Under The Sky

By: Western Press

Chapter 5

The tension is thick in the apartment, and Heather knows why. There is a week left before she has to go back to New York, a week before her contract is up and she has to leave Channing. She knows this 3-month stint in Dallas has proven to be very interesting, different to what she expected, and the complication that it presented was really the most unexpected.

Meeting Channing was great, and he really proved to be everything that she wasn’t even sure she was looking for. Now though, reality is setting in, and she has to bring it to an end, for her own sanity. She hasn’t been accepted by any of his friends that she has been introduced to, and certainly not by the ones who found out about their escapade unexpectedly. Channing is every bit her ideal man, but his lifestyle, and his friends, would make theirs a difficult and dangerous liaison.

“Come sit with me…” he says, patting the sofa next to him. He has that look in his eyes that lets her know that the drink in her hand that he is being offered is really the last thing on his mind.

“Behave yourself,” she says, not sure if she wants to let herself be taken by him tonight. A week is not long enough to wean yourself off another person, and making love is not the best way to achieve such weaning.

He gets up and takes the drink from her hand. “Aren’t you drinking babe?” he asks her, just before he downs the contents of his glass. She shakes her head, and takes the glass from him, putting it down on the coffee table, and thinking quickly of a way to avoid any more contact with Channing, physical or otherwise. There is no avoiding him though, because he pulls her back to him and plants his lips deep in the side of her neck. She cannot help but let him move his mouth over her, liking it immediately.

There is something about the way he kisses her that she cannot explain to herself. She just loves it. It is gentle and passionate, and extremely intense. The combination of these sensations is in such perfect balance, that she cannot help but think again that he has had a lot of practice. This isn’t altogether unexpected though, because he is twice her age. She had never thought that she would be with a man so close to middle age, and that he is a white man at that, certainly caught her by surprise. But she has been more than a little impressed with everything about him.

When he starts to unbutton her top she knows that it is too late for her to say no. What explanation could she give him for not wanting him suddenly, especially since she really does want him? Her addiction to him is obvious now too, to her and to him. He knows that getting her undressed will be easy, as it always has been, except for the first time they were together. They are now so comfortable with each other though, that there is no need for words at all. Channing gets her top off, and then her skirt, and then he cannot resist getting her completely naked now, removing her bra and panties too. She really is one of the most beautiful women that he has ever seen.

She doesn’t make a move to get him naked, and he notices this, but doesn’t say anything. He kisses her on her lips while working on his own shirt and jeans, kicking off his shoes and finally taking off his socks. In his underwear, he lifts her off the ground, and carries her to the bedroom. He is very familiar with the geography of this apartment, being the owner of it. He has also been her enough times to be able to find his way around even in the dark. All the lights are on now though, but since they both have nothing to hide, this isn’t a problem.

Heather is visibly uncomfortable though, and Channing wonders why. She hasn’t protested against him though, so he just assumes that her state is because there is just a week left of her contract. He assumes that it is because she is about to leave him, but he knows that she really doesn’t have to. He wants to ask her something, but at the moment, he has a more pressing need at the moment that needs attention. He really wants her body, and this is obvious in his boxers. Getting the shorts off, he has a huge erection, and he knows just what he wants to do with it.

Before he gets there though, he lays her on the bed and places his head between her legs. He starts to French kiss her snatch and she soon forgets all her inhibitions. She forgets, for the moment at least, the plans that she has to make, that she has to carry out. She needs to get away from Dallas, away from Channing. But this isn’t something that has to happen right now, so she relaxes to the feeling of his tongue which is now moving inside her with an eagerness that she has seen before, but not often.

He is usually tender, which is what she likes about him, about being with him, about making live with him. It really does feel like she makes love with him, and not just to him, or him to her. Their bodies mix well, gel as well, and Channing really just knows how and where to touch her. Heather takes her hands to her own breasts, knowing that with Channing’s attention between her thighs, there is little chance of him exploring her tits, not yet anyway. And she really loves her tits touched.

“Fuck you’re beautiful,” he says when he comes up for air. And then as quickly he is eating out her snatch again. She feels like she is going to squirt at any moment, but then he is biting her clit and sending her orgasm back into the shadows. She doesn’t mind though, knowing that when it does happen, when he does allow her to cum, it will be epic. She pulls on her nipples hard, and then digs the tips of her fingers into the flesh of her mounds. It feels so beautiful that she closes her eyes and wraps her legs around Channing’s neck.

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