Forever You(Forever Black #2)

By: Sandi Lynn

Chapter 31


It was the best birthday that I’ve ever had. We celebrated at the beach house with about 70 close

friends and family members. I made the announcement about Ellery’s pregnancy, and the whole room

beamed with excitement. I still couldn’t believe it myself, and every time I looked at her, she was

glowing. Ellery had arranged it so the party was mainly outside between the patio and the beach. It

was a beautiful summer evening. When the last of the guests left, Ellery turned and looked at me.

“I’m exhausted,” she said as she fell into my arms.

“Thank you for the wonderful party,” I said as I kissed her on top of her head.

“Have I told you lately that I love you?” she smiled as she looked up at me.

“You tell me every day over and over again,” I smiled back as I picked her up. I held her as she

wrapped her legs around me and grinned.

“I love you, and I will never let you go. We are forever, Mrs. Black, and nothing will ever change

that.” I kissed her as I carried her into the house and upstairs to bed.


Over the next couple of months, I watched Ellery’s belly grow. She was just as beautiful pregnant.

She was happy and had a glow about her that was felt every time she entered the room. I was lying in

bed, checking my emails when she came from the bathroom and climbed in next to me. She looked at

me and pouted. I cocked my head and raised my eyebrow.

“What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“I’m craving some rocky road ice cream, and we don’t have anymore,” she pouted.

“Ellery, it’s 11:00 pm. Do you really need it that badly?” I asked.

“I’m pregnant with your child, and our child wants rocky road ice cream. What do you want me to

do, starve the baby to death?”

“So, what you’re saying is, if I don’t go and get you rocky road ice cream, our baby will starve?”

She nodded her head and pushed out her bottom lip. I nipped at it as she smiled. “I’ll be right

back,” I said as I got out of bed and put on some clothes. I ran to the corner store and grabbed a gallon

of rocky road ice cream. I arrived back at the penthouse, went to the kitchen to get a spoon, and

walked to the bedroom only to find Ellery sound asleep. I stared at her and shook my head. I took the

ice cream to the kitchen and put it in the freezer for tomorrow. I climbed into bed and snuggled

against her back. I put my arm around her and softly stroked her belly.


The alarm went off, and I reached over and patted the empty side of the bed. I opened my eyes and

looked around the room. I laid there for a minute and took in the aroma of something delicious baking.

It smelled like banana bread. I got up, put on my pajama bottoms, and walked down to the kitchen. I

stopped in the doorway as Ellery was bent over, pulling something from the oven.

“Is that banana bread I smell?” I asked with a smile.

“Yes, I made it just for you, babe. I got the recipe from Claire.”

I walked over and cupped her face in my hands. “Thank you, sweetheart, and good morning,” I

whispered as I kissed her.

“Don’t thank me yet until you taste it. I can’t promise that it’ll be any good.”

I put my forehead against hers. “It’ll be the best banana bread that I’ve ever tasted. Please don’t tell

Claire I said that.”

I put my hands on Ellery’s belly, knelt down, and kissed our baby. “Good morning to you too little

one,” I said. Ellery ran her fingers through my hair as I had my ear pressed against her belly.

Suddenly, I felt something kick against me. “Did you feel that, Connor?!” Ellery asked with


“I sure did!” I smiled as I stood up. To be able to feel our baby moving inside Ellery was the most

amazing feeling. I took her in my arms and embraced her. “I love you, Ellery Black.”

“I love you more, and so does our baby,” she whispered as she buried her head into my neck.

I poured a cup of coffee as she sliced the bread and placed it on the table. “Are we going to the

doctor’s office together or are you meeting me there?” she asked.

“I’ll have Denny pick you up first and then stop by the office to get me; we’ll go together. Are you

sure you want to find out the sex of the baby?” I asked her.

“I thought we talked about this, Connor, and you said you wanted to find out, didn’t you?”

“I do, babe. I just want to make sure that you really want to find out,” I said as I took a bite of

banana bread. It was delicious, just like Claire’s. “This is excellent, Elle; I love it.”

“You’re not just saying that, are you?” she asked tilting her head to the side.

“No, I swear; I love it.”

I finished my bread and coffee and looked at my watch. “Shit, I’m going to be late for my meeting,”

I said just as Denny stepped into the kitchen. “Perfect timing, Denny; we have to roll or I’m going to

be late.”

