Forever You(Forever Black #2)

By: Sandi Lynn

Chapter 3

The next morning, I was awoken by the sound of someone making a lot of noise in the kitchen.

Everything was blurry, and my head felt like it had been beaten with a hammer. I looked around the

room, trying to remember how the hell I got home last night. The last thing I remember was Ashlyn

slapping me across the face. I glanced over to the other side of the bed and noticed the comforter was

messed up. Clearly, I was with someone last night. I got out of bed and walked over to the dresser.

After finding a pair of black pajama bottoms, I pulled them on before heading downstairs to see who

the fuck was making all that noise so early in the morning.

I reached the entrance to the kitchen and stood there with my arms crossed as I watched this girl

making something in my kitchen. I stood there for a moment, staring at her from behind. Her blonde

hair was long and wavy. I couldn’t believe she had the nerve to stay the night. She broke my number

one rule. No one has ever broken that rule, or any rule to be exact. I cleared my throat to let her know

I was there and watching. I didn’t want to completely scare the hell out of her.

She slowly turned around and looked at me. I gulped as my heart started to beat a little faster. It

was her eyes. She had the prettiest ice blue eyes that I’ve ever seen. They had a clarity to them that

reminded me of a beautiful aquamarine gemstone. They sparkled amongst the light that filtered through

the kitchen windows. As much as they sparkled, they were also filled with fear as she looked straight

at me.

“Did I not go over the rules with you last night?” I said as I cocked my head to the side.

“Huh?” she frowned.

“I don’t do sleepovers. You were supposed to leave after I fucked you, so would you mind telling

me why you’re still here, in my kitchen, making yourself comfortable?”

My tone was harsh, but who does this girl think she is? She put a glass on the counter and slid it

over to me. I reached for it before it slid off the counter and broke all over my floor. She stood there,

looking at me without answering my question.

“I asked you a question, and I expect an answer.”

Her beautiful ice blue eyes suddenly darkened as she raised her voice to me.

“Listen, buddy, I don’t know what you think happened here last night but you didn’t fuck me!”

I looked at her intently as she continued on with her rant.

“You drank yourself into oblivion at the club last night, and they kicked you out. I was walking

outside when it happened, and being the good person I am, I called a cab to make sure you got home

safely. You then proceeded to vomit all over yourself, so I had to get you to the bathroom and out of

your clothes, because frankly, you smelled. I was on my way out the door when I decided to check on

you one more time. I went back to your room, and you were lying on your back, so I rolled you on

your side again in case you vomited; I wouldn’t have wanted you to choke to death. I fell asleep from

exhaustion after dealing with you, and when I woke up, I decided to make you a pot of coffee and a

hangover cocktail. I was leaving in a few minutes, and I didn’t expect you to be up for at least a few

more hours.”

I shifted my weight, folded my arms, and took a few steps closer to her. “So, you’re telling me that

nothing happened between us?” I asked.

“No, nothing happened. I just wanted to make sure you were going to be ok. You were obnoxiously

drunk,” she said as she looked down at the floor.

Her voice had become soft and pained. Who is this girl, and why the hell would she help me like

that? I was intrigued by her; not only by her beauty, but by her kindness. I could tell she had a

gentleness to her; an innocence I’ve never seen in a woman before.

I picked up the glass and looked at it. “What is this?” I asked.

“Just drink it, and you should start to feel better in about 15 minutes,” she said with a smile.

It was only a small smile, but it caught my attention in more places than one. She said she was

going to pour me some coffee before she left. It’s beyond me why this girl would even bother after the

way I just spoke to her. She reached into the cupboard to grab the cup as it fell out of her hands and

onto the floor. She cursed as she bent down to pick it up. I walked over to her because I didn’t want

her cutting herself.

“You’re going to cut yourself,” I said.

She didn’t listen, and she wouldn’t stop picking up the broken pieces.

“Stop,” I commanded in a harsh voice.

