.

Fingers move over her butt, and then down to her thighs. She had thought that the dress she chose to wear this morning was modest, but when Channing’s fingers are on her thighs directly, it seems too short. He places his whole palms on the back of her thighs, and then digs into the firmness with his fingers. This warms her pussy immediately, and even though she still isn’t sure how far this is going to go, she really wants him inside her right now. Heather deliberately tries to forget who this man is, and focus solely on the fact that he is just that, a man.

It is hard though, and she knows that the man threatening to pull her panties down now is her boss. Her hands go to his, because she isn’t sure if she can handle it if it goes all the way. Resistance is futile right now though, and she knows that she is going to let this happen. She knows that she really wants this, really needs this, and whatever the repercussions, she will deal with those in the morning. Right now, Channing’s lips are off her mouth, and he is going down to his knees as he works her panties down her legs. It really is game time.

He has a confidence that exudes through his pours it seems, and this is what makes Heather extremely confident. This confidence takes her over completely now, and she undoes the side zipper of her own dress. As she steps out of her panties Channing stands up and helps her out of her dress before turning her around, and getting her out of her bra. She is completely naked now, and she starts to look around her, reminding herself about where she is.

She doesn’t know if she is supposed to help Channing out of his own clothes, but she doesn’t have the time to do anything, because his lips are all over her breasts, all over her belly, and then on her lips again, before settling for the longest time on her neck. While he moves his mouth over every part of her it seems, he manages to get his own clothes off. His clothes are in a pile on the plush carpet, and even his socks are off. His hands are on her hips again, as their mouths lock again.

He knows this apartment very well, obviously, because in the dark he walks her to the bedroom without lifting his lips from hers once. Still standing, he works his way back down her belly, and finds the space between her legs with his nose. He breathes in the scent of her, long, deep, really liking it. Then he plants the same soft kisses that he was just placing very carefully on her body, directly on her pussy. She takes her hands to his head, and notices to her surprise that he still has his hat on. Heather finds this interesting, so that she doesn’t remove this one piece of clothing. Instead she holds it in place on his head as he keeps on kissing her pussy.

When his tongue leaves his mouth, and finds its way onto her clit, she is a little thrown, so much that she stumbles, and almost falls. Channing holds her up though, his hands firmly on her thighs. She knows that he has got her now, and so she relaxes into his grip. His tongue moves with such precision over her clit that she feels the chills forming up and down her back. She really wants him inside her now, but knows that she cannot rush this. She really doesn’t want to.

His tongue starts to work between the slit of her cunt, and she knows that at any moment now it will make its way inside her. There is a single moment, just one, where she thinks that perhaps she might be too wet, knowing that this could make or break the deal. Some men would see this as a compliment, and some men might find this as an indication of you being loose. She really hopes that this isn’t the case with Channing, because she really starts to feel as he enters her with just the tip of his tongue that her pussy really is very wet.

Channing works his tongue all the way inside her, and keeps it there, soaking up the juices inside her. Then he moves his tongue out of her, and runs his tongue across the surface of her pussy, finding her clit again, moving his tongue around her fully engorged clit, and then finding her pussy again. She really starts to feel many things now, and tilts her head back in sheer ecstasy. The attention to detail is really amazing, and Heather concentrates on nothing but the incredible pleasure she is receiving now.

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