Wayward Son (Wayward Saints MC Book 4)

By: K. Renee

Before Coley can say anything, I reply. "Just taking my ole' lady out to dinner. Every day with her is special," I wink at her and she tightens her grip on my hand. I hear the hostess huff out as she shows us our table.

"Your server will be right with you," she turns and walks away with one more glance in our direction.

Letting Coley slide in first, I slide in next to her and wrap my arm around her. "I like when your feisty side comes out."

She gives me a dirty look and opens her menu, ignoring me.

Once she's decided on what she’s going to order, she finally says something. "Is that how it always is with you and the female population?" Grinning, I tuck my face in her neck.

"Yeah, but the only difference from before is that I would have taken her to the bathroom and fucked her before I left." I feel her tense. She elbows me and catches me right in the rib.

"Fuck," I groan. She turns and gives me a dirty look.

"Babe, I said before. Now the only one I want to fuck in the bathroom is you." She narrows her eyes at me and then turns her attention to the server.

“Hi, what can I get started for you?" he asks, staring directly at Coley.

Shooting the server a dirty look, he stops staring at my girl, and finally just takes our order. "Not so great, huh?" she says with a smile. She thinks she's clever.

By the end of dinner, I'm pretty sure we talked about a million different things and I'm ready to get this girl naked and under me again. I run my hand down her thigh and slip my fingers inside of her shorts.

Brushing my fingers over her clit, I can feel the wetness on her panties. I love that she is always wet and ready for me.

When the server comes by again, I tell him we're ready for our check.

While waiting for the server, I continue to run my fingers up and down her panty covered slit, occasionally dipping my fingers inside them. Her quiet moans tell me how much she wants it and she buries her face into my shoulder when I slip my finger inside of her.

When the server comes back, I pinch her clit and her moan gets louder. His head snaps to her and I can't help but chuckle. I can see the bulge grow in his pants as he figures out what I'm doing to her.

I give him a look and he goes away just as quickly as he arrived, but now with a problem he needs to take care of. Serves him right for staring at my girl.

She turns her face towards me and her eyes are full of lust. I pull my hand from her panties and put my fingers into my mouth sucking her juices off of them. Her breathy moan gets my dick hard.

Pulling out a few twenties from my wallet, I toss them on top of the bill and pull her out of the booth with me. Adjusting myself, I grab her hand and lead her back to my truck. Once we are inside, I make my way to her hotel as fast as I can.

By the time I pull into a parking spot, the sexual tension is fucking taking over the cab of my truck. Slamming the truck into park, I grab her hands and pull her out through my side with me. Kicking the truck door closed, I hit the lock button and pick her up. Her legs wrap around my waist and I walk up the stairs and straight to her room and unlock her door.

Once I get her inside, I lock the door and toss her onto the bed.

Chapter Nine

The look in Dom’s eyes right now is downright predatory. He’s eyeing me like he is going to eat me; which kinda turns me on. He slowly stalks towards the bed, undoing the buttons of his shirt.

When he reaches the bed, he grabs my feet, and pulls me down to the end of the bed. Reaching up, I undo his jeans and slide them down his hips.

He slowly pulls his shirt off his shoulders and down his arms. It’s almost like my own personal biker strip tease.

Once he’s completely naked, he puts his fingers into my shorts, and slowly slides them off my hips, and down my legs. “Fuck baby I can already see how wet you are,” he lowers himself to his knees and spreads my legs.

His mouth goes straight to my center and I can feel him probe me with his tongue through my panties.

Raising his head, he slowly kisses up my body, and pulls my blouse up, and over my head. Our lips meet and he slips his tongue into my mouth when I moan. His hot breath on my skin turns me on, and I have to rub my thighs together to ease my desire for him.

“Dom,” I breathe, breaking our mouths apart. I want him so bad that I can’t take it any longer. He fuses his mouth to mine and slides my panties off. Before I can even tell him what I want, he’s slamming into me.

“Fuck Coley!” he moans, tilting my hips at just the right angle that he hits my g-spot with every thrust. Sucking in a breath, I moan his name as I come. My fingers are digging into his biceps, and it doesn't slow his pace. He continues his assault while sucking a nipple into his mouth.

His fingers dig into my ass, and I can feel him harder even more. One hand drops to my nub, and he rubs his thumb in small circles, causing my body to erupt around him again, triggering his release as well.

He pumps his hips until I milk his cock completely. “Damn babe, I could get used to this every fucking day.”

Smirking, I wiggle my hips as he pulls out, and collapses on the bed next to me. “Me too,” I say trying to catch my breath. My worn out body just sinks into the crappy mattress, and I can’t wait to get my own bed.

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