Vampires Never Cry Wolf

By: Sara Humphreys

“So?” Trixie shrugged. “There’s no rule against having sex with their kind. Not really.”

“No, but it’s certainly not encouraged,” Sadie said slowly with a glance at Justine who seemed increasingly uncomfortable with the topic. “We all know that lust and bloodlust go hand in hand. Sleeping with a wolf isn’t illegal, but feeding on one is.” Sadie shook her head quickly and rested her arms on the bar. “Wait a minute. We aren’t here to talk about the ill-advised idea of vampires and werewolves hooking up. I’ve got a business to run. Speaking of which, aren’t you two going to get that stuff from the storage room?”

“Whatever you say, boss.” Damien started toward the back hallway. “Come on, Trixie.”

“No way.” She sat on the stool next to Justine. “I want to hear more about the wolves.”

Sadie was about to protest when Damien grabbed the defiant pink-haired bartender and tossed her over his hulking shoulders. He turned around and winked at Sadie before disappearing into the dark hallway, Trixie protesting through a loud laugh.

“You were saying?” Sadie turned all of her attention to Justine who was fiddling with the skull-and-crossbones ring on her forefinger. “You know about Killian’s club?”

“Yeah.” Justine cracked her knuckles and tapped the bar with her fingers. “Ya see, gov, the thing is that the bloke wants me to DJ for him on their opening night. I wanted to—”

“Fine.” Sadie shrugged and smiled as though the request wasn’t totally annoying.

“What?” Justine’s jaw dropped. “I wasn’t gonna ask ya to do that, Sadie. Honest. I just wanted to tell ya about it. Y’know, open lines of communication and all that.” A wide grin bloomed slowly across her face, showing off the gap between her two front teeth. “But I gotta be honest. It would be a freakin’ thrill to open a big, new club like that. I ain’t never been a headliner b’fore.”

“You’re always a headliner here, but I get it and I think it’s a cool opportunity for you.” Sadie nodded and patted Justine’s arm reassuringly. Personally, she hated the idea of her star attraction working at a competing club, especially Killian’s, but she figured she’d get more flies with honey. Protesting might push Justine away, but giving her leeway would keep her loyal. At least that’s what Sadie was hoping. “You and I have been talking about hiring a DJ to fill in for you once in a while anyway. Why don’t you test out a couple of the new guys over the next few weeks and then we can hire a part-timer.”

“That’s bloomin’ brilliant.” Justine grabbed both of Sadie’s hands and lavished them with kisses. “And it’ll just be one night. I promise.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Sadie winked at her before gathering up the receipts. “I’d prefer a vamp DJ, for obvious reasons, but if you want to audition a human, just give me a heads-up.”

“Done.” Justine was about to say more, but the phone in her back pocket interrupted their conversation. She grabbed it, and a sheepish grin cracked her face when she read the text. “Thanks again, gov.”

Justine hopped off the stool and flew up to the DJ platform. Sadie was about to go to her office when a knock on the door of the club brought her to a halt. She let out a whimper of frustration. The last thing she wanted to deal with right now was some half-drunk human girl looking for her phone or something. With Damien and Trixie still downstairs, the responsibility clearly fell at her feet.

Ready to give whoever was outside a hundred different reasons why they couldn’t come in the club after closing, Sadie slid the bolts aside. Pushing open the enormous wooden door, with the “We’re closed” mantra lingering on her lips, she found herself face-to-face with the last person she would have expected to see.

Darius Lockwood.

“Do you have a few minutes for an old friend?” Darius asked with a regal bow. Dressed in his usual all-black ensemble, he reminded her of Johnny Cash. Tall and slim with slicked-back salt-and-pepper hair, he stood patiently on the cracked sidewalk. The grin faded and his pale blue eyes glinted in the lights of the streetlamps. “It’s important.”

“Sure.” Sadie stepped back and held the door open for him before checking to see if his sidekicks were around. To her surprise, neither of his usual companions was in tow. Closing the door, she gestured toward the bar. “Have a seat. Where are Thomas and Lawrence? I can’t remember the last time I saw you out alone.”

“They had other engagements,” he said in his typically evasive way. Darius perched himself on a bar stool and rested one elbow on the bar. Looking elegant and stiff, he did resemble the stodgy old vampire Trixie pegged him for. The guy had been turned in his early thirties but acted like the old world soul he was. “My apologies for bothering you after hours, but something has been nagging at me.”

“Let me guess. This something wouldn’t have anything to do with our newest supernatural residents, would it?” Sadie nodded and sat on the stool next to him. “You’re upset that Killian and his pack have been coming to The Coven, which is why I haven’t seen you guys here in a while.”

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