Wanting Spencer (B&S Series #2.5)

By: Kimberly Knight


To my fans in Brazil, thank you so much for loving Brandon enough to get his story translated into Portuguese!

**Please note that this is a novella to Wanted and should be read after.

Wanting Spencer is through the male’s point of view and doesn’t cover every detail of the story.**


“Spencer?” I questioned.

She was looking down at her hands. Whether she was thinking or in shock, I wasn’t sure. I’d asked her to move in with me, and she was silent for almost a full minute. I didn’t want her to question if she should move in with me; I wanted her to want to. I’d thought about it since our first date, and now was the perfect time to ask her—or so I thought. Her silence was scaring the shit out of me.

We had spent almost every night together since we started dating, and I wanted to come home to her each night at a place of our own—not my bloody condo. I wasn’t sure if I could still live in my condo, let alone Spencer who had almost died in it. Luckily, she hadn’t. My girl was strong, smart, and I didn’t know how she stayed calm while Christy pulled a knife on her, but she did.

We won the war that Christy started.

Christy was insane. I couldn’t believe that she faked being pregnant with my baby. I knew deep down in my heart I wasn’t having a baby, because there was no way that karma could be so cruel. I tried to do everything right in my life, never even going without a condom when I had sex. The thought of her poking holes in the condoms…turned my stomach.

I’d heard of entrapment before, but never thought that a person would actually do that. Never thought women thought it was okay to get pregnant to trap someone into being with them. Hell, I never thought someone would try to do that to me.

I would never have gotten back together with Christy even if she were pregnant with my baby. I couldn’t believe she faked the whole thing and was going to tell me she lost the baby, make me feel sorry for her, and expected me to be with her. Nope. Never would’ve happened. Not in a million years.

Then to top it all off, after her plan was backfiring on her, she decided that it was smart to try to kill my girlfriend. She needed help—mental help—and I wanted the whole nightmare to be behind us.

I wanted to move forward with Spencer. I loved her with my whole heart and wanted to grow old with her, but I let danger come to her. Could she trust me to keep her safe now?

On Thanksgiving, I promised Spencer’s dad, Kevin, that I would never let anyone hurt Spencer, and look, someone almost did. I was never letting her out of my sight again, and if I couldn’t be with her, one of our friends was going to be. I would hire round-the-clock security for her if I had to.

If Spencer had died, I would be sitting in a jail cell for killing Christy. I would have hunted her down and killed her. My life would have been over, because Spencer is my life—my world. I didn’t care that we’d only been dating for about three months; I just knew. I knew I wanted to feel her warm body pressed against mine each night and wake up to her beautiful face with no make-up and that sleepy look in her eyes—every fucking day.

“Yeah?” Spencer replied, looking back up to meet my eyes.

“Did you hear me?”


“Yes, you heard me or yes, you want to move in with me? Because you know that we spend every night together anyway, and it will take a few months or more to sell this place and then buy a new place for us.”

“Yes, I want to move in with you.” She smiled.

When I saw her smile, my body instantly relaxed. I was so worked up thinking that she would say no. Moving in together was a big step, but it was the step I needed, because this girl made me smile, made me want to have a life other than work, made me want to… put a ring on her finger and have her take my last name.

“You do?” I asked, my smile matching hers.

“Yes! Of course I want to live together and find our place,” she said, jumping into my lap and hugging me. “But we need to talk to Ryan about you moving into my house while we find our place, because we definitely aren’t staying here!”

I didn’t even remember until that moment that she lived with Ryan. I didn’t care. If Ryan wasn’t on board with me moving in, Spencer and I would get our own place. I would buy or rent whatever place Spencer wanted. I couldn’t walk past the blood stain every day in my condo. There was no way. If I had to replace the floors to sell the place, I would. Just being here felt weird… felt wrong. I felt violated—like I didn’t belong in it anymore. I belonged where Spencer was, and I wouldn’t force her to stay in my condo.

“Okay, well I am going to pack clothes for the rest of the weekend at least,” I said, kissing her softly.

I didn’t want to push Spencer, but there was no way I was letting her sleep alone at night. We were moving in together right away. Christy was going to jail, and there was still a stalker lurking in the area that Spencer told me about when I was in Seattle a few days ago.

She was taking what had happened the day before really well. I thought she would be an emotional wreck, maybe even just want to go home and stay in bed all day. I was prepared to do anything she wanted.

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