I walked over to Ellery and kissed her goodbye, making sure to bend down and kiss her growing

belly. “I’ll see both of you in a few hours.”

“Bye, babe, I’ll see you later,” she smiled.


We sat in the room and waited for Dr. Keller to come in. Ellery sat on the table, and I sat in the

chair beside her. I held her hand and looked around at the pictures on the wall of the development

stages of a baby, growing inside a mother’s womb. It was a miracle to me. It was something that I’ve

never thought of before, not even when Cassidy was pregnant with Camden. Dr. Keller walked into

the room and told Ellery to lay herself down on the table. She pulled up her shirt to expose her baby

belly as he squeezed some gel from a bottle onto her stomach. He turned the monitor on and started

moving the wand around her stomach. I gasped when I saw our baby for the first time. Ellery looked

at me, and a single tear fell from her eye. I squeezed her hand gently as I wiped her tear with my other

hand. The doctor pointed out the baby’s heartbeat, fingers, and toes as he took measurements.

“Would you like to know the sex of your baby?” Dr. Keller asked.

“Yes, we would, doctor,” Ellery smiled.

“Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Black; you’re having a girl.”

Ellery looked at me and smiled. “We’re having a girl, Connor!” she said excitedly.

“I couldn’t be happier,” I said as I kissed her.

Dr. Keller handed Ellery a towel to wipe off the gel, congratulated us, and left the room. I helped

her up off the table and hugged her.

“I can’t believe that I’m going to have a daughter,” I whispered.

We left the doctor’s office and walked down the street to a local deli for a late lunch. We sat the

table and looked at the menus.

“I can’t decide what I want,” Ellery said.

“You love their chicken sandwiches.”

“I know, but I want something to go with it. I’m starving.”

The waitress came by to take our orders. Ellery told me to order first as she was still deciding. I

ordered the turkey sandwich on wheat bread. The waitress looked over at Ellery.

“I’ll have the chicken sandwich, a bowl of French onion soup, and the chef’s salad with Italian

dressing. Oh, and throw in an order of French fries,” she smiled.

I looked at her in horror. “Are you seriously going to eat all that?” I asked when the waitress

walked away.

“Yes, I sure am. Why? Do you have a problem with what I ordered?” she asked with an attitude.

“No, I don’t have a problem with anything. It’s just…”

“Just what, Connor?!” she snapped.

“I just don’t want you to get sick from eating too much,” I whispered across the table.

She was sensitive these days, and I really needed to watch what I say. Cassidy already warned me

about the hormones that come with the pregnancy. She wouldn’t look at me. I pissed her off with a

simple question. I reached over the table and grabbed her hand.

“Baby, look at me,” I said. She was looking off to the side and refused to turn her head. “Ellery,

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything by my question.”

“Bullshit, Connor! You were implying that I’m fat because of what I ordered,” she snapped as she

stared at me.

“No, I wasn’t. I just don’t want you to overeat and get sick,” I said trying to diffuse the situation.

The waitress brought our food and set the feast in front of Ellery. I couldn’t look at her because I

would’ve started laughing. I thanked the waitress and reached over to take a French fry from Ellery’s

plate; she smacked my hand. She ate everything in front of her and then took a three hour nap when we

got home.


I walked up the steps and stopped in the doorway of the bedroom that we were converting into a

nursery. The room was empty as all the furniture had already been moved out. Ellery stood in the

middle of the room, staring at the walls. “What are you doing, babe?” I asked.

“I’m deciding what mural to paint on the wall.”

I walked into the room and wrapped my arms around her waist. “Anything you paint will be


“I’ve given a lot of thought to this, and I want our daughter to have angels watching over her, like

they’ve watched over me. I’m going to paint a mural on the ceiling of clouds and angels. That way

she’ll be protected while she sleeps.”

“That sounds beautiful, Ellery. Are you sure you’re going to be able to paint the ceiling? Do you

want me to hire someone to help you?”

“No, silly, you’re going to help me,” she said.

“Me? I don’t know the first thing about painting,” I told her.

“I’ll teach you. Think of how fun it’ll be; just the two of us painting our daughter’s bedroom


She was so excited to have me help her that I couldn’t tell her otherwise. I smiled and told her that

I couldn’t wait. She put her hands on my arms and started stroking them softly. “I’m horny,” she

blurted out.

