Under The Sky

By: Western Press

“Helloooo Miss Jones…” Channing greets her, singing his hello.

“Mr. Barnes…” Heather says, nervously. She really isn’t sure what to make of his good mood. Does he feel like he has conquered her, or is he really just happy that he has had her? The night was really beautiful, for both of them.

“So formal… No need… there is really no need…we’ve got a busy day today…” Channing is suddenly all business, and Heather is relieved almost. She can handle this side of him, not wanting to complicate things further with talk of last night. It never happened, as far as Heather is concerned.

They get through the day without discussing the events that unfolded the night before. The day really is busy, so this is in no way surprising. They just really need to get things done. And they do too, wrapping up the day shortly before 9PM, with Heather really tired, and hungry. They haven’t eaten a thing since lunchtime. She asks Channing if it is okay for her to leave, and the response that she gets is mostly unexpected.

“We’ll leave in a minute, I’ve just got a few calls to make…” he says, and then picks up the phone on his desk. We, she asks herself. All she has to do is walk across the road and she is home. What does he mean ‘we’? She isn’t sure if she is prepared to take him upstairs to her penthouse again, twice in as many nights. She is really very careful about setting precedents that she is not going to be able to maintain. “Okay, let’s go…” Channing says, after a half hour on the phone. Heather really has no way of resisting him, and so she follows him to his car, and then rides with him the 40 minutes or so that it takes to get to his ranch.

“This is Barnes Rawlings…my pride and joy…” He says this with such pride that Heather cannot help but be filled with a sense of pride herself. The farm is beautiful, even at night, lit with big floodlights from all angles. Heather is keen on a tour, but she doesn’t want to appear too star-struck.

“It really is beautiful…” she says, as he walks her through the front door. He walks her through to the back terrace, overlooking the swimming pool, where the staff has set up a rather elaborate dinner. She is really surprised again, feeling like she is on a first date with the out-there CEO.

“So…tell me everything about yourself…” he starts, and this opens up the evening to casual getting-to-know-each-other conversation. They eat easily in front of each other, and talk as easily. Soon they are having a glass of champagne near the unnecessary fire roaring in the fire pit outside. Channing soon has that look in his eyes, from last night, and Heather knows exactly what this means. She knows too that she will give in to him easily.

There is nobody outside, the staff having cleared up the dinner already. Channing takes advantage of this opportunity, and he comes in to kiss her. She kisses him back, and when his hand is between her thighs quickly, she is already very excited. After last night, he can definitely get it again. He pulls her panties aside a little, and while kissing her, slips his finger into her wetness. He fingers her very slowly, and brings her to a beautiful orgasm in the open air. Channing obviously wants more, and he isn’t sure if he will make it through to his bedroom.

He does though, and by the time they get into the exquisite master suite, they are both naked. The trail of their clothes on the outside, all the way down the hall, is a dead giveaway, so that even if the staff were to come upstairs, they would know that they needed to stay away from the bedroom. Channing feels that there is no need for him to go through the dance that they went through last night, and he bends her gently over the bed, parting her legs with his, and making his way into her pussy almost immediately with his cock.

Channing starts to thrust into her immediately, and immediately she starts to sweat from deep inside herself. He holds her by her hips, and pulls her back onto his cock, working it deeper and deeper inside her. It really is a spectacular experience, for both of them, and soon enough Heather is caught in the throes of a wonderful climax. When he brings her to another one, he too cums, and as he fills her with his seed, she warms up all the way into her belly. Pulling out from her now, he turns her over, kissing her on her lips again.

He still has half an erection, and after a little effort, this semi-hard-on is inside her again. He thrusts his cock hard again, and brings her to a final orgasm. Then he fucks her gently, bringing himself to another magnificent end. They really fit well together, almost too well. Channing knows that this is inappropriate on every level, and so does Heather. But now while they are alone, they really don’t care too much about the protocols of society. They have proven that they can work well together even though they enjoy each other’s bodies. They have also proven, over the next couple of dates, that they enjoy each other’s minds as much. After they shower and get dressed, he calls her a cab, and then kisses her for the time it takes for the cab to arrive.

After about a month of keeping their relationship a secret, Channing starts to get careless. “I’m sleeping with her…” he says to his best friend and COO, Hubert Crawly. Hubert isn’t surprised, but he feels like he has to caution his friend.

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