She still didn’t listen, so I had no choice but to grab her wrists and force her to stop. I turned over

her hands to take the broken pieces from them. I took in a sharp breath when I saw the scars along her

wrists. Our eyes met, and she quickly pulled away. She stood up, and I continued picking up the

pieces as she grabbed her purse.

“I’m sorry for the mug; I’ll replace it for you, and I hope you feel better,” she said as she headed

for the door.

I threw the broken pieces in the garbage and followed after her. I couldn’t let her leave. I didn’t

want her to leave. I still had more questions.

“Wait,” I said. “At least let me pay you for your trouble last night.”

She turned and looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes.

“I’m not taking your money.”

Shit, I had to think fast. I wasn’t about to let her leave.

“Then at least have a cup of coffee before you go,” I said.

I was relieved when she agreed and sat down at the island. I poured her a cup of coffee and placed

it in front of her. I picked up the glass of what she called ‘a hangover cocktail’ and forced it down. It

was disgusting, and I could tell she was trying not to laugh at me as I was drinking it. I leaned over

the counter and looked at this beautiful woman sitting across from me.

“Why on earth would you help me like that? What if I was a rapist or murderer?” I seriously asked.

She threw her head back and laughed. “You couldn’t rape or murder me even if you wanted to. You

were so far gone last night; I could barely get you home.”

I ran my hand through my hair because she wasn’t taking what I was saying seriously, and she could

have been in danger if it was anyone else besides me.

“You shouldn’t be doing those kinds of things; it’s not safe in this city for a girl to be doing shit like

that,” I said with agitation.

She put her elbow up on the counter and leaned her head on her hand as she stared intently at me

with a smirk on her face. I got the impression she thought I was joking, so I narrowed my eyes at her.

“Are you even listening to me?” I asked.

Instead of answering my question, she lightly laughed and got up from the stool.

“Thanks for the coffee, but I need to get home. Have a lovely day, Mr. Black, and next time, don’t

drink so much,” she said with a smile.

Damn that smile. I followed her to the elevator and asked her if she had a name.

“It’s Ellery Lane!” she yelled.

I stood there and watched the elevator doors shut as the beautiful woman known as Ellery Lane

disappeared from my sight. I swallowed hard as I ran my hands through my hair. I raced up the steps

to my bedroom. I threw on a pair of jeans and took out a shirt from the drawer. I grabbed my shoes

and raced down to where my Range Rover was parked. I climbed inside, put on my shoes, and pulled

out of the garage. That’s when I saw her get into a cab around the corner. I discreetly followed the

cab to her apartment. I parked the Range Rover across the street and watched her as she got out and

waved bye to the driver. I quickly typed her address into my phone. I sat there and watched as she

walked into her apartment and shut the door. I felt like a stalker. What the hell was I doing? I asked

myself as I pulled away from the curb.

I didn’t want to think about Ellery Lane anymore. She was a nice girl who made sure I got home

safe. I’m still baffled as to why she thought it was a good idea to help a total stranger like that. Is she

oblivious to the dangers in the world?

I had some paperwork to catch up on at the office, so I headed there instead of going back to the

penthouse. Being Saturday, the building will be quiet, and I’ll be able to work without any

distractions. I entered Black Enterprises and pushed the button for the elevator. I heard my phone go

off, and as I pulled it from my pocket, I saw a text message from Ashlyn.

“Connor, I’m sorry about last night, and I think it’s important we talk.”

I sighed as I put my phone back in my pocket and took the elevator up to my office. I couldn’t think

about Ashlyn right now. I didn’t want to deal with her, but I knew at some point it was going to

happen. I walked to my desk and turned the computer on. I put my hands in my pocket, turned around,

and stared at New York City from my large office window. My mind was racing. I have a lot of

paperwork to do and phone calls to make regarding the sale of a company that I’m interested in

buying; however, that’s not what my mind was racing about. The thoughts running through my head are

of Ellery Lane, her beautiful eyes, and her sinfully sexy smile.

I sat down at my desk and started going through some paperwork. My phone went off again with

another text message from Ashlyn.

“Don’t you dare ignore me, Connor. I want to apologize, and maybe we can settle this

disagreement another way.”

If I didn’t answer her back, she’d be messaging me all day. I sighed as I dialed her number.

“Hello, Connor. Thank you for calling.”

“Ashlyn, I’m very busy, and I really don’t have the time to talk or text you. Say what you have to

say, so we can move on.”

“I wanted to apologize for last night, and I understand that you’re not ready to commit to one

woman yet. I have made peace with our little arrangement for now, but I do have one stipulation.”

I sighed and leaned back in the chair. “What’s your stipulation, Ashlyn?”

“I want you to double what you send me monthly, and I’ll forget about our little conversation last


“There’s no way I’m doubling what I pay you. If it wasn’t for me, you’d still be on the streets.

Keep in mind, I’m only helping you because of Amanda.” I heard her take in a deep breath as she

spoke into the phone.

“I’m sorry, Connor, but I’m not happy, and I’ve been feeling really depressed. My self-esteem is at

its lowest right now, and you made it worse last night with the cruel things you said. I don’t know if

there’s any reason for me to go on anymore. What’s left here for me, Connor?”

I got up from my chair and paced around the office. “Ashlyn, don’t speak like that. You have a lot

going for you. I gave you a job at my company. I pay you a monthly salary in addition to what Black

Enterprises pays you, and you get to see me three times a week. You know how I am, Ashlyn, and you

know my rules.”

“I know, Connor, but I just feel like I don’t belong in this world anymore.”

I couldn’t believe she was saying this. She was reminding me of Amanda, and I couldn’t be sure

that she wouldn’t do the same thing. So, I hesitantly agreed to her demands.

“Fine, Ashlyn, I’ll double your monthly salary, but I want you to promise me you’re going to do

something with your life with that money. Take some classes or something.”

“I knew you’d understand, Connor. Thank you for everything, and I’ll consider what you said.”

“I have to go, Ashlyn; I’m busy, and I have a lot to do.”

I hung up the phone and rubbed my face. What the hell did I get myself into? I asked myself as I sat

there and stared blankly across the room. I picked up the paperwork in front of me and began looking

through it. It wasn’t too long before I threw my pen across my desk and leaned back in my chair,

thinking about Ellery. I couldn’t get that woman out of my head, and it’s driving me crazy. I felt the

need to really thank her for helping me last night. She wouldn’t take my money, which is odd because

all women do. She didn’t seem to want to stay with me any longer than necessary, and she had an

attitude problem. Then it hit me, I’ll treat her to a nice dinner. Every woman likes to go to a fancy

restaurant and have a nice meal. Carson Williams is a friend of mine and the owner of Le Sur. I

called him and had him make a reservation for two for 7:30 pm that evening. I didn’t want to give her

the option of turning me down if I called her on the phone and asked her, so I decided to send the

invitation via messenger. I quickly typed a note on my computer.

“Miss Lane, I’m going to properly thank you for your services last night. I will be waiting for

you at Le Sur Restaurant. My driver will pick you up promptly at 7:00 pm ~ Connor Black”

I took the paper off the printer, neatly folded it, and placed it in an envelope. I wrote her name on

the outside and headed out of the building. I called Justin and asked him to meet me at Starbucks.

Justin’s an intern at my company, and I occasionally have him run some personal errands for me when

my secretary isn’t available.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Black,” he said as he sat at the table.

“Hello, Justin, I need you to do a favor for me,” I said as I sat down across from him.

I slid the envelope across the table to him. “I want you to deliver this letter to Miss Ellery Lane. I

have her address right here.”

Justin took the envelope and smiled. “Of course, Mr. Black, I’ll do it right away.”

I took out my wallet and handed him a $50 bill. “Thank you, Justin, this is very important.”

He smiled as he got up from the table. “Thank you, Mr. Black, I’ll deliver it now.”

I sat there, wondering if this was such a good idea. What if she doesn’t show up? I sighed as I

headed back to the penthouse.

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