Wayward Son (Wayward Saints MC Book 4)

By: K. Renee

I turn and head back into the club area where I see Jase on his phone. "I said to fucking get them here now. I don't give a fuck what my brother told them to do." I can't help but laugh. I bet Brant has them running errands for him or something.

He hangs up and looks at me shaking his head. "I swear my brother is a fucking moron sometimes." Lighting up a cigarette, I watch him mutter to himself before he tells me what happened.

"Fucking Bash has them moving shit for him and they can't fucking get here till tomorrow," Jase spits.

I can't help but fucking laugh at Jase. I don't know how him and Sebastian haven't killed each other yet. "Well let's just close this place up until they can get it cleaned up," I say kicking a piece of broken wood with my boot. I can't believe they got me out of bed with that sexy blonde for this.

"You look like you’re thinking real hard brother," Jase says from my left. I shake my head no and look around at everything.

The girls start to make their way out of the club, and a few start to gather around us just waiting to make their move. "You just got me out of bed with that smoking hot blonde from earlier."

"Wait you mean the one your sister stole from me?" He asks with a frown. Part of me is fucking ecstatic that he didn't lay a hand on her.

She's mine and I will kill anyone who puts his hands on her, brother or not. Damn I'm starting to sound like Brant and fucking Gunner.

Running my hand over my face, I turn and make my way to the door. Jase jogs over to me and as soon as he opens his mouth, I know I'm gonna want to put my fist through it.

"So how is that hot little blonde number? Is she a tiger in the sack?" He asks with a grin.

Grabbing him by the neck, I push him into the wall. Getting into his face I sneer, "Don't fucking talk about her like that." His hands try to push me away, but I am still stronger than him.

After a few seconds, I let him go and he rubs his neck. "Holy fuck, don't fucking tell me you are already whipped like my damn brother!" He says with a huge ass grin.

"Fuck off J," I ground out. Shit. I can't believe I just flipped on him like that.

Just hearing him say one word about her made me see red, and that has never happened before. Stalking off, I make my way to my bike and take off towards the club house. My head is spinning with what just happened.

When I get to the club house I make my way straight to my room without one glance at who's all here. Slamming the door, I look around the silent room. What the fuck am I going to do now? Every part of my body is revved up to go another round with the blonde from Texas. But my head is telling me to stay the fuck away, because bitches only want one thing from me; but fuck I want her more than my next breath.

Stripping down I contemplate what to do next. Fuck it. Grabbing my phone I shoot her a text. My brothers are gonna be laughing their fucking asses off, but I have a feeling about her that I just can’t ignore.

Me: Sweetness dinner 7pm. I'll pick you up. Wear something sexy.

Tossing my phone on the dresser, I get in bed and close my eyes. Tomorrow I plan on fucking that girl into a coma, and we will both need our rest.

Chapter Seven

The next morning I wake up to a text message from Dom. It’s straight to the point, and I have a feeling that it's how it will always be with him. Lying in bed a while longer, I look at the text over and over again. I still can't believe that he wants to take me out on a date.

I end up spending a majority of the day watching some old school cop show on TV, and eating some of the snacks that I still had from the drive out here. At about five, I finally decide on getting ready for the date. I wonder what I should wear.

Looking through my bags, I find only three dresses, and a few pairs of dressy shorts. Opting for a pair of black dressy shorts, I match them with a deep blue blouse that reminds me of the color of Dom's eyes. God that sounds sappy, but he brings it out in me.

Once I put lotion and light makeup on, I decide on leaving my blonde hair in the natural waves that it has if I don't blow dry it straight.

Once I get dressed, I go in search for some shoes that will make my outfit look perfect. Three bags later, and I finally find the shoes that I have been looking for. Before I can slip them on, I hear a knock on the door.

Walking over to the peep hole, I see Dom standing there staring at his phone.

When I open the door, he shoves his phone in his pocket, and pushes me back inside. His lips slam down on mine, and he kisses me breathless.

Shutting the door with his foot, he walks me backwards until my knees hit the bed, and I'm forced to sit.

Once he has me lying down on the bed, he hovers over me. "I've been thinking about your sexy ass all damn day. Sorry I'm early, but I couldn't wait any longer." He kisses me once more before he helps me sit up on the bed.

"Well that was some hello," I say with a huge grin.

"You have no idea all the things I want to do to you tonight," he says with a growl. He nips along my neck and I can't help but moan in response.

Every time he puts his hands on me I melt into a big pile of lust. I have no clue why, but it always happens. "You ready?" he asks when he finally comes up for some air. I nod my head and get up to grab my shoes.

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