“What?” I laughed. I thought she was joking until she turned around and started unbuttoning my


“Let’s have sex and then we have to go to the paint store,” she said.

“Ok, if that’s what you want to do, here in this room, where our baby is going to sleep.”

“Oh, stop it, Connor. Live a little, and make love to me,” she said as she pulled me to the floor.

After we made love, we got dressed and we drove to look at paint colors. I really didn’t know

much about it because I always hired people to do the painting for me. Being that Ellery is an artist,

she knows all about paint. It was fun watching her looking at the different colors and trying to decide

which ones were better. She was so serious about it. She would ask me my input about the colors, and

when I told her what I thought, she’d tell me to be quiet because I didn’t know what I was talking

about. I rolled my eyes and walked away. She finally made a decision on what colors she wanted. I

kissed her and told her they were beautiful. I asked the store to deliver the paint to the penthouse the

next day.

Ellery was in bed, reading a book when I came from my office downstairs. I stood in the doorway

and stared at her. All you saw was her huge belly and her book that was resting upon it. She looked

up and smiled. “What are you doing just standing there?” she asked.

“I’m just admiring the most beautiful woman in the world,” I said as I took off my clothes and

climbed in next to her. I leaned over and kissed her belly. “Hi, little one, it’s your daddy. I wanted to

tell you that you’re one lucky girl to have the most beautiful mommy in the world.”

“Connor, stop; you’re making me cry,” she said as she ran her fingers through my hair.

“I’m only telling her the truth.”

“I can’t wait to see what she looks like,” Ellery said.

“I already know,” I said as I sat up and faced her. I ran one finger by her eye. “She’ll have your ice

blue eyes and your cute little nose,” I said as I ran my finger down to her lips. “She’ll have your lips

and your smile. I’ll have to keep her locked up in the house because all the boys will melt when she

smiles at them.”

Ellery flinched and put both hands on her belly. “Ellery, what’s wrong?” I said, panicking.

“The baby kicked. Here,” she said as she took my hand and placed it on the side of her stomach.

She smiled at me and bit her bottom lip as I felt the baby kicking. She laid herself down on her side,

and I did the same, facing her. I kept my hand on her stomach as she stroked my fingers with hers. I

leaned closer and kissed her good night.


It was Saturday morning, and I awoke to the birds chirping outside my window. I got out of bed and

headed to the kitchen for some coffee. Claire was making breakfast, Ellery was at the table, drinking

juice, and Denny was reading the paper.

“Morning everyone,” I smiled.

“Good morning, babe. Don’t forget that after breakfast we’re going to start painting the nursery,”

she said.

I heard Denny chuckle. I walked over and gave Ellery as kiss. “What’s so funny, Denny?” I asked

as I sat down next to him.

“I just can’t imagine you painting. Do you even know how to hold a paint brush?” he asked.

“That’s very funny, Denny,” I snarled.

“He’ll be fine. I’ll teach him,” Ellery smiled.

“Ellery, I know how to hold a paint brush,” I growled.

“I’m sure you do, babe.”

We finished breakfast, and I went upstairs to change into some old clothes. I walked into the

nursery, and Ellery was up on the ladder. I almost had a heart attack.

“Ellery Rose Black, get off that ladder, right now!” I commanded.

“How do you expect me to paint the mural on the ceiling if I’m on the floor?”

“What if you fall and hurt yourself or the baby.”

“I’m not going to fall, Connor. I’ve painted many ceilings.”

“God, Elle, you make me nervous.”

“Stop it, and go start painting that wall over there,” she said.

I took the roller, rolled it in the pan filled with paint, and started rolling the wall with it. It wasn’t

too long before Ellery came over and took it from me.

“Connor, let me show you the proper way to paint a wall,” she said as she took the roller from my

hand. There was nothing sexier than watching the mother of my child paint a wall. She held out her

hand to me, and I took it. “We can do this, babe; you and me,” she smiled. I nodded my head as I took

the paint roller from her.

We painted all day, and when we stopped, we stood in the middle of the room and looked around.

The mint green walls were painted to perfection, and the part of the ceiling that Ellery painted looked

phenomenal. She kissed me on the cheek. “You’re a wonderful painter, Mr. Black.”

