Vampires Never Cry Wolf

By: Sara Humphreys

Yeah, right. Trixie laughed. Keep telling yourself that. You and I both know that our furry friend clocks your every move when he’s in here. He can get overpriced champagne anywhere in this city, but he comes here to annoy you. I think he gets off on bugging the shit out of you, and if I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re starting to enjoy it.

Trying to ignore Trixie’s commentary, Sadie stopped directly in front of Killian and tilted her head back to look him in the eye. He was just over six feet tall, broad shouldered and impeccably dressed as always. Unlike the club patrons, he was dressed more like a Wall Street tycoon than a club rat. The man exuded wealth and class. She had to admit that the devilishly handsome Killian Bane cut a striking figure.

The sidelong smile, the one that almost always curved up those firm-looking lips, made him look like he was up to something. His wavy brown hair brushed the edge of his jacket collar, and the crisply pressed white button-down was undone just enough to give her a glimpse of dark chest hair. Her gaze skittered over his perfectly chiseled jawline with the ever-present five-o’clock shadow until finally settling on those brilliant caramel-colored eyes.

Damn it. Sadie put on a tight smile. Butterflies. It felt like a damn swarm of them swirling in her belly, and she gripped the menus to keep her fangs from unsheathing. Why on earth am I attracted to him when I don’t even like him?

I knew it! Trixie’s victorious claim sliced into Sadie’s mind.

Sadie cursed and shut her mind off from Trixie’s laughter. Being around this wolf was making her crazy and sloppy. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d accidentally let her thoughts be exposed.

“I was beginning to wonder if you’d forgotten about me,” Killian said through a widening smile. Hands clasped in front of him, he bowed his head while holding her stare. He dropped his voice low, to a level that only another supernatural would hear above the noise of the club. “You don’t mind if my pack and I settle into one of the VIP booths again, do you?”

Sadie held her ground and glanced at David and Ivan. The two men stood about a foot behind Killian. Flanking him the way bodyguards would, they scanned the crowd with the same intensity she’d seen on the faces of Shane or the other sentries. She wasn’t stupid. These two wolves weren’t Killian’s pack members, not really. They were more like secret service for the heir to the Werewolf Society throne.

It made sense, didn’t it? The prince would surely have extra protection in a city that was run by vampires. But that’s what didn’t make any damn sense at all. Why would the werewolf prince be living here in a vampire-dominated city? Why not stay in Alaska or go to Canada where the wolves owned most of the territory?

The question that nagged at her the most? Why was Killian Bane frequenting her club week after week? They drank while they were here but not enough to get a werewolf hammered—a wolf’s tolerance for alcohol being notoriously high. They never danced. In fact, come to think of it, all they ever did was watch what was happening in the club. Once in a while, Killian would chat up a pretty girl or two, but only in passing.

The wolf was definitely up to something, and she’d bet her left fang it had to do with Maya. She flicked her gaze back to Killian, and a slow smile spread over her face. Come hell or high water, Sadie would figure out Killian’s game plan.

“Why would I mind?” Sadie said sweetly. She swept her left arm wide. “Follow me, gentlemen.”

Without glancing back, she led them around the dance floor full of heaving, grinding bodies and directly to the empty VIP booth. Above the odor of sweat and sex that flowed among the humans, Sadie could smell Killian’s earthy, woodsy scent and it was remarkably unsettling.

Unhooking the red velvet rope, she stood at the end of the curved red leather booth and waited for the three of them to settle in. Ivan and David slipped into the booth easily, and as usual, neither of them gave her more than a cursory “hello” and head nod. Well, weren’t they a couple of chatty Cathies?

As focused as the two men were, Sadie didn’t miss the fact that David had his sights set on Justine. She cast a glance over her shoulder just in time to catch the sexy wink her DJ shot back to the wolf. Sadie’s eyebrows flew up. She shifted her attention to David, who immediately looked away and cleared his throat.


When Sadie turned around, she found Killian Bane standing right in front of her. Instead of sitting with his friends, he’d sidled up to her at the end of the booth. His massive frame loomed over her, and he invaded her personal space with calculated precision. The son of a bitch was trying to get her to submit to his big, bad alpha wolf.

Not likely.

Meeting his challenge, she held her ground. The heat from his tall body wafted over her in thick waves, and to her surprise, the onslaught made her a bit dizzy. A werewolf’s body temperature was significantly higher than a human’s and they had a distinct scent, like wood burning on a cold winter night. Killian’s surrounded her like a thick cloud of smoke and had her head spinning.

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