One Night With a Billionaire

By: VickiLewis Thompson


Melanie had never felt more desirable than she did while sitting at a cozy table drinking champagne with Drew at the famed Les Folies Bergère. The look in his eyes when she’d come downstairs in the red and black dress would stroke her ego for months. She’d carried the cape specifically so that he could help her with it.

Having him settle that silken cape around her shoulders had been like foreplay. And now, as they watched the nearly nude dancers onstage, he held her hand and stroked his thumb over her palm so erotically that she wondered if she could climax simply from that single caress.

The show itself was a sensual delight that celebrated the elegance of the human body. Costumes were often scanty but vibrantly colored. Les Folies Bergère was historic and spoke of the Paris that had captured Melanie’s imagination long ago—an exuberant blend of art and sexuality.

She loved the show, but it wasn’t the only reason she was getting more turned on by the second. She thought maybe Drew had planned it that way. If so, she was ready to fall in with that plan.

Leaning toward him, she put her mouth close to his ear and breathed in his signature fragrance. “I want you,” she murmured.

“Same here,” he whispered back. “It’s almost intermission.”

She wasn’t sure what that meant, exactly, but she was more than willing to find out when the show took a break and everyone rose from their seats.. As they joined the rest of the audience in the extravagantly decorated lobby, Drew put his arm around her and leaned down. “We can stay or leave. Up to you.”

She glanced into blue eyes hot with desire. “You’ll call Henri?”

“No. I told him we’d catch a taxi.”

She felt a sense of freedom at hearing that. “Let’s go.” The words were no sooner out of her mouth than Drew propelled her through the crowd and out the door.

On the sidewalk, he whistled for a cab. She climbed in and a thrill shot through her. No Henri to chaperone. She wondered if Drew had set that up on purpose, too.

He slid onto the seat beside her and gave the driver the name of a hotel.

“We’re not going to your place?”

“No.” He pulled her into his arms. “I can’t wait that long.” Then he kissed her with such urgency that he left no doubt that he was on fire for her.

The cab ride was short, but he made good use of it. His kiss was thorough as he used his tongue to suggest what he had in mind for the minute they were alone. Meanwhile he fondled every bit of her he could reach. He cupped her breast through the silken material of the dress and slid his other hand under her skirt.

She hadn’t ridden in many cabs in her life, and she’d certainly never made out in one, but the anonymity of it excited her. She stroked the fly of his slacks where the material strained over his erection. He groaned against her mouth.

Lights flashed past as the cab driver veered left and right, and the wild motion added to the feeling of reckless abandon. The sound of traffic outside disguised the soft whimpers of desire that escaped from her lips as Drew breached the barrier of her panties and caressed her with deliberate intent.

By the time they left the cab, she was as desperate for him as he was for her. Her wet panties bore testament to that. But she straightened her clothes and did her best to look cool and collected.

The lobby was small yet tasteful. The desk clerk seemed to be expecting them, which told Melanie that Drew had arranged this part in advance. That was a thrilling thought.

He gave his name and was issued a key without any questions about luggage. Taking Melanie’s hand, he led her up one flight of stairs, opened a polished wooden door, and pulled her inside a softly lit bedroom.

They’d barely closed the door before they were on each other, tugging at clothes and moaning in frustration. Fumbling with the zipper at the back of her dress, Drew walked her toward the bed and tumbled her backward. He’d made no progress on her zipper.

Abandoning that project, he stood, chest heaving, and unzipped his slacks. Without taking them off, he freed his rigid penis. She lay there, gasping for breath, as he fished a condom from his pocket and put it on. All the while he kept his gaze on her.

She was equally entranced with her view. Last night had been much darker and more mysterious. He was an awesome specimen and he seemed ready to take some decisive action with that top-of-the-line bad boy.

But she was still wearing the expensive dress he’d bought. She sat up and reached behind her back to work on the zipper.

His reply was hoarse with desperation. “Never mind that.” Cupping the back of her head, he covered her mouth with his and guided her down to the mattress while shoving her skirt to her waist.

Her pulse rate skyrocketed. She was being taken, and she loved it. When he encountered the barrier of her drenched panties, he ripped the delicate lace in two. All her life she’d dreamed of a man wanting her so much that he’d tear the clothes from her body. Drew was that man.

And he was there, braced above her, his jaw clenched, as he found her slick entrance and pushed deep. He squeezed his eyes shut and cursed softly. “I’m ready to come.”

Her heart pounded frantically. “Do it.”

“No.” His forehead creased in a frown as he concentrated.

She felt his penis twitch deep inside her and her body responded. She gasped. “I might.”


She took several quick breaths. “Okay.”

Slowly he opened his eyes and looked down at her with a sigh. “Better.”

“Want to take off my dress now?”

“No. I’m not that much better.”

“It will wrinkle.”

“We’ll have it steamed. I’m not leaving this spot just yet.” He leaned down and kissed her gently before lifting his head to gaze into her eyes. “But I won’t let you walk out of here later on looking as if you’ve been ravished.”

“Thank you.” She wanted him so much she could hear the hum of her blood in her ears. “Will I be ravished?”

“I hope so. I just . . . had to get inside you.”

She cupped his face in both hands. “I want you there.”

“Good, because I don’t think you could have stopped me. Not tonight.” He eased back and rocked forward again. “I like being able to see your eyes. I like watching them get darker.” He began to pump slowly.

She trembled as the friction wound the tension deep inside her, tightening it with each thrust. “Yours are darker, too, almost navy.”

“No wonder.” His breathing grew rough. “This is intense.”

“I know.” She lifted her hips to meet him and matched his rhythm.

“That’s good. That’s real good, darlin’.” He increased the pace, and the room filled with the liquid sound of their bodies sliding together. “Now I want you to come for me.”

“No problem.” She focused on the blue flame in his eyes. “Especially if you keep doing that.”

He grinned. “That’s what I like to hear.” He began to piston back and forth even faster. “I can feel you gettin’ ready.”

“Uh-huh.” She gulped for air as her climax bore down on her, demanding release. “Oh, yeah . . . there . . . there!” With a cry she arched upward, wanting everything he had to give her. He surged forward, and she dove into a whirlpool of sensation. She cried out again as he plunged deeper, touching her core.

“Yes! God, Melanie, yes!” With a deep bellow, he drove home one last time. His eyes closed while he pulsed within her and shuddered in reaction.

Gradually his forehead came to rest on hers, and his warm breath tickled her face. Yet somehow he managed to keep himself braced on his forearms instead of collapsing on her. She couldn’t imagine the strength of will that would take.

After several long seconds, he lifted his head and opened his eyes. After drawing in a long, shaky breath, he looked down at her and smiled. “That . . . is what sex should be like.”

“Agreed.” But she was smart enough to realize that sex wouldn’t be like this with anyone else. And she had to be okay with that.


Although Drew had never rushed a woman to a hotel room before, in Paris or anywhere else, he’d had sense enough to preplan this episode, thank God. He’d intended their night at Les Folies to ramp up the sexual tension, and it had certainly accomplished that. They’d been wild for each other, as he’d hoped they would be.

But he’d decided in advance he didn’t want Henri driving them back home in that condition. Either Henri would have been embarrassed or Drew would have been frustrated. The taxi had been a much better option.

So far the night was everything he’d hoped for and more. Sending Melanie’s dress out to be steamed was a bonus. It meant she was conveniently naked for a while. Because he was a gentleman, he offered her one of the two robes in the closet, in case she felt modest.

Fortunately for him, she didn’t. Instead she coaxed him out of his clothes, which didn’t take much coaxing. They romped on the bed like kids, which led to romping on the bed like adults. He’d brought several condoms to take care of that possibility.

The pillows they’d used to whack each other during the pillow fight became a support system for some interesting sexual maneuvers. He concluded that she had some acquaintance with the Kama Sutra, and he was more than happy to try anything she had in mind. Variety was good. Variety was excellent, in fact.

Eventually, climaxed out, they lay facing each other, sweaty and smiling.

“We’ll need showers,” she said.

“We’re in luck. There’s a shower through that door.” He pointed toward the attached bath. “I’ll be glad to wash your back for you.”

“How gallant.”

“No, how devious. I’ll take any old excuse to get my hands on that gorgeous body.”

“Where?” Gray eyes sparkling, she glanced around. “What gorgeous body?”

“This one.” He cupped her full breast and brushed his thumb over her dusky nipple until it stiffened. “This amazing, beautiful body.” He looked into her eyes. “Want to come again?”

“I don’t think I can, not after that last time when you kept going and I kept coming. I didn’t know I could do that three times in a row.”

“But now you know.” He shouldn’t already be thinking about the next time they’d be naked together and how many orgasms he might give her then. She had plenty to see and do tomorrow before he managed to get her undressed and back in his arms.

But he couldn’t help anticipating that moment. He longed to whisk her away to a tropical island where they wore few clothes and had no responsibilities. He began to dream of traveling with her and making love in every corner of the world.

He teased her other breast so it matched the first. “Your nipples seem interested in having another round.”

She captured his hand and held it between both of hers. “You’re becoming greedy.”

“That’s a fact. I am. But I’ll let you rest.”

“Good.” She released his hand. “We should just talk until my dress arrives. What’s taking so long, anyway?”

“They won’t bring it until I call.”

She laughed. “I see how this works.”

“You wouldn’t want them knocking on the door in the middle of a rip-roarin’ orgasm, would you, darlin’?”

“No, guess not. Did you have the dress steaming in mind, too?”

“No, but this is a full-service hotel. They’ll bring food if we want it. Do you?”

“No, believe it or not.”

“I felt sort of guilty for robbing you of your snack last night. I don’t want to starve you.”

She shook her head. “I won’t let that happen. But thank you for choosing a hotel that delivers food. I’m impressed that you planned everything in advance. I had no idea.”

“Like it?”

“Very much. I feel way less inhibited in this hotel than in your townhouse. Your townhouse is elegant and I’m honored to stay there, but I worry about the servants discovering what’s going on between us.”

“Then we’ll come here again tomorrow night.” He made a mental note to set it up. “After the Eiffel Tower.”

“But if we come back here again, then you’re spending—”

“Shh.” He laid a finger over her mouth. “It’s worth every euro if you can relax while you’re with me.”

“Mm.” Her tongue darted out and licked his finger.

He waited to see what she’d do next. Sure enough, she pulled his finger into her mouth and began to suck. He’d thought he was all played out, but seeing the action of her full lips curved around his finger proved that he had life in him, after all.

He couldn’t help teasing her, though. “Now who’s greedy?”

She slid her mouth free of his finger. “I am.” Then she glanced down and laughed. “And you’re glad about that.”

“’Fraid so.”

“Then lie back and enjoy.” She slid down on the mattress and transferred her attention to his cock.

“I’d rather watch.” He propped himself on his elbows.

“In that case, I’ll give you the super deluxe version.”

And boy howdy, did she ever. Apparently she was telling the truth about losing her inhibitions, because she put on a show—cradling his pride and joy between her creamy breasts and giving him a tongue bath such as he’d never had.

He’d intended to stop her before it was too late, but she had some amazing moves. She took him over the edge before he saw the edge looming, and then she drank every last drop. When she lifted her head and met his gaze, she winked at him. “Gotcha.”

Oh, yes, she had him, all right. He was falling fast and hard. But she wasn’t. No matter how uninhibited she might be when they were naked, she was keeping a part of herself separate, walled off. He could guess why. She thought this was a temporary deal they had going on.

He’d thought so at first, too. But with every minute they shared, he became more convinced that he’d found something extraordinary—someone extraordinary. He’d made a fortune trusting his instincts, and he was ready to trust them now.

If he told her all that, though, she wouldn’t believe him, not after less than two days together. She didn’t know him well enough yet. But she would. Oh, yes, she definitely would.

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