A few days later, Ellery finished the nursery just in time for the furniture to be delivered. I got

home from the office and headed upstairs to see the finished room. I walked in as Ellery was sitting in

the rocking chair with her hands on her belly. I walked over and kissed her as I helped her up from

the rocking chair. She had everything in its place. People have been sending us gifts every day, not to

mention everything we got from the baby shower. I looked around at the furniture and all the items on

the shelves. “This is going to be one spoiled baby,” I said.

“Of course she’ll be spoiled because you’ll be the one spoiling her,” Ellery smiled.

I looked up at the ceiling. The mural Ellery painted was perfect, and nobody could’ve painted it

better. I walked over to the crib and stared down at it.

“I can’t believe that in a couple of weeks, our daughter will be sleeping in here,” I smiled.

“It went by so fast,” she said as she put her arm around me.

“Are you still up to going out for dinner with Peyton and Henry tonight?” I asked her.

“Of course I am; why would you ask?”

“I’m just making sure you’re feeling ok, and that you’re not too tired,” I said as I kissed her head.

“Actually, I feel great. Better than I have in a long time,” she smiled. “Would you like to join me in

the shower before we leave?” she winked.

“I’d love to join you.” I took her hand and led her to our bathroom.


Denny drove us to the restaurant where we met Peyton and Henry for dinner. They were already

sitting down in a booth when we arrived. The waitress showed us to our seats, and Ellery stood there

looking at the booth.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“There’s no way I’m going to fit in there,” she frowned.

Ellery was big, and she looked like she was going to give birth any day.

“Elle, I’m sorry, I should have requested a table. I don’t want you squishing my goddaughter,”

Peyton laughed.

I called the waitress over and told her we needed a table. She accommodated us immediately. We

sat down, and I asked Ellery if she was ok. She looked at me as we both started laughing about her

not being able to fit in the booth.

“I better lose all this weight,” she said.

“We’ll go to the gym together, and I’ll hire you a personal trainer,” I said.

Peyton grabbed Henry’s hand and told us they had an announcement. She held out her left hand and

showed off her exquisite engagement ring. Ellery wanted to jump up and hug her, but she couldn’t.

“Peyton, it’s gorgeous! Congratulations!” she exclaimed.

I got up from my seat, kissed Peyton on the cheek, and shook Henry’s hand. “Congratulations to

both of you, and may you have a wonderful life together,” I toasted as we all held up our glasses of

wine, with the exception of Ellery; she had water. Ellery turned to me and gave me a look as if she

was trying to figure something out.

“You knew, didn’t you?” she asked.

“Knew what?”

“You knew Henry was going to ask Peyton to marry him, and you didn’t tell me,” she glared.

I smiled and that was enough to let her know that I knew. “Of course I knew. Who do you think

went with him to pick out the ring?” I laughed.

“Wow, Connor, how could you not tell me?”

“Maybe because it was a surprise, and I know you and that you would’ve called Peyton and told

her about the ring.”

“No, I wouldn’t have,” she said.

“Yes, you would’ve, and then you would’ve told her to act surprised,” I said as I kissed her cheek.

Peyton looked at Ellery. “He’s right; you probably would’ve,” she said.

“I know, I would’ve,” she said as she rolled her eyes.

The waitress brought our meals to the table. I looked over at Ellery, but she wasn’t eating like she

normally does. She was picking at her chicken. “You ok, baby?” I asked.

“I’m fine, honey, I’m just not very hungry,” she smiled as she turned to me.

Henry and I talked about sports as Peyton and Ellery threw around some ideas for the wedding. We

had a nice dinner, and we were in the company of great friends. I couldn’t ask for a better evening. I

ordered us another round of drinks and dessert for everyone. The waitress had been flirting with me

and Henry all night. She brought the desserts to the table and brushed up against me with her breasts.

“Excuse me,” Peyton said. “I saw what you just did, and don’t think I haven’t noticed what you’ve

been doing all night. That man right there, that you just boob-brushed is married with a baby on the

way, and this man right here is my fiancé. If his wife wasn’t about to give birth, she would have

kicked your ass by now. So back off our men, and go find someone who isn’t already taken.” The

waitress glared at her and then looked at Ellery. “Yeah, what she said,” Ellery spat.

The waitress turned and walked away in a huff. Henry took Peyton’s hand and started laughing.

Ellery put her hand on my leg under the table and squeezed it. I looked over at her as she stared at me.

“Connor, my water just broke; it’s time,” she said.

To be continued…

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