Forever Black

By: Sandi Lynn

Chapter 4

 The cab dropped us off in front of the club, and I was astounded by the line of people who wrapped around the building for at least 2 blocks.
I smiled, for I knew there was no way we were getting in tonight, which was OK with me.
I preferred to go out for a quiet dinner.
Caleb slumped his shoulders, “Fuck, look at that line; we should have gotten here earlier.”
As the crowds of people in line were patiently waiting to be let in, and I was wishing to get the hell out of there, I heard someone yelling my name.
My eyes grew wide as I cautiously turned my head.
“Elle, is that you? Hey Elle, over here.”
I looked over in the direction where the voice was coming from, and it was Frankie waving his hand and motioning for me to come over.
The three of us walked to the entrance and stood in front of the large, burly man named Frankie Lasher.
His 6’4”
wrestler body was enough to intimidate anyone.
I could see why the club hired him as a bouncer.
He put his arms around me and gave me a squeeze.
“Good to see ya Elle; you guys clubbing here tonight?”
I pulled from his embrace, “We were going to, but wow, look at that line, I don’t think tonight’s going to be a possibility.”
“Nonsense, you three go in.”
I gave him a dirty look as he lifted the rope for us.
Caleb and Peyton were ecstatic and beaming from ear to ear.
Frankie lightly grabbed my arm as I walked past him, “If you do not feel comfortable in there or you need me, come out here and let me know.”
I smiled at his generosity and nodded.
We walked through the small hallway that led into the main entrance of the club.
I’ve been to many clubs, and this is by far is the most crowded I’ve ever seen.
I looked around at the tables that filled the place.
A massive bar sat off to the side with fluorescent lights that hung down from the ceiling.
The oversized dance floor housed large projection screens and displayed a full color laser show.
The walls were suede with soft lights that glowed off them.
The music was blaring as the floor was thumping beneath my feet forcing my body to move with the beat.
Peyton pulled me and Caleb to the dance floor where we danced for what seemed like hours.
I needed a drink, so I left them to dance as I made my way to the bar.
I took the only bar stool that was available at the end and ordered a Cosmopolitan.
I was sipping on my drink when I noticed a man and woman arguing at a table not too far from where I was sitting.
She had her shaking finger pointed at him and then proceeded to poke him in the chest several times.
I couldn’t help but shake my head and laugh.
I kept looking over at them to see if they would kiss and makeup, but noticed he was yelling now.
His finger was pointing at her, and his face looked angered.
The tall beautiful woman slapped him across the face, turned on her heels and scurried off.
I stared at him and took notice at the look on his face which showed no emotion whatsoever.
He just sat there and stared straight ahead.
I kept looking over in his direction because he was one of the best eye candies I’ve ever seen.
His light brown, almost blonde hair was shorter on the sides as his longer top had waves to it.
I could not help but stare at his prominent square jaw and chiseled cheek bones.
I could not tell the color of his eyes because he was too far away, and the lighting was inadequate, but I could tell just by looking, anyone could easily get lost in them.
“Yum Elle, I see someone has stolen your attention,”
Peyton smiled as she looked over at him.
Oh god I did not need her knowing I was checking this guy out because she would be the first one to run over, tell him, and try to set us up.
“He only has my attention because he was just bitch slapped by some woman.”
She let out a loud laugh, and that was my cue to change the subject.
She dragged me out to the dance floor where I danced and endlessly fought off horny guys as I kept getting shuffled in the crowd.
It started to get extremely hot in the club, and I needed some fresh air.
I told Peyton I’d be back as I headed towards the door.
As I stepped outside, I saw Frankie escorting Mr.
Eye Candy out of the club.
“Ok Mr.
Black, you have had way too much to drink tonight, and it’s time for you to go home.”
He was stumbling from side to side and mumbling something.
“Frankie, what’s going on?”
I casually asked.
“Hey Elle, this gentleman has had too much to drink, and he started causing a scene when the bartender refused to serve him.”
“What are you going to do with him?”
“I just escort them out, what they do after that is not my concern.”
I looked at him and cocked my head, “He can barely stand, how do you expect him to get home?”
My head was telling me to stop immediately because it knew what I was about to do, but my heart was telling me to help him.
“I’ll make sure he gets home safe,”
I said to Frankie.
“Elle, that is not a good idea, you don’t know whom you’re dealing with here.”
I put my hand up, “I know what I’m doing, and he needs help.”
Frankie shook his head, “You have a good heart Elle, but sometimes I think you’re crazy; please be careful.”
I grabbed my cell phone from my purse and called a cab.
Eye candy was sitting on the cement against the wall.
I took notice at his expensive black tailored suit and the white shirt that was partially unbuttoned, showing off his muscular chest.
His 6ft stature was lean, but seriously muscular.
Like his hair and face, his body appeared to be perfect.
I walked over to him and grabbed his arm to help him up.
“Come on, let’s get you home.”
He looked over at me with his drunken green eyes, “Do I know you?”
he slurred.
I patted him on the back and walked him to the curb just as the cab pulled up.
Before I pushed him in, I took his wallet out of his back pocket.
He stumbled into the seat, and I climbed in next to him.
I opened his wallet, took out his driver’s license and handed it to the driver, “Drop him off here.”
He handed his license back to me, and I took it upon myself to read his name.
I patted him on the arm, “Nice to meet you Connor Black.”
He looked at me and put his head on my shoulder.
I let a small smile escape my lips.

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