Vampires Never Cry Wolf

By: Sara Humphreys

All vampires could telepath with their siblings, maker, and progeny—unless they found a bloodmate. Then they could only telepath with their mate. There were pros and cons to everything, and the lack of telepathy was one of the cons.

Big time.

Sadie’s non-beating heart clenched in her chest and she looked away, worried her emotions were written all over her face. She desperately missed the intimate mental connections with Maya and Olivia—but especially Olivia. Not hearing Olivia’s voice in her mind crushed her soul a little bit every day. The deafening silence made Sadie feel alone for the first time in two hundred years.

She could still telepath with Trixie, Damien, and Suzie, the other members of the coven, but for how long? How long until the rest of them found bloodmates and Sadie was left alone?

“Hey.” Maya leaned both elbows on the bar and kept her voice low, pulling Sadie from her thoughts. Maya tucked one long strand of platinum-blond hair behind her ear. “Since it’s kind of quiet tonight, would it be okay if I split a little early? I’ll come back later and clean up so Trixie doesn’t have to do it all.”

“Let me guess,” Sadie said with a knowing look. “Shane wants you to go out on the end of his patrol with him tonight.”

Shane Quesada was Maya’s bloodmate and a sentry for the Presidium, the vampire government. He and two other sentries kept watch over the NYC area and reported directly to the czars. It was a sentry’s job to ensure the safety and good behavior of all supernatural citizens. Which, until about a year ago, had pretty much only meant vampires.

“Maybe.” Maya’s eyes twinkled. She gave a noncommittal shrug before glancing over her shoulder to the door, likely keeping an eye out for her man. She locked her blue eyes onto Sadie’s and put her hands together as if in prayer. “Pleeeeeeazzzee?”

“Oh, fine.” Sadie rolled her eyes and suppressed the laugh that threatened to bubble up. Since hooking up with Shane, Maya had gone from spoiled brat to thoughtful professional in the blink of an eye. She was settled and at peace in a way that Sadie both admired and envied. Sadie smoothed the lapels of her jacket and adjusted the lacy cuffs of her long white shirt, trying to look like a hard-ass. Wearing a suit was awful, but it was important to at least try to look like a grown-up. The lace shirt was her way of rebelling. How pathetic.

“But you better get back here after closing and help Trixie clean up the bar. I have a new cleaning crew coming at six in the morning to take care of the club and the bathrooms, but you know that the bar area is all you and Trixie.”

“Thank you so much.” Maya squealed with delight and clapped her hands. “You’re the best, Sadie.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Sadie shook her head and jutted both thumbs at her chest. “That’s me.”

You’re a sucker, that’s what you are. Trixie’s voice shot into her mind with a curt laugh. Cleaning glasses in the sink, Trixie looked at Sadie through the mirror above the bar. You’re the boss now, and you gotta learn to say no sometimes.

Really? I’ll remember that when you ask me for something. Sadie winked at her sibling, but when she looked back at Maya, her smile was gone. If the look on Maya’s face hadn’t been enough of a clue, the tingling from the scar on Sadie’s shoulder would have been. Oh fuck.

Aside from finding her bloodmate last year, Maya had discovered her gypsy heritage and a rather unique power. In addition to detecting the presence of wolves in the area, Maya had the innate ability to turn a werewolf into a human.

King Heinrich, the werewolf king, and pretty much everyone else had believed that Maya’s power to render a werewolf mortal lay in the emerald necklace that King Heinrich destroyed. They had all assumed that once the necklace was gone, so was the power to take the wolf.

Not so much.

As fate would have it, the power was inside Maya. Necklace or no necklace, the girl could turn the most ferocious of werewolves into mortal men if she so desired. The only reason the wolves hadn’t hunted Maya down and destroyed her was because one man—one wolf—kept her secret.

And at the moment, that wolf stood in the doorway of her club.

“It’s them.” Maya’s voice shook. Based on the tense vibe she was sending out, Sadie knew it could only be one thing. Maya’s violet-blue eyes were wide and fixed on the massive double doors of the club. “The wolves are—”

“Here,” Sadie said in a barely audible tone. “Damn it all. One of the things I used to love about New York City was its lack of werewolves. Truce or no truce, they make me nervous.”

“Well, our kind and theirs never have gotten along,” Maya said quietly. “You’re not the only vampire in the city who’s upset they’re setting up house here.”

Sadie rolled her left shoulder in an attempt to ease the weird tingling sensation she got every time Killian and his pack came around. The dark, circular scar on her left shoulder blade was left over from the night Olivia turned her, a memento from the attack that left her an orphan and a vivid reminder of all she had lost. She figured the tingling in the scar was her body’s way of telling her something—or someone—dangerous was in the area.

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