Vampires Never Cry Wolf

By: Sara Humphreys

Someone like Killian Bane.

Killian, the werewolf prince and heir apparent, was the newest supernatural resident on the island of Manhattan. He was also the thorn in Sadie’s side, now standing in the vestibule like he owned the place. The guy had been making a habit of bringing his little pack to The Coven, and it was starting to grate on Sadie’s nerves. She’d never been a fan of wolves, due to an encounter right after she was turned, but this guy irked her more than most.

Vamps and werewolves had maintained a delicate peace for about two hundred years, and Sadie felt uncomfortable as hell that this guy—this wolf—knew Maya’s secret. With one word, he could bring a world of shit down on Maya and the entire coven—not to mention blow up the treaty. It almost felt like Killian was blackmailing them or something when he showed up every night at the club. Passive-aggressively reminding them, You’d better play nicely, or I’m telling my daddy what your little friend can do.

“But seriously? They’re here again?” Sadie gritted her teeth and glanced at the empty VIP booths. “You know, ever since these guys started coming to the club, the few vamp clients we had have stopped coming around. Darius and his crew haven’t been here for weeks.”

“Ah, those assholes hardly spent any money anyway,” Trixie said with a snort of derision. “I mean, they’d get maybe three bottles of blood between them. Not only that, but they don’t tip worth a shit, and if I had to get Darius’s hand off my ass one more time, I was gonna bite his ugly face off.” Trixie wiggled her eyebrows. “At least the wolf boy is hot.”

“Yeah, well, he still bugs me.” Sadie fought the urge to bare her fangs and instead plastered on the biggest, fakest smile she could muster. Killian’s sharp, brown-eyed gaze captured hers from across the club. He tilted his head in deference but made no move to come farther into the club. To her dismay, the instant those eyes met hers, her stomach flip-flopped as though a fucking nest of butterflies resided there. “I definitely need to go for a swim. It’s been too long and I need to blow off some steam.”

“Oh man.” Trixie shook her head and laughed while wiping a glass dry. “Are you still squatting at that rooftop pool on the west side? You better watch your ass, girl, or you’re gonna get busted and give some poor human a fucking heart attack. Finding a naked woman skinny-dipping is enough to send most folks over the edge.”

“Yeah,” Sadie said absently. “Swimming is the only thing that seems to calm my nerves lately. Besides, if anyone sees me, I’ll just glamour them and they won’t remember a thing.” She latched eyes with Killian again. “Jeez. After hanging around all these freaking werewolves, I’ll need to do about a hundred laps to relax.”

Killian’s grin widened and he leveled a challenging stare in her direction. Damn it. It was like the big jerk knew the effect he had on her. Sadie narrowed her eyes and clenched her teeth against the sensation. Holding his gaze, she barely noticed that Maya had moved next to her at the end of the bar.

“The arrogant SOB is waiting to be escorted to the table, even though he damn well knows where it is. What’s his deal anyway? They’ve taken over one or both of the VIP booths weekly for the past six months. He does know there are other clubs in the city, doesn’t he? Besides, the hotel he’s been living in has two bars. He has hundreds of other places to choose from,” Sadie groused.

“He does,” Maya said quietly. She waved to Killian quickly before grabbing two bottles of Cristal from the fridge and whipping up their usual order. “I guess they like coming to a club owned by supernaturals. The Coven is the only one in the city now, Sadie.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Sadie snagged a few drink menus off the bar. She knew what they would order; she gave them drink menus anyway just to pretend she didn’t. She glanced at David and Ivan. Killian’s two friends were nice enough, at least as far as wolves were concerned, but they still made her uncomfortable. It wasn’t just them, though. All werewolves set Sadie on edge. Maya and Trixie were different; they had been turned after the treaty was in place. They hadn’t seen what it was like when rogue wolves were around every corner and the bastards only had one thought on their furry minds—killing every vampire they could find. “I still don’t like him.”

Steeling her resolve, Sadie held the menus in front of her and strode over to Killian and his pack with the most confident air she could muster. This was her place, and she’d be damned if she was going to let an arrogant alpha werewolf and his cronies throw her off her game.

Ah-ah-ah. Trixie’s teasing tone slipped easily into her mind. Don’t start trouble with our resident werewolf royal. Besides, if you ask me, he’s coming here for more than the music or the constantly flowing Cristal.

I know exactly why he’s coming here. Sadie glanced at Maya and then to Trixie before moving past them. He’s keeping an eye on Maya. The son of a bitch probably reports back to his father and tells good old King Heinrich her every move.

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