Under The Sky

By: Western Press

He takes his hat off at last, standing again, kissing Heather up and down the sides of her neck. His fingers find her pussy, and after fiddling on the outside of it for a while, a single finger is making its way inside her. He fingers her deliciously slowly with just this one finger, his mouth moving up and down her neck before making its way onto her chest. The feeling is so magnificent that she feels that she might just have an exceptional orgasm now, and be done with it. It is far from over though, Channing having many more tricks up his sleeve.

With his finger still inside her, he turns her around, so that his lips can find her back. After carefully adding a second finger to her wet cunt, he tilts her head back and finds her lips again with his own. Without knowing that he has actually added a third finger to her tiny pussy, she kisses him with renewed passion, really feeling more and more like a southern belle from a romance novel. She might as well be, both she and Channing so beautiful that they might very well be on the cover of a work of erotic fiction.

They haven’t said a single word to each other since they walked into the apartment, and this doesn’t really matter. They will make conversation in other ways, and as Channing brings her to a beautiful first orgasm, Heather feels like she really has to return the favor. How though, can she even dream of pleasing him even half as much as she has just been pleased? She knows that she must try though, and when Channing’s fingers are finally removed from her, and she turns herself around to face him, and then after kissing him for a moment longer, goes down onto her own knees.

She is really surprised by what she finds between his legs. A little grazing was going on when she was facing her back to him, but nothing definitive. Now though, faced with his cock in all its glory, she is more than a little impressed. Heather takes his shaft between her fingers, trying not to notice how much cock is on either side of her hands, not wanting to confirm for herself that his dick is remarkable in size, both length and girth, and eventually she just closes her eyes.

Heather starts by kissing the head, which is massive on its own, mushrooming at the end of his lengthy shaft. She pushes his foreskin back over the dome, just to get it out of the way, never having faced an uncircumcised cock before, and then starts to lick the dome. He is silent throughout this licking though, and so she isn’t sure if she is having any real effect on him. But when she starts to work his tip, and the first part of his shaft into her mouth, he lets out a loud, soulful moan.

She tries to get as much of him in her mouth as possible, but when it settles into her throat, and she cannot breathe, she stops. He is a real gentleman about it too, because he isn’t moving at all, not thrusting into her at all, waiting for her to come with her mouth to him. Again she tries to get more into her mouth, but again the tip of his cock is lodged in her throat and so she stops trying to force it any further. She settles on the parts of his cock that actually fit into her mouth, and decides to work with this.

He starts to moan a little louder, and then his moaning becomes deep grunts. She knows that she is doing something right, and she keeps doing it. Then she is kissing his tip again, licking it, and then nibbling on it. Channing watches her move on his cock, even in the dark it is clearly visible thanks to the light coming from the buildings around them. It is really quite something to behold. He puts his hands on his waist and watches her work on his meat for a little while longer.

Then he lifts her to her feet, enjoying what was just happening on his cock, but really needing to be inside her now. He kisses her mouth again, almost tasting his precum from her tongue, liking it strangely enough. He sends his tongue deeper into her mouth, and then pulls it from her mouth, kissing her lips with his. Then he moves her slowly to the bed, lifts her off the ground, and places her down on it, so gently that she isn’t sure when she is fully on the bed.

He feels for her slot with the tip of his cock, and then runs it up and down for a moment before he starts to ease himself into her. He takes his time, really takes his time, and she receives him easily. There is something about patience that really pays off and soon enough Channing’s cock is three-parts into her. Slowly he starts to thrust into her, getting into a real groove now, too quickly almost, and Heather feels like she is going to have another orgasm. Channing is really a very competent lover.

Orgasm after orgasm, Heather starts to lose her mind. She doesn’t even know if Channing has had an orgasm, but she doesn’t really care for the moment. She cannot bring herself to focus on anything but her own pleasure for the time being, and after another orgasm, she is well and truly breathless. She isn’t tired though, and so she knows that she has a way of pleasing Channing. After rolling them so that she is sitting on top of Channing now, she eases his cock deeper into her, as deep as it will go. Then she starts to grind her pussy against his throbbing cock, and brings him to a very epic orgasm.

She is too exhausted to feel guilty about this, not yet anyway.

Chapter 4

Heather wakes up alone. She is still tired, but in a very good way. After a shower, she has a light breakfast of fruit, and then a cup of coffee. She gets dressed before she checks her phone. Nothing. She wonders for the moment if there is some truth to what happened last night, thinking that perhaps it was a dream. Her gut tells her otherwise though, and she is suddenly panicky about going in to the office.

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