Wanting What's Her:Derek's Dilemma

By: Khara Campbell


The buzzing of the alarm clock drug him out of his deep slumber. His large hands swept the sleep from the corners of his eyes. He yawned loudly then blindly reached for the alarm on the night stand and pressed the button to shut the noise off.

“Hmmm, Derek, is it time to get up babe?” Breana yawned, then dug her head deeper under the covers.

The sound of his name on her tongue caused him to the cringe. The lustful haze from the past three days finally lifted. Derek slowly opened his eyes and allowed them to adjust to the sunlight creeping through the sheer hotel curtains. He sat up then placed his feet on the floor and continued to sit on the edge of the bed. He held his head in his hands, he could feel the onset of a headache coming on.

“Is it time to get ready to catch our flight?” Breana asked groggily.

Derek groaned. He pulled his head out of his hands and the sight of his wedding band caused his heart to constrict tightly in his rib cage. At that moment, he really wanted his heart to explode so he could just die. Because – he knew he was already dead. He committed the ultimate offense in his marriage. Guilt overwhelmed him causing him to sweat profusely with fear. He sprang from the bed and headed for the suite bathroom. He locked the door behind him, then looked at his reflection in the mirror.

Thirty-three years old, six feet tall, mahogany skin, bald head with a goatee trimmed to perfection, bare chest, and medium, muscular built with a little belly he was working on. But what stood out more than ever in his reflection – was the pain etched into his handsome face of what he’d done. He hung his head low, not able to look at himself anymore. How the hell did I get here?

Breana’s knock on the bathroom door interrupted his thoughts.

“Babe, open up I’ve got to pee.” He could hear the urgency in her voice.

How the hell did I get here? He questioned again. He slammed his hand on the granite countertop, but the pain of it didn’t register, as his heart was already bleeding with grief, the blood was flooding his veins and suffocating the life out of him. Nine years of marriage and two kids and I do this shit!?

He unlocked then opened the bathroom door for her. Breana quickly brushed passed him and went for the toilet to relieve herself. Derek stepped out. He needed to get away from her – from this mess. His luggage was already packed from the night before, so he quickly pulled on the pair of jeans and polo shirt he had hung up in the closet.

“You’re not going to take a shower with me? Our last before we head back to the states?” Breana asked. She stood in the doorway of the bathroom, completely nude, watching him quickly dress himself.

“You’re right, this is our last. Matter of fact the last three days never happened.” He stated matter-of-factly as he shoved on his shoes.

“Well in that case, let’s have a sendoff in the shower and what happened in the Bahamas – stays right here in the sun, sand and sea,” she enticed. She seductively rubbed herself the way he liked all weekend on their business trip.

They were in Nassau, Bahamas as Derek assisted her, as her business consultant, on a few business ventures Breana wanted to take on. She is a small time real estate developer in Maryland and with Derek’s business as a consultant and his connections in the Bahamas, the business trip came about – which led to a little personal business on the side during their stay.

“This weekend was a mistake that should’ve never happened and honestly we’re not going to be doing business together. I was able to get you connections here in the Bahamas, so you can move forward with your plans with them, if you so decide to do so.” Derek looked around the room to ensure he didn’t leave any personal items. Last thing he needed was being framed. “Look, I’m leaving to head to the airport—”

“Derek, we’re both adults. I’m not going to ruin your marriage—”

“You sure as hell won’t!” He barked which startled her a bit. He knew he already threatened his marriage so no way was he going to allow her to try to do anything vindictive to hurt his wife.

“All I’m saying is, the past few days was fun, but I don’t want to break your happy home. I’ve been married before and trust me – I have no desires of being tied down ever again. So chill, this isn’t my first fling, I know the rules.”

He looked at her, stunned. He wasn’t expecting that. Now he was making a mental note to get himself checked out to make sure he wasn’t taking any diseases home. He used condoms – but he didn’t want to take any chances. Perfect time to wonder if she’s clean Sherlock, he scolded himself. You’re an idiot for being so foul!

“Good! So we’re on the same page. I’m out.” He started for the door. He figured he’d get to the airport early and freshen up in the men’s room. No way did he want to spend another second in the lion’s den.


“Can we at least sit together and have breakfast?” Fully dressed in a sundress and designer sandals, Breana took a seat next to Derek in a café at Lynden Pindling International Airport as they waited for their flight back to Reagan National in Washington, DC.

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