Vampires Never Cry Wolf

By: Sara Humphreys

“Perceptive, as always.” Darius tilted his head and delivered a tight smile. Gathering his hands in his lap, he paused as though carefully choosing his words. “We are not the only ones who are…concerned. I was asked to speak with you about this issue. Some of our friends are quite uncomfortable with the wolves settling into this city.”

“Okay.” Sadie’s defenses immediately went on high alert. “Who are ‘our friends’ exactly?”

“Others like myself, Lawrence, and Thomas.” Darius waved his hand dismissively. “It was bad enough when the prince and his little pack lingered here in the city, but my sources tell me he’s moved out of his hotel. From what I hear, Bane signed a lease agreement on a penthouse apartment. Can you believe it? I realize the new czars want to modernize our community, but just how much change do they expect our kind to handle? You’re close with Olivia. You’re her oldest progeny.”

“I am.” Sadie kept her voice calm and crossed her legs while leaning one elbow casually on the bar. “What’s your point?”

“We were hoping you could talk to the czars.” Darius leaned closer and covered her hands with his in a suggestive gesture. His blue eyes crinkled at the corners as they drifted down, lingering on her breasts. “I, better than anyone, know how persuasive you can be when you want something. Perhaps you can explain to the czars how distasteful this latest development is to the vampires who live here. The city is crowded enough with humans, and the last complication our community needs is an influx of these werewolves. We thought she would take the complaint better if it came from you.”

“I see.” Sadie kept her eyes locked on Darius while removing her hand from beneath his. Irritation flickered up her back. She wasn’t thrilled about Killian’s plans either, but the last thing she wanted to do was go whining to Olivia. The woman had plenty of other fish to fry. “I am Olivia’s friend, which is exactly why I will not go speak to her about this. Aside from the fact that it would be an abuse of our relationship, I’m not going to be a mouthpiece for the restless vampires of Manhattan. If you have a problem, then I suggest you and the rest of the whiners go to the Presidium’s offices and file a formal grievance.”

However, even as the words escaped her lips, she knew what she was saying was a lie. She would be speaking to Olivia—but not for Darius’s sake. Sadie would be giving Olivia a heads-up about the rumblings as a courtesy to her maker. If any trouble broke out with the wolves, then Darius and his crew would probably be involved.

“That is disappointing.” Darius’s jaw set and the muscle flickered beneath his fair skin, belying his annoyance with her refusal. “Perhaps I misjudged our relationship.”

“We don’t have a relationship,” Sadie said flatly. “We fucked twice back in the sixties, and to be really honest, I chalk it up to the fact that I’d fed on two hippies who’d smoked everything but the sofa. Two rolls in the hay do not make a relationship. It was fun, but still, it was just sex, Darius.”

“But it was good sex,” he said with a widening grin.

“Most sex is,” Sadie said through a curt laugh. The wounded expression on his face instantly made her feel guilty. “Sorry…I think I’m just cranky. It’s been a long night.”

“You always have been direct,” Darius said, rising to his feet. “It is one of your finest qualities.” His eyes flicked down to her cleavage again as he tugged the cuffs of his shirt from beneath his jacket sleeves. “So there’s no way I can convince you to speak with Olivia?”

“Sorry.” Sadie hopped off the stool and started toward the door of the club to let him out. “If you and your friends have a problem, then make an appointment with Suzie and speak with Olivia and Doug yourselves. I’m not a politician, Darius. I just want to run the club with as little drama as possible. Okay?”

“I suppose,” he said with a sigh. Darius stopped by the door and moved closer to Sadie, intentionally invading her space as his eyes flickered over her in clear invitation. “Perhaps you and I should take another tumble. It seems I didn’t leave you with a very good impression, and I just don’t think my ego can take that.”

“Good night, Darius.”

Sadie pushed the door open and waited for Darius to leave, but he didn’t. Instead, he drifted closer and ran one finger down the length of her arm, which did not have the desired effect. It was meant to turn her on, but all it did was make her want to roll her eyes. She was about to tell him to piss off when a familiar intriguing scent filled her head and sent a pang of desire through her body. Her gut clenched with a sudden and ferocious need as a deep, seductive voice sliced through the night.

“Am I interrupting something?”

Sadie let out a yelp of surprise that was rivaled only by the curse that Darius uttered when Killian Bane appeared on the sidewalk outside the club. The stretch limo he always rode in was idling at the curb behind him, and Ivan, the fiercer of his two pack members, stood a few feet away looking less than amused.

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