Forever Black

By: Sandi Lynn

Chapter 9

The afternoon in Central Park was beautiful.
The sun was shining down keeping a bit of warmth in the air.
The tips of the leaves were starting to change letting everyone know that fall is approaching.
The birds were chirping, and the squirrels were running around gathering up supplies to make their nests for the winter.
“I want to ask you something,”
Connor said as he looked at me.
I took the last bite of my hot dog and wiped my mouth.
“Go ahead.”
“I gave some thought to our recent outing, and I was wondering if you would be interested in being?”
he stopped.
I motioned for him to proceed.
He cleared his throat and took in a sharp breath, “Would you be interested in being a companion?”
I narrowed my eyes, “What? I don’t get it.”
He heavily sighed at the fact that I did not get what he was trying to say.
“Would you be interested in being a person who would accompany me to certain functions, no strings attached, and I would pay you of course?”
I was in the middle of drinking my water when I spit it out.
“What? You mean like an escort or call girl,”
I yelled.
“NO, NO, that is not what I meant Ellery,”
he tried to explain.
“I mean like a friend.”
I lightly smiled at him because that was so hard for him to say.
“You mean go out as friends, like me and Peyton?”
He ran his hands through his luxurious hair.
I lightly touched his arm.
“Connor, if you want to be friends then all you had to do was ask.
Actually, I already considered us friends, and there will be no money involved either.”
He pursed his lips and a small smile escaped them.
“There’s a benefit I need to attend tomorrow night.
It is a charity function, and I need to be there to represent my company, would you like to go?”
I bit my lip as I sweetly smiled at him, “I would love to go.”
He smiled back as we got up from the table and started making our way out of Central Park.
“I will pick you up at 6pm sharp,”
he said looking straight ahead.
I silently smiled because I felt different when I was with him.
I liked the feeling, but then I hated it to because nothing can happen between us, and I needed to be extremely careful that nothing did.
Just as we were leaving I heard someone call my name, “Elle?”
I looked to the side and time stopped as I saw Kyle walking towards me.
Connor stopped walking when I did and looked at me; he knew something was wrong.
“Elle, how are you?”
Kyle asked in a confused tone.
I took in a deep breath.
“I’m great Kyle how are you?”
I managed to smile.
A few feet behind him stood a woman with jet black hair and boobs so fake, I bet they would pop if I poked them with my finger.
I looked over at her as she was eye fucking Connor.
“I’m fine, who is this?”
he asked, pointing to Connor.
“Oh, I’m sorry; this is my friend Connor Black.”
Connor extended his hand, and the two of them shook.
My stomach was in knots and so desperately wanted to throw up.
“Elle, you look good,”
he smiled as he looked me up and down.
I faked a smile as Kyle’s little plastic bimbo came walking up and introduced herself.
“Hi, I’m Angela; you must be Kyle’s ex?”
I rolled my eyes.
“Yep that’s me; Kyle’s ex.”
She would not stop looking at Connor and seducing him with her eyes.
It was making me uncomfortable.
She was practically salivating.
I pulled Kyle over to the side.
“Tame your dog Kyle; she is embarrassing you.”
He glared at me, “Angela, let’s go.”
I looked over at Connor who was steadily smiling at me.
“Nothing, you are just…”
“Just what Connor?”
I asked.
“You’re just full of life, let’s put it that way,”
he laughed.
I shook my head as we left Central Park.
Denny had the Limo parked and was waiting for Connor.
“Are you getting in?”
Connor asked as he pointed to the car.
“No, I’m walking,”
I said as I started down the street.
“Elle, get in the car,”
he demanded.
I smiled because for the first time he called me Elle, which was his way of letting me know we were friends.
My back was turned as I walked away and waved.
“Bye Connor, see ya tomorrow.”
I heard him sigh, and the car door shut.
I walked a majority of the way with Connor’s Limo following me.
I finally turned the corner and stopped.
He rolled down the window.
“Are you ready to get in now?”
he smiled.
I rolled my eyes and opened the door.
I smacked him on the arm and told him to move over.
Denny was watching me through the rear view mirror and he was lightly laughing.
We reached my apartment, and as I was getting out of the Limo, Connor surprised me by lightly grabbing my hand.
“Thank you for going tomorrow.”
I crinkled my nose and smiled, “That’s what friends are for.”
I walked in the door and leaned up against it sliding down till I was on the floor.
I cupped my face in my hands and thought about the fire that ignited in my body when he touched me.
I was headed for trouble, and I already knew it.

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