Under The Sky

By: Western Press

“Just fucking, nothing more I hope…” Hubert says, knowing that Channing is a man, and Heather is a very beautiful, very young woman. Hell, he would have fucked her given half the chance.

“I don’t know…” is all Channing can manage, and this sends alarm bells ringing in his friend’s head.

Hubert isn’t as careful with this information as Channing was. He tells his wife, who tells her best friend. News of the affair spreads like wildfire, and although nobody says anything to Channing, they are determined to deter Heather, who they see as an opportunistic gold-digger, from sinking her claws any deeper into Channing than she obviously already has. Their intensions are good, no doubt, but their approach to the situation quickly leaves a very bitter taste in Heather’s mouth.

“Sleeping with the boss, is that wise…” Anne asks her while she collects Channing’s messages one morning.

“Excuse me?” Heather says, really thinking that they were more careful than that. If everybody in the office knows that their CEO is bedding the office burnt toast, as she has heard herself called in not-so-secret snide commentary, this will definitely not be good for her, or Channing, she thinks.

“There is no need to be coy with me Miss Jones, I’m trying to help you…” Anne says, trying her best to sound like a concerned friend.

“I’m good thanks, no help needed here,” she says, taking the messages off Anne’s desk and then walking straight to Channing’s office, not sure if she should tell him that people know. She decides to keep it to herself for the moment, thinking that if she tells, he might make a scene, blowing this whole thing out of proportion.

They keep seeing each other though, and they make love at every meeting. It is more intense, more experimental, and more beautiful with each liaison. They morph very quickly into the semblance of a real relationship, and even though more and more people seem to be finding out about them, they still make every effort to be discreet. Heather knows that she doesn’t belong in this world, even though Channing promises her a seamless integration more than once, she knows in her gut that this will not be possible.

Her run-in with Hubert’s wife, Chelsea, confirms this. She is looking at her with the death-stare of a woman who knows that you are sleeping with her husband. Heather doesn’t even know why, and she gets up to leave the restaurant where she is having a casual Sunday brunch alone, just to take a time out. Chelsea’s friends also looking at her with disdain, and she tries to get out of the restaurant without any further stares from the real housewives of Dallas.

“Miss Jones…” Chelsea says to her, getting up quickly and following her outside of the restaurant.

“Yes,” she says, not knowing what this woman who she has only met once before would have to say to her.

“I know what you’re doing, I know your type…it won’t work, not with Channing, or any other man in Dallas. Sure you’re exotic, but that’s all you’ve got going for you. And soon enough, their interest will fade. So do yourself a favor, work out the remainder of your contract, and then leave. You will not be missed!” Chelsea is scathing, in her tone and in the words coming from her mouth. Heather is so dumbfounded that she doesn’t have a response for her at all.

She gets as far away from this woman as possible, knowing that these women really have the ability to make her life a living hell. And even if she does start a real relationship with Channing, and he promises to protect her, there is little to no chance that she will make any friends in Dallas. The city is big, and the options are many. But Channing’s circle is small, and it is clear already that they all hate her. Hate is a very strong word, but obviously not strong enough for this situation. In this instance, hate isn’t a strong enough word.

Heather is really torn about telling Channing, and when she finally does, this doesn’t go very well with him. He calls Hubert immediately and tells him in no uncertain terms to call his wife to order. Heather knows now that it is not a good idea to give him this information, and so she keeps her encounters with these people so determined to get involved in her and Channing’s lives a secret. In a few weeks she will be gone from Dallas, and she will never have to see these people again.

Channing is still seething about what Heather told her, and she tries to calm him down. There is one way to get him to slow his rope, but she just isn’t sure if she will be able to handle it. They are in her apartment, and they are both naked, having just spent the whole afternoon making love. She turns over, and pulls him to her, on top of her, so that he is not sure what she is actually offering him. When he realizes though, his smile is uncontrollable. He grins, and then grimaces menacingly, parting her ass cheeks and then sending his tongue onto her asshole. He almost cannot believe his luck.

He fucks her tight hole with his tongue, and although he knows that he will not be able to get his dick inside her, not yet anyway, he appreciates the offer, and rims the shit out of her asshole before moving to her pussy, wetting it with his tongue and then taking her from the back…

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