Forever Black

By: Sandi Lynn


I stood at the edge of the shoreline looking out into the depths of the water.
Today was my mom’s birthday, and there was no place I felt closer to her than here.
I wished so bad she and my dad could have been here to see Connor and I and how happy we are.
If there was a time in my life I needed my mom most, it was now.
I stood and watched the waves as they crashed into the shore remembering the day he brought me here 10 months ago.
Connor took my hand as he led me, blindfolded, somewhere he called a surprise.
I was still in my wedding dress because he wouldn’t let me change out of it; he said he wanted the honor of undressing his new bride.
“Are you ready darling?”
“Yes, I was ready forever ago.”
He laughed as he removed my blindfold.
I gasped as I stood in front of what felt like one of my paintings.
Standing before us was the Cape Cod style house I painted in my picture.
“Connor, what is this?”
I could hardly speak.
I looked around and we weren’t in New York anymore; this looked like the Hampton's.
He took my hand and led me to the porch, “This house is your wedding present.”
My heart started racing with excitement.
This house was exactly like the one I painted.
I was breathless, speechless as my mind tried to figure out what was going on.
He picked me up and carried me through the door.
“Do you like it?”
he asked.
“Like it? I love it, but I don’t understand.”
He smiled and gently kissed my lips, “This is our second home.
We will spend our weekends and summers here.”
He put me down and took my hand as he led me to the back of the house.
Tears started to roll down my face as I stepped out onto the deck and took in the beauty of what was before me.
He had everything built just like I painted.
I admired the short stone wall that went around the property.
There was an archway that sat over small steps leading to the beach.
My favorite flowers lined the walkway.
But the one thing; the very one thing that made the property so perfect, was the lighthouse that sat off to the side of the house.
Connor stood behind me and let me take it all in.
I turned to him as he softly wiped a couple of tears that sat upon my cheek.
“You don’t have to say a word Ellery I know how much you love it; I can tell by the look on your face.
This was built for you because I love you.
I want to give you every dream you’ve ever dreamed, every happy moment you never had, every bit of love you’ve ever lost, and most importantly, a family.
This home, our home, is my future with you and we are going to spend the rest of our lives making beautiful memories here.”
I gulped because I didn’t know what to say.
I was an emotional wreck at the generosity and loving nature of this man.
It felt as if I was living in a dream, that reality was some other realm that I traveled from and refused to go back to.
I looked into his seductive eyes and held his face in my hands.
“I could never understand my purpose in this world.
I have had nothing but pain and loss my whole life.
But now I know why god saved me the first time.
It was so I could find you.
Then he saved me the second time so I could love you forever.
This house is perfect; you are perfect and no one will ever take that away from us.
Our love is infinite and I’m going to spend the rest of my life showing you.”
I pressed my lips against his and we fell into a deep passionate kiss.
He picked me up in his strong arms and carried me towards the house.
“Let’s get you out of this dress Mrs.
he smiled.
Connor walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my expanding waist, resting his hands on my stomach and laying his chin on my shoulder.
“How are my two girls doing?”
I put my hands on his as he rubbed my tummy tenderly.
“Your daughter has been very active today and she kept me up all night.”
He nuzzled his face into my neck and softly kissed me.
“She’s like her beautiful mother and she’s going to be a fighter.
I can’t wait to see her and hold her in my arms,”
he whispered.
I smiled as I interlaced our fingers, “I can’t either.
She’s the reason god saved me a third time.
She’s our little miracle.”
The End…

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