Wayward Son (Wayward Saints MC Book 4)

By: K. Renee

Slipping them on, I hear his breathing change. "Fuck Coley, those shoes and that outfit make my dick hard. I think we should go before I decide on having you for dinner instead."

Smirking, I do a little strut to the bathroom to check my makeup. Before I can, his body is against mine and pushing me up against the sink.

"You're going be my fucking downfall," he murmurs against my skin.

Turning my head slightly I ask, "Is that a bad thing?"

"Fuck no," he breathes. "I'd die a fucking happy man," he kisses my neck before pulling away. He grabs my hand and leads me to the door.

"Wait, I need my purse." I go to the dresser and grab it before walking back over to him.

His faded jeans fit him perfectly and his black button up shirt showcases all the muscles in his arms. God, now I want to skip dinner. He gives me a smirk and grabs my hand again, pulling me outside. He locks the door for me and then leads me to a shiny black Tundra.

"Didn't think of you as a Toyota man," I smirk. He just chuckles and opens the door for me.

"Well I wasn't sure what you were gonna wear, so I went with my safest bet of you not showing the world what's mine," he kisses my hand before closing the door.

I watch him walk over to the other side of the truck and all I can think about is that things can't get any better than they are right now.

Who knew this big bad biker would actually be a sweetheart underneath all that leather and frowning.

The ride to the restaurant goes by super fast. Dom and I just spend most of the conversations getting to know each other. We talk a little about our families and our single parent homes.

When he tells me about his mother being killed in a drive by, I almost lose it. How can someone be that cold hearted? Why would they target an innocent mother? I would never wish that on my worst enemy.

When Dom changes the subject to me, I squirm in my seat. I don't want to tell him about my father or how much I hate my sister at the moment.

"Tell me about your father," he says with a soothing voice.

Hesitantly, I pick at my nails before I tell him. "Well my father was an alcoholic and a mean one at that. He used to say a million mean things to my mom and us, but he never actually laid a hand on any of us. During the day he was a successful country clubber, and at night he was our worst nightmare. About five years ago, he came home early from work with a gun and sat on the couch waiting for us to come home," I take a deep breath before continuing.

"When my sister and I finally got home from school, he called us into the room with him and my mom. We had no idea what was happening, but before anyone could react, he pulled the trigger and ended his own life right in front of us."

The tears start to run down my face, but before I can wipe them, Dom has us on the side of the road. He unbuckles my seatbelt and pulls me into his lap. "I'm sorry babe," he says kissing my lips.

"It's okay," I mumble. He pulls me into his chest and runs his hand up and down my back until the tears stop. He pulls back and looks into my eyes. "You know you're nothing like him right?"

Nodding my head, I agree. I know I'm nothing like him. I would never put the people I love through that type of pain. No matter how mean of a drunk he was, I still loved him because he was my dad, and I know deep down he loved me too.

Chapter Eight

Listening to Coley tell me about her dad was heartbreaking. Sure growing up without our mom was hard, but we never witnessed her dying in front of us.

Even if it were at her own hand, she would have never made us watch. She loved us too much to do something like that.

Once Coley stops crying, I wipe her tears with my thumbs and tell her that she's nothing like her father. Everything I know about her so far tells me that she would never hurt anyone intentionally.

"You still hungry?" I ask. I don't want to force her to go anywhere after the bombshell she just told me about. I never expected that story to come out of her mouth. "Yeah," she mumbles. She tucks her face into my neck and takes a deep breath.

She moves back into her own seat and tells me that she's ready to eat. Smiling over at her, I know I'm falling for her. Even with her past, I know she's something that I never want to lose and I'll fight like hell to keep her in my life.

A few minutes later we pull into the parking lot of the restaurant. Getting out, I do the gentleman thing and open her door for her, and help her out of the truck. I watch her face light up and I know I’m scoring some major brownie points with her.

Walking inside the restaurant, the hostess just stares at us like a fish out of water. "Two please," Coley says giving her a dirty look.

Pulling her to me, I kiss the side of her mouth. "Down babe," I whisper against her hair. She pinches my side and I can't help but laugh. She's feisty when she wants to be.

The hostess finally registers that Coley said something and asks how many. I can't help but chuckle. "Two," I state with a hint of laughter. Coley elbows me and I pull her closer to me.

"Right this way," the hostess says leading us towards the back of the restaurant. "Are you celebrating anything special?" she asks eyeing me some more.

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