Under The Sky

By: Western Press

He fucks her with his tongue a moment longer, and then, just before she squirts, he pulls his mouth off her. She releases his head from between her legs, and he starts to work his way up her belly. When he gets to her neck, he starts to finger her clit, and her cunt is wet almost immediately. It has actually been wetting itself for the longest time, and heating itself up since he started kissing her neck in the living room. She wants him inside her now, and she knows that getting him inside her will satisfy her incredibly. It always has.

His fingers start to work their way inside her, and as his lips fall on hers, she kisses him back with the same passion that he is fusing into her with his mouth and his fingers. With three fingers he brings her close to climax again, and she opens her eyes, catching him watching her intently. Their eyes lock all through her orgasm, and as he slips his fingers out of her, replacing them immediately with his cock, she closes her eyes again. She knows that this is going to be a beautiful experience, as it always is, and a tear develops in her eyes as she thinks that she might never get to experience this again.

Heather makes up her mind to enjoy this, to really make the most of it. She thinks of that old saying, ‘one for the road’, and she pushes herself up so that he goes deeper into her. Channing smiles down at her, and when the tear finally escapes her, making its way down the sides of her face, he kisses it from her face, and then proceeds to kiss her eyelids one at a time. Sex is not as beautiful and experience as making love, and they are certainly making love.

Channing starts to thrust into her gently, slowly, and deliberately. Each stroke feels so good that she gasps at the end of each one. She starts to grind against the cock that is so deep inside her now that she feels like she is being nailed to the mattress. Heather loves it, she really does, and against his own better judgement, Channing loves her. He really loves her. It isn’t just her body too, but her mind, her spirit, everything about her. Unfortunately for him she feels the same way, which is why she cannot stay in Dallas, why she has to leave.

Channing makes the most beautiful love to Heather, for most of the night. They fall asleep in each other’s arms, and make love again in the morning. This is the first time that they have spent the whole night together, which hurts her, because this is the last time that they will be together like this. She really needs to just wrap things up in Dallas, and say goodbye to Channing forever. There really is no other way. He has spent a long time building up the life that he has, and she will not be the reason that his house of cards comes toppling down.

The next week goes by slowly, very slowly, and she comes up with a million reasons why she cannot see Channing. She doesn’t even believe these reasons each time she says them to him, but she knows that she cannot be alone with him again. The week is long too, and she is literally counting down the hours until she boards the plane and gets back to New York. The anxiety of the life developing inside her doesn’t help her too, and she knows that she must just do what is best for her child.

Finally the day arrives for her to leave the office, for the last time. Tomorrow she will be on her way back to NYC. She has managed to avoid Channing for the most part, except at work. But he has also had several meetings out of the office that he hasn’t had to go to, so it was easy. But today Channing seems determined to see her, alone, and it is really hard for Heather to avoid seeing him. The only thing to do is to get away from the office quickly, and spend the day somewhere he will not find her.

“Where are you…what’s going on?” he texts, and she ignores this. He follows this text in quick succession with a series of others, along the same vein, and still she ignores them. She has hidden herself in the local museum, and while she has lunch, she just stares at her phone, the texts coming in beeping almost violently, but she still cannot bring herself to turn her phone off.

One more day, she says to herself. Just one more day…

Chapter 6

“Don’t leave, please…we need to talk…” Channing leaves this voicemail on Heather’s phone, after trying to get a hold of her several times.

There is nothing for her to say to him, she is too confused to talk to him right now. Her flight out of Dallas is booked for tomorrow, and she really doesn’t want to see him, not tonight, not ever again. She has been through too much already, and Dallas has turned out to be another emotional rollercoaster. Heather really cannot see herself fitting into this world, where she will stick out like a sore thumb. As his PA it worked, because she was his subordinate. But as the mother of his illegitimate child, that is a whole other story.

Heather packs her bags and goes to a hotel, just to avoid the possibility of Channing coming around to her apartment and catching her unawares. She knows the stress will be too much for her, and she cannot risk another miscarriage. Although her child will grow up without a father, she doesn’t care, really wanting to be a mother.

Tears start to develop in her eyes, and she doesn’t know why. She has never been insecure, and even though she had never been with a white guy before, this had never been completely out of the question. The opportunity had just never presented itself before. Now that it has, it has proved to be more complicated than she ever thought a relationship could be.

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