By: Katy Evans


Thank you to…my beautiful husband, my beautiful children, and my beautiful parents; you are the light of my life!

To the loveliest daughter in the world, for reading before everyone else did and giving a thousand thumbs up.

To Stacey Suarez, the best fitness expert and dearest friend I could have ever hoped for, who was with me every step of Brooke and Remington’s wonderful journey.

To Monica Murphy, for the beta read, the hours emailing, the laughs and the friendship.

To Alicia G, Paula G, Gaby G, Paula W and Marcela B; for being amazing friends and supporters.

To Erinn and Georgia for helping me prep this baby and “beautify”– You ladies are amazing! I admit, any lingering grammar mistakes are fully mine. :)

To Julie from JT Formatting and Georgia Woods for the great formatting, and to Sarah Hansen for the amazing cover art.

To Anita S. for the excellent proofread and extra-gentle touch with my manuscript. I love the raw realness of the narrative in REAL, and she helped me “keep” it while trying to make it readable for you all.

To bloggers extraordinaires Jenny and Gitte from TotallyBooked, Momo from BooksOverBoys, Aseel Naji from My Crazy Book Obsession, Anna from Anna’s Romantic Reads, Michelle from the Blushing Reader, Malory from Loverly’s Book Blog, Julienne from Bookaholix Club, Hillz from Love N Books, Triin, Trini Contreras, Becky N from Reality Bites, Autumn from Martini Times, Ellen from the Book Bellas, Miss Ava, the passionate and amazing Dana, Erin, and Kelly, and all of you advanced readers for their fabulous taste in books and becoming instant Remington Tate fans. Thank you so much for the support, I have you each on a pedestal!

To the Universe, for giving me the health and joy of sitting down and sharing this story, and to the Angels out there who let it happen (you know who you are)!

And lastly, to you readers, for taking the time to sit down and read